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Who Is Ryan Grantham’s Mother? What Happened To Her?

In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor, Ryan Grantham has been sentenced to life for killing his birth mother.

In March 2020, Grantham was found guilty of killing his mother, Barbara Waite.  The 64-year-old was shot at the back of her head on March 31, 2020, in the Squamish home, slightly north of Vancouver. 

Following the plee, the Riverdale fame was handed a life sentence by the British Columbia Supreme Court on  September 21, Wednesday. 

Who Is Ryan Grantham’s Mother?

Grantham went to commit this aggressive act at the age of 21, while his mother was playing the piano. 

As per the current reports, the 24-year-old would not be eligible for parole in the next 14 years. 

Per the outlet, Grantham’s sister has been affected adversely by the incident, said Justice Kanthleen Ker. It has brought something like a “life-shattering” impact on the young girl. She further added that Grantham didn’t go on a spree, for he was seriously aware enough of what he did. 

Who Is Ryan Grantham's Mother

The outlet revealed the tragic situation of Lisa Grantham, his sister, who shared a victim impact after finding their mother on April 1, saying that the deceased mother was her best friend. The wait was previously a cancer patient who was struggling to overcome the ailment.

The outlet shared that Lisa was vulnerable, whereas Ryan left her no way to defend herself. In fact, she even said to the source, “It hurts me so much to know that he is a threat to my life.” 

Currently, Lisa and Wait’s sister is afraid of Grantham’s release from prison. However, the-by-the-book second-degree murder punishment does neither hint of a parol as of now. 

Initially, the eligibility of parole would have been made available to Grantham, between 10 and 25 years of prison. In this context, the prosecutors were trying their best in extending the sentencing, for at least 18 years.  However, Grantham’s legal team recommended 12 years to be fair enough. Clearly, Ker met them in the ruling made this week. 

Originally, Grantham has been sentenced for the past 2.5 years, participating in mental health sessions since his imprisonment. The law enforcement officials of Vancouver confirmed the transfer of the former actor to a more permanent facility.

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While having a look at the actor’s action, it does not seem like the guy was normal, as he was constantly watching violent footage on the dark web, before pulling the trigger on his mom.  

Currently, the youngster has been introduced to psychiatric treatment within the prison which has brought a noticeable difference in the overall behavior of the kid.  The information was again shared by Ker.

The child actor’s legal representative, Chris Johnson revealed that Grantham was not put to the shock treatment at the jail. 

“I think Grantham is quite apprehensive about the whole incident and he must have anticipated what the judge gave him as a sentence. Since he is a kid, I think he is pretty scared about the thought of a prison system.”

Ryan Grantham

Meanwhile, Ker is also implying the same idea as he can neither recommend Grantham, maximum security prison. 

Apart from shooting his mother to death, Ryan Grantham also plans to homicide Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, for which he was getting prepared with three loaded guns. According to CBC reports, Grantham set off with a dozen of Molotov cocktails, ammunition and camping supplies to Tridue’s Rideau cottage, where he stayed with his family. 

However, he changed his plans and took a diversion from Trideau’s mansion, turning himself in the police headquarters of Vancouver.  Grantham also had an idea of committing mass shootings at the iconic Lions Gate Bridge or at the Simon Fraser  University of Vancouver. These intentions which weren’t accomplished came to the light when Grantham’s journal was discovered. 

Michaele Donnelly, the Crown prosecutor, showcased multiple psychiatric reports that showed the Becoming Redwood actor had been subject to intense periods of clinical depression, prior to the crime. 

According to CBC, Ryan Grantham was not in a good state of mind, as he was frequently urged to kill himself or others. He only killed his mom so that she may be spared from seeing her son in a very pathetic condition, for he had the intention to commit various violence. 

It was later revealed that he filmed himself before Waite’s body, admitting that he killed his mom. The next day, he hit the road, after carefully arranging the body in a presentable religious scene. 

Back in March 2022, Grantham expressed his sorrow at what he did. “A sorry seems pointless at the face of what I did, but from the deep of my heart, I am sorry”, Grantham told Justice Ker and the Vancouver Court. 

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