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Who is Ben Richardson? Anna Kendrick Opens Up About Toxic Relationship With Her Ex!

Yes, it is indeed the bittering truth that Anna Kendrick was in an abusive immeasurably toxic relationship With Ben Richardson that made her life a living hell to a certain point. The beautiful and cute actress who was an Academy Award nominee recently appeared on Armchair Expert and vehemently disclosed about thriving in a toxic relationship with an ex-lover Ben Richardson and she was really finding it too difficult to put into words.

Sometimes words cannot express the grief and anguish that one had been bearing for too long. So let us have a deep look into this and learns more about it. 

Who is Ben Richardson?

Ben Richardson is an amazing cinematographer, television producer, and director who is best known and acknowledged for his works on the films Beasts of the Southern Wild, Fault in Our Stars, Wind River, and Those Who Wish Me Dead. Ben Richardson has been nominated for several accolades including the Primetime Emmy award, American society of cinematographers awards, Independent Spirit awards, etc. 

Ben Richardson

As per sources, the former couple started to embark on a journey together in February 2014. The couple had their first encounter when they were sharing screens for filming Drinking Buddies Together. Even though she never revealed that her toxic partner was Ben Richardson, people just assumed it to be so as she has only been with a man for six years, then it was definitely with Ben Richardson.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship With Ben Richardson

The former couple was in their so-called relationship till 2020 and by realizing that she was in a toxic relationship for six years as the reality sets in, Anna Kendrick was trampled by the stark face of reality. She was immersed in the thought of being with him and planning a future together, she had to let go of certain things that affected the equilibrium of their relationship. 

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship With Ben Richardson

Anna Kendrick had mentioned the changes that she noticed in him briefly, as they were in a relationship Ben Richardson revealed that he has feelings for someone else too. But she tried her best to make their relationship work in spite of the fact that he had feelings for another woman.

They both even tried to try their luck in couple therapy, but it was in vain. She even recalls how devastated she was to learn about the bittering naked truth that the man she hoped for a future with does not deserve to be even loved by her. 

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As in every toxic relationship, Anna Kendrick tried her best to make things work and often blamed herself and worried about being picturized as the wrong terrible person in the relationship. But she soon had to admit the fact that after her strenuous effort to make the relationship work out, if it does not then definitely the mistake is not on her side and she does not deserve to endure this tormenting toxicity. 

Anna Kendrick Opens Up On Her Abusive Relationship

The beautiful and attractive thirty-seven-year-old actress appeared on the podcast recently which was hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman and vociferously made some startling revelations about her ex-partner. When she says that she was with him for long six years, we could really wonder what made her be in such a relationship when it was all about dominating and submission. 

She was deeply wounded by this incident as she was happily planning a future with him and because of that she had to endure the toxicity for a long and hoped that someday it will all diminish and they can have a future together as she dreamt. 

Anna Kendrick stepping out of that relationship was the bravest decision that she ever made and was quoted saying on the podcast, “I was with someone, this was somebody I lived with, for all intents and purposes, my husband. We had embryos together; this was my person. And then about six years in, about somewhere around there, I remember telling my brother, when things had first kind of gone down, ‘I am living with a stranger’”. 

So the person she has indirectly referred to is none other than the English cinematographer Ben Richardson. Nevertheless, after all these years and how she tried to get rid of that relationship, Anna Kendrick never revealed the identity of the man whom she had embryos with in spite of all her revelations about the tormenting life she endure at his hands. 

The Dating History Of Anna Kendrick Is Explored!

When we dive into little deeper about the previous relationship history of Anna Kendrick she has had her share of it. She has been active in the industry for over twenty-five years and kicked off her career as a child artist. 

So throughout her career, she had her relationship with Edgar Wright and the duo met back in 2009. They both met during the shooting of the romantic action comedy named Scott Pilgrim in 2010. So as per reports, the duo was involved in a romantic relationship during the shooting of this romantic action comedy however, after four years of dating, they ended their relationship. 

It was after she ended her relationship with Wright, she met Ben Richardson and started dating in 2014. So after living in a toxic relationship for over six years, Anna Kendrick came out of that shell and was single for some time. Later she dated Bill Hader in early 2021 and the former couple together appeared on the Christmas fantasy comedy Noelle. Even though their relationship was confirmed much later after the movie hit the screens, Anna decided to end their relationship in 2022. 

There has been no absolute news about her current relationship or about her current partner. Apart from her dating history the movie that she appeared in the last year, was directed by Mary Nighy, Alice, Darling, and Anna Kendrick garnered much fame and recognition for her portrayal of a woman in an abusive relationship. The movie Alice, Darling is planned for a stateside release on January 20, 2023, and the most fascinating news is we could see Anna Kendrick in her next directorial debut, The Dating Game. 

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