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Is Anna Kendrick in A Relationship? Her Personal Life Timeline Explained!

Anna Kendrick, who starred in Pitch Perfect, has a new man in her life. After disclosing her ex-identity boyfriend’s on The Ellen Show in 2017, she has made it clear that she would not be in a relationship with anybody who respects her personal space.

“I am here for anything you need,” she stated, but she doesn’t like people who say that. She said that a guy was not necessary for her happiness. Because she likes them, she wants to have them.

What’s worst is when he says, “Why didn’t you take up my call?”. Let’s have a conversation every second, minute, and hour, please. That’s a bad thing to be in a relationship with. “Anna shattered my heart” is what they say to one other.

The person she is is a scumbag. The B-word is then mentioned. So your supporters are protecting you by fighting for you like the slut. A hazardous roller coaster trip, to boot.

In 2017 Anna Kendrick was upset about her relationship with Edgar Wright because she didn’t feel like she was making any progress. She described him as having a swollen face. 

She stated he was always there when she had her morning coffee. He was always there for her when she needed a snooze. She stated it’s nice to have a support system around you.

Couple: Ben Richardson and Anna Kendrick. But trespassing on your property. Never in a million years. She recalled an instance in which she was denied using her vehicle.

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She had always liked driving, but she could not take the wheel with a guy since she was a female.

After her split with Edgar in 2013, the actress said she was not searching for a new man. On the other hand, Anna Kendrick couldn’t resist dating someone who gave her form and treated her like a princess.

Is Anna Kendrick in A Relationship? 

Ben Richardson, a cinematographer, is dating Anna Kendrick. On Happy Christmas, Anna and Ben were drinking pals and struck up a conversation. In 2014, they began dating. It’s referred to as the “dinking date that never ends.” 

The same pub where Anna and Ben often hang out has become a regular haunt for the couple. In the end, it turned out to be the tavern where they had their first date.

To mark their monthly anniversaries, they used to go to this tavern. In interviews and conferences, the pair avoided discussing their relationship publicly, yet they were often seen holding hands and cuddling in public.

They were seen bowling together, and Anna won a few tournaments. The only thing Ben could do was grin as he watched Anna enjoy the music and do her victory dance. Anna’s admirers captured the scene on camera. And they’ve got gold in their possession.

Anna Kendrick first met her boyfriend on the set of Drinking Buddies.

Co-workers may be lovers, too, you know. Ben Richardson and Anna Kendrick became fast friends after meeting on the set of Drinking Buddies in 2013.

Two co-workers (Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson) fall in love with one other’s significant others in the film. Kendrick portrayed the character of Jill, who is smitten with Ron Livingston’s Chris.

Behind the cameras, things were quite different. Richardson met Kendrick while working on the film, but they didn’t begin a relationship until almost a year after the film was completed.

Though they had never worked together before, this was the first time they had ever collaborated. Kendrick and Richardson keep their romance private for the sake of their careers, although they’ve been seeing one other for a long time.

What’s the reason behind Anna’s low-key lifestyle?

Anna said in an interview that she had grown tremendously since entering the profession. As a result, she’s now a responsible young lady. She claimed she knows how the heat of the limelight can ruin a relationship. 

To demonstrate your admiration for your spouse, you might upload a photo of the two of you holding hands. But the following day, you realize that your relationship is the subject of a blog post from a firm. 

After then, people begin to pass judgment. The industry is buzzing about your lovely display of affection.

She said that she doesn’t want her relationship to be a topic of conversation or a headline on someone’s phone. The result of this is that she prefers a low-key existence. 

She wore a diamond in her hand in the same interview. When asked whether she was engaged, Anna laughed. As an ironic response, she noted she’d just promised to keep her life low-key. 

However, she later revealed that she was not engaged and celebrated her birthday by giving herself a little present. When she told him that she desired a diamond, he claimed she could have had it without waiting for a man’s hand. 

So she gave her a diamond ring as a token of her affection. On the other hand, Anna and Ben have been in a committed relationship and maybe get married shortly.

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