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Barbie Ferreira Announces She’s Leaving Euphoria Season 3

In news that came as a shock to all Euphoria fans, Barbie Ferreira, the American model and actress announced that she won’t be a part of Euphoria Season 3.

Ferreira had played the role of Katherine “Kat” Hernandez in Season 1 and 2 of Euphoria, a hit television series aired on HBO. On August 25th, the actress made this shocking revelation through her Instagram story.

Will There Be Euphoria Season 3?

Euphoria, the US teen drama television series telecast on HBO, is based on an Israeli miniseries with the same name. The American series is created and principally written by Sam Levinson, whereas the Israeli version was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin. The executive producers of the series are Levinson, Zendaya, Ron Leshem, and Gary Lennon.

Euphoria Season 3

The main character in Euphoria is Rue Bennett (Zendaya) and the story portrays how the teenager recovering from drug addiction struggles to find her place in the world. The filming of Euphoria was carried out at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Los Angeles, California, and Sony Studios in Culver City, California.

The show received many rave reviews due to its beautiful cinematography, score, and amazing performances of the actors. Many viewers also showered praises for the approach to its mature subject matter. Euphoria stands second only to Game of Thrones, being the second most watched show in the history of HBO. 

Barbie Ferreira’s Instagram story

Barbie Ferreira bid goodbye on Instagram by sharing the illustration of the character Kat Hernandez, drawn by her Euphoria co-actor Hunter Schafer.

The actress mentioned that after 4 years of embodying the role of Kat, the most special and enigmatic character, she is bidding a very teary-eyed goodbye. Ferreira expressed hope that many among the fans could relate to Kat as she did.

The actress also added that she hoped Kat brought them a joy to watch her journey into the character she is today. According to Ferreira, she has put all her care and love into the character and expected the viewers could feel the same.

Ferreira’s Instagram story ends with an emotional statement “ I love you, Katherine Hernandez”.

Who Is Barbie Ferreira?

An American model, actress, and social media influencer, Barbara Linhares Ferreira, popularly known as Barbie Ferreira was born on December 14, 1996. Born in the New York City borough of Queens, she later shifted to Maywood, New Jersey. The actress is of Brazilian origin and was brought up by her mother, grandmother, and aunt. 

During her teenage days, Ferreira started her modeling career by sending photos to an open casting call by American Apparel Inc. Post that, she has worked as a model for several renowned brands of international repute such as Adidas, Aerie, Asos, H&M, Forever 21, Target and Missguided. In 2016,  Ferreira found a place in Time magazine’s “30 Most Influential Teens” list of the year.

Barbie Ferreira

Ferreira also tried her hand at direction with a music video for “So Cool” by Dounia. Released in March 2018, the video was shot in Connecticut during that winter.

When it comes to acting, Barbie starred in the 10-episode series about etiquette by Vice Media. For this role, she bagged the Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host.

The actress rose to fame with the portrayal of her role as Kat Hernandez in the hit television series Euphoria, which aired on HBO. In 2020, Ferreira made her movie debut in the film ‘Unpregnant’ with Haley Lu Richardson playing the male lead. 

Reasons Behind Barbie Ferreira Leaving Euphoria Season 3

Ferreira’s least expected exit from Euphoria season 3 has sparked several rumors. There were reports of tension on the set between the actress and Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria. Apparently, Ferreira had walked off the sets during the filming of Season 2.

There were even rumors that the actress injured herself while shooting a hot tub scene. However, the channel, HBO had laid all those rumors to rest by denying the allegation that the production was toxic. As per the clarification, the filming was carried out fully adhering to all safety guidelines and guild protocols. The channel went on to add that no formal inquiries were ever raised.

Speculations were rife that due to the reported spat between Ferreira and Levinson, the actress’s role was sidelined in Euphoria Season 2.  In the first season, fans loved the actress’s character development as she portrayed the role of a strong, independent teenager.

However, in the second season’s episode six, Ferreira’s character Kat discloses to her boyfriend Ethan that she has been diagnosed with a serious health issue, terminal brain disorder. Citing this reason, she ends the relationship with him.

The story of the terminal brain disorder not only disappointed her boyfriend but Ferreira’s fans as well. The fans felt that it was out of context and Kat’s importance has diminished in the series.  

Barbie Ferreira Leaving Euphoria Season 3

Since Ferreira did not turn up at the premiere of Season 2, along with the rest of her co-stars, many started wondering what was happening behind the scenes. However, the actress later denied the rumors and mentioned that the issues were exaggerated and it was created just out of curiosity. Ferreira also remarked that she has seen many different things and most of them are untrue. 

However, now it is official. Barbie Ferreira’s Instagram story on August 25th came as a huge disappointment to all Euphoria fans out there. Now the audience has to wait and watch how the story of Euphoria pans out in Season 3 and who will play the role of their favorite character Katherine “Kat” Hernandez. 

Seasons of Euphoria

On June 16, 2019, the first season of Euphoria premiered on television. In 2020 December and 2021 January, two one-hour specials were aired. On January 9, 2022, the second season of the show premiered and Euphoria was renewed for a third season in February 2022.

As per reports, 6.6 million viewers watched the finale of Euphoria season 2. The viewership of a single episode of season 2 averaged 16.3 million as against the 6.6 million during the first season. 

The series has received several prestigious recognitions including nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. The superhit second season of Euphoria got a total of 16 Emmy nominations. To date, no details have been divulged regarding the premiere date of Euphoria Season 3.  

The Character Of Kat Hernandez

Katherine “Kat” Hernandez was one of the main characters in both the first and second seasons of Euphoria. In her role as Katherine, Ferreira portrays the role of a body-conscious teen fighting for body positivity during the journey of exploring her sexuality. The role of Katherine’s 11-year-old counterpart is played by Johanna Colon.

In the first episode of Euphoria’s first season, Kat is seen helping the character of Maddy to overcome her breakup with Nate Jacobs. The second episode starts with an introduction to Katherine’s past.

The areas covered include her childhood, weight gain, and her losing her first boyfriend. Season 2 is more about her identity crisis and Kat’s struggles with her self-esteem. Barbie Ferreira’s fans were super excited to watch the unfolding of events in Euphoria Season 3. 

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