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‘When Calls The Heart’ Stars Kevin McGarry And Kayla Wallace Got Engaged!

The wedding bells are ringing, and our beloved and highly acknowledged stars Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace from When Call the Heart announced their engagement on Friday via a joint Instagram post. People who stan both of them are undoubtedly thrilled to bits to see the happy news and their post has gone undeniably viral and many celebrities have paid their ardent love and affection to both the lovely couple.

So without any delay let us have a brief look at this sweet couple.

Kevin McGarry And Kayla Wallace Are Engaged

The most celebrated stars of the American television series named When Calls the Heart, Kevin McGarry, and Kayla Wallace have decided to take their relationship one step forward and announced their engagement via a joint post on Instagram. The couple captioned it “Forever”.

The post they shared was such a beautiful short slow motion video of the lovely couple sharing a deep passionate kiss set to Simon Martin Perkin’s instrumental rendition of The Beatles In My Life. 

Fans across the globe celebrated this news like a piece of big news and flocked into the comment section to express their felicity. The caption ‘forever’ was gleaming under the post and people just liked the caption million times.

The riveting comment was from the star Erin Krakow, the co-star of When Calls the Heart “our forever friends found them forever! So happy for you both! Still haven’t recovered from this beautiful moment!”

As Erin Krakow said, no one cannot recover from this exhilarating news and people across the globe are joyous and extremely rooting for this couple. The unbearably beautiful couple Kevin McGarry and Kayle Wallace announced their relationship in 2020.

Kevin took his Instagram handle to confirm that he is in a relationship with Kayle Wallace and he posted a photo of two coffee mugs with three candid polaroid photos that featured the exultant duo. The caption, “Photo evidence”,  was quite an interesting one within a snap of fingers it just sparked the romance rumors between Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace all over the internet. 

Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace

When Calls the Heart show is renewed for a tenth season in June and now the cute couple is thrilled to bits as they can star together in another season of the show which made them fall in love and the list to celebrate things are unapologetically a lengthy one. 

The soon-to-be-married Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace play the characters, Nathan and Fiona, in the American television series and they were highly regarded and acknowledged for their acting. The show has nine seasons and it was finished in late May around 2.9 million viewers watched it each week.

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And as we all know the last season just culminated when Lucas proposes to Elizabeth. So it is indeed a piece of big news that the series will be renewed for another season and people across the world are avidly waiting for it to hit their home screens. 

In a recent interview Lisa Hamilton Daly, who serves as the Executive Vice President of Programming at Crown Media Family Networks said that “when Calls the Heart continues to push the limits as to what we can achieve with this show. There are many more stories still to be told about the lives of the beloved characters in this series and we cannot wait for everyone at home to tune in to see what unfolds”. 

Kevin McGarry At A Glance

Kevin McGarry is a terrifically handsome actor who was born in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. During his freshman year in high school, he managed to start his acting career. When we dig deeper it is quite hilarious when we learn how he recognized his desire for acting. 

Kevin McGarry

When he was studying, mistakenly Kevin McGarry happened to enter a twelfth-grade theatre class, a happy accident indeed. Soon after witnessing the various prospects of acting, the high school student was highly intrigued and he discovered his inner talents in acting. 

Later Kevin attended George Brown College and attained a degree in Creative Writing in 2007. He pursued Theatre Arts at Fanshawe College in London and also studied at the Pro Actors Lab in Toronto.

Completing his studies Kevin McGarry started his acting career in 2006. He appeared in Open Heart and pulled off his major television role as Dr.Timothy Hudson. His appearance in Saw 3D was remarkable and he got several opportunities in television roles including, Mitch Cutty in Heartland, Nathan Grant in When Hope Calls and a remarkable role in When Calls the Heart. 

Have a look at Kayle Wallace

Kayle Wallace is a multifaceted Canadian actor, singer, and dancer who is widely acknowledged for her work on The Magicians, The Good Doctor, Extraordinary Playlist, Heatwave, and When Calls the Heart. 

Kayle Wallace

Her outstanding role in When Calls the Heart as Fiona is something extraordinary in her life that managed to garner hordes of fans across the globe. And now she is so lucky that she got the opportunity to star in the series because it just paved a way for the two lovely people to meet and find their forever in each of them. 

Kayle Wallace was born on the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia, and attended The Canadian College of Performing Arts. Kayle harbored her intense passion for dancing, singing, and piano and she was deeply pleased by the prospects of it. Kayle Wallace made her professional debut in Disney’s Descendants which really gave her a new ray of hope in life. Her other resounding works which she is best-known include, Ice, Once Upon A Prince, and Counterfeiting in Suburbia. 

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