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Chloë Grace Moretz Reflects On Becoming A ‘Family Guy’ Meme: ‘Everyone Was Making Fun Of My Body’

The Carrie and the Kick-Ass star, Chloe Grace Moretz, recently disclosed the darkness that came with her fame. 

Over the years, Chloe Grace Moretz has evolved to be a staple in Hollywood, ever since her groundbreaker entered in 2010.  However, life is equally hard for celebrities as it is for a commoner. Moretz, 25, has been subject to extreme public scrutiny for a long period, impulsing her to unleash her encounter. 

Chloë Grace Moretz Reflects On Becoming A ‘Family Guy’ Meme!

While the young star was giving an interview to the source, she recalled the moment when she started to become worried and conscious of her fame. “It hit me like tons of bricks. I was doing a carpet when I was 18. I walked off of the red carpet and I turned out to be confused about what just happened.

I was literally unwell after that,” she said. There was some sort of a jarring shift in her consciousness that urged her to doubt her identity. “What am I doing? Who was I? Why am I doing this? Like what does this actually mean?”

Chloë Grace Moretz

Initially, Moretz had a memory with the paparazzi, which was her foremost confrontation with them after starring in Kick-Ass. Although it was a faded memory, it still is an unforgettable remembrance for her. 

“I was a kid and nobody used to bother about me until one day I experienced Paparazzi after Kick-Ass. There were around 10 to 15 adult men surrounding a young 12-year-old.”

“They pushed my mother, causing her to fall into the traffic. She wasn’t hurt, but the situation didn’t seem right. It was an assault with flashes and screaming. I returned to the car after a while and couldn’t help but burst into tears.”

When Moritz elucidates the incident, one thing was absolute, her memory was not that vague. Now, she has literally mastered the art of accepting the darkness which will eventually come with fame. Moritz realized that she was represented in a specific way before the public sphere and she was skilled to manage the paparazzi as well as the public. 

She further added, “ For a long time, I could differentiate between the Chloe that people want to see and the Chloe that I actually was. Eventually, the two collided and I felt raw and vulnerable.”

It was then, she started to gain much attention from the crowd and Moritz began to receive the onslaught of memes regarding her body. 

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While social media platforms pave the way for fans to communicate with their idols, it also arranges an opportunity for the stalkers to interact with public figures in their own ways, which could either be respectful or hurtful. 

For Moritz, she had an odd experience where her photo went viral, which took a major turn on her confidence.

The meme, where she was walking casually into a hotel, with a pizza box in her hand, was compared to one of the Family Guy characters, who had long legs and a short torso. It was one of the most widespread memes during that period. 

Everyone was making fun of her and she felt more insulted when the person whom she shared the matter with also started laughing like, “Oh, shut the f*** up, it’s funny.”

That time, she lost her self-esteem, thinking she was a symbol of a joke and her body was not something that she could change. It was being posted on Instagram- she recalled at the discussion,

“It is still something very hard for me to overcome and it took away something that I used to cherish.” Moritz initially enjoyed getting dolled up and walking a red carpet, but after the trauma, she developed body dysmorphia, which is kind of common in a world like this. 

Following this, Moritz basically turned into a recluse. She travels a lot but clicks a picture once in a while. That way, she earned experiences that nobody could ever have, but at the same time, she began to be more anxious whenever she was photographed. 

“I would hyperventilate and my heart rates would rise,” she said. 

Moritz subsequently admitted that she was optimistic about the pandemic as the general public became more liberal and turned extra incognito as a part of wearing masks. According to her, ever since society implemented a system of wearing masks, she was free to get out in hoodies, and nobody would care if she was having an undocumented pimple on her cheek or if she was biting her lips. 

Today, Moritz has eventually learned to set boundaries and raise her voice whenever it was necessary. 

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