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Randy Gonzalez, Father In TikTok Duo Enkyboys Died Aged 35: Cause Of Death

It is such a massive disheartening piece of news that the highly acknowledged father of famous TikTok stars Enkyboys took an untimely tragic departure at the age of thirty-five. Randy Gonzalez has revealed his typical condition after being diagnosed with a formidable opponent, cancer. But it is profoundly heartbreaking that he died after nine months after his diagnosis and people are shocked to hear about the tragic loss of this renowned Tik Tok star. Let us have a walkthrough of Randy Gonzalez’s cause of death and more about it. 

Randy Gonzalez Passed Away At Thirty-five

It was Randy Gonzalez’s brother who confirmed the saddening news about the TikTok star. It was David Gonzalez that stated about his brother’s condition and was placed in hospice care. The death news of this highly accomplished Tik Tok star was all over social media as his brother David Gonzalez posted this depressing news of Randy Gonzalez. 

He wrote: “My brother may you Rest In Peace, I love you always and forever”. Subtle but deep words were penned by David Gonzalez and his brother’s untimely departure had shaken their family to the core and they had to bear the unbearable cataclysmic hole for eternity. 

Randy Gonzalez, father in TikTok duo Enkyboys, has died aged 35

Randy Gonzalez, is the father of three children and he rose to steep prominence for creating hilarious videos with his six-year-old son Brice. His son is also a star and he is on NBC’s Lopez Vs. Lopez as Chance. He was an extremely supportive father of his son and his dream was to make his son a well-known star. The show Lopez Vs. Lopez as Chance premiered on November 4 and his son Brice was so talented at a small age. 

Mostly, Randy and his cute little son became an internet sensation for their undeniable lip-syncing videos on Tik Tok and they got the opportunity to appear on an episode of Good Morning America together back in 2019. 

Randy Gonzalez is survived by his wife, Kimberly Gonzalez, their son, Brice, and two beautiful daughters Lauran and Aubree. Their Tik Tok account has accumulated 15.4 million followers on Tik Tok and they were so disappointed and sad with this tragic loss their thoughts and prayers are with his bereaving family and are wondering how they will cope with this colossal loss. 

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Randy Gonzalez Cause Of Death Explained!

After fighting a hard battle with Colon cancer, the Tik Tok star Randy Gonzalez died at the age of thirty-five. It was back in April that Randy Gonzalez revealed about unfathomable cancer has took abode in his body and at that time he was only given two or three years to live in 2021. But, doctors asserted that doing chemotherapy could extend his life for additional five years and his family was looking for to further treatments. 

But he was unfortunately at stage four and there was a kind of boundary for curing cancer that has been widely spread all over the body. Back in early December, Randy Gonzalez told his fans over Tik Tok that he is just doing fine, but the current chemotherapy was not working as according to the plans. 

Randy Gonzalez, Father In TikTok Duo Enkyboys Died Aged 35 Cause Of Death

Randy Gonzalez posted a video next to his wife and his son Brice and said he is so glad that he could be with his family now in Texas and also added the reason for not posting videos was because of the extreme illness he had to go through. 

Even though he knew deep inside stage four of colon cancer is way too uncontrollable, he remain strong for his wonderful family and through his social media he managed to spread awareness about colon cancer. 

But things turned pretty nasty as his health started to deteriorate and in spite of trying hard to be positive, sometimes his family and Randy had to be so drained out by the whole process of treatments and diagnosis of cancer day by day. 

Even though doctors gave him five additional years to live, Randy Gonzalez was really looking forward to better days to come. But the effervescent attitude slowly fade away and back in November, he became completely bedridden and was unable to barely move again. 

Randy Gonzalez Cause Of Death

Randy Gonzalez remarked: “Cancer sucks. It sucks the life out of you and makes you feel like you have nothing to live for but in reality, you do. You have to be strong to fight cancer and beat it. I want to be a testimony of this in another year or so when I am still alive”

His fans were so supportive of him at his worst and they even stepped to raise the fund as a donation for his treatment when the insurance of chemotherapy was accepted at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They accumulated over $212, 000 and this fund could really help Randy Gonzalez and his family to a great extent. 

But even after trying their level best and using all the possible resources they had, the tik tok star died battling for a long and his family is in deep mourning for him as his soul may rest in peace.

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