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Kayla Itsines Shares Video Of Arna Greeting Her Newborn Brother Jax

Kayla Itsines is a multi-millionaire, a  compelling fitness queen who has hordes of fans across the globe for her mind-blowing fitness techniques and for her workout app Sweat. Kayla Itsines has now welcomed her second baby with all the love in the world she could carry and the cutest moment of it was her third-year-old daughter came and met her baby brother. The cute little daughter of Kayla, Arna was wholeheartedly intrigued to see her little brother.

Without any delay, let us dwell more into the happy news of this fitness queen. 

Kayla Itsiness jubilantly Welcomes Her Second Baby

Kayla was drenched in happy tears as she welcomed her new baby boy all the way to her home to meet his sister for the first time. On this Sunday, Kayla Itsiness brought her son to her home and his baby sister was avidly waiting for this moment by the time she met this tiny little human being wrapped up in a soft cloth the cute little happiness that glowed in her eyes made Kayla filled with utmost happy tears.

Kayla gave birth to her son this Thursday and along with her fiance Jae Woodroffe, they introduced this tiny miracle to her daughter Arna. she was thrilled to bits to witness such a beautiful moment and she shared her happiness via her Instagram page. Kayla captioned this post as “Meet our precious baby boy with the world’s best big sister”.

The series of photos that she shared was irrefutably breathtaking and how happy and intrigued is her daughter Arna to welcome his baby brother Jax is well evident in each photograph. Famous friends of Kayla were finding it difficult to put into words to say how happy they are for her and they couldn’t help but gush over these sweet photographs. 

As per sources, Kayla went to the hospital at about 6.30 am on January 5 and they had already planned a C-section birth earlier last year she welcomed her baby boy to the earth around 8.45 am and he weighed around 3.5 kilograms. 

Kayla said about her memorable experience when she was at the hospital waiting for her baby. “The most amazing thing, as he was coming out, out of nowhere on a completely random playlist the hospital was playing, Jae’s dad’s funeral song started playing over the speakers. I burst into tears, he burst into tears and we got to meet our baby boy”. 

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Kayla and her current fiance Jae had already planned her surgery so that after giving birth she could clearly focus on lower-intensity workouts whilst rebuilding her super strength. Back in the year, in July Kayla announced the great piece of happy news that she is conceived by holding up an ultrasound picture of her lovable Jae as the duo kissed each other. As we all know Kayla was in the spotlight for a long as she became a prolific multi-millionaire after her Sweat app was a massive success. 

Who is Kayla’s New Boyfriend? 

Kayla Itsiness is leading a wonderful life with Jae Woodroffe after six months of surreptitious romance. She announced this great news through her Instagram and shared pictures where she is flaunting her new diamond proposal ring that Jae gave her. As per sources, Jae Woodroffe works at SA Living a wonderful not-for-profit organization that works predominantly for needy people. 

Kayla Itsines

As we all know Kayla is a highly accomplished Australian popular influencer who has fifteen million followers and is highly regarded as the fitness queen. As we have a glance at the Instagram profile of Jae Woodroffe, he is a twenty-nine-year-old and he is a crazy fan of bikes, cars, and planes. Kayla’s Instagram post indicates the couple has been friends for years and later took another step in their life. 

Kayla’s Previous Relationship With Tobi Pearce

Kayla has deeply involved with Tobi Pearce and he is the father of her daughter Arna Pearce, a third-year-old cute baby girl. They were engaged and were living together and spent long eight years together in South Australia. They both were highly acknowledged as the long-term couple and strongest business partners 

In April 2019, they both welcomed their first baby girl but things turned pretty south as soon as they become parents. What really happened between them is unknown, why they decided to leave a lifetime of experiences was bitter and shocking to the world. 

Kayla’s Previous Relationship With Tobi Pearce

The duo after much deliberation shared a joint statement on their respective Instagram accounts and it reads “After eight years together, Kayla and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple. We will always be family and remain good friends and devoted parents to Arna.

we have grown up together in Adelaide, sharing a lifetime of experiences and special memories from moving into our first apartment and starting SWEAT from our lounge room to becoming parents to our beautiful daughter. Our friendship remains strong as we parent Arena together and run SWEAT as business partners. Thank you for your support and kindness during this time”.

As they have duly decided not to reveal the reason behind their split, they are still leading a good friendship and a great parent to their daughter. Now by welcoming her second baby boy with her love she is absolutely content and is now heading back to her fitness routine to replenish her strength. 

Kayla Itsiness has a very attractive sculpted body and many celebrities have been friends with her and follow her fitness methods to sustain their health and attractive physical stature. 

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