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Who Is Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi?

The American actress, dancer, and director, who is famed for her projects like Cut and Speak No Evil has moved on after her famous split from her former husband with Gabrielle Stone’s current boyfriend Taymour Ghazi. So, who is Taymour Ghazi and how old is he? 

The popular author who wrote her book Eat Pray FML, wrote the book while she was traveling all around Europe However, what her fans are currently looking for is her dished boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi. And the number of searches regarding Taymour Ghazi has surged after the latest episode of her popular podcast FML Talk.

Who Is Taymour Ghazi? Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend

Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi is an American actor and producer who is residing in San Francisco. Taymour was born on June 16, 1974, making him 48 as of 2022. 

Who Is Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi

Taymour’s interest in acting was elevated when he was cast as the character Ryan in the comedy adventure flick Tangy Guacamole.  Following that, he appeared in cameos and guest appearances on shows like Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives, NCIS: New Orleans, Lost Tapes, and CSI: Miami. 

Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi is also known for his roles in After Emma, Maple Palm, Traces Tragedy, Relapse, and the Long Night. He also helped in the making of the film Ghost Town: The Movie, which was released in 2007. 

Are Gabrielle Stone And Taymour Ghazi Engaged?

Talks on the city claim Gabrielle Stone and Taymour Ghazi have been engaged. So, let’s look into the truth. Are the duo engaged or was it another rumor?

Gabrielle and Tymor have been engaged since last June in the romantic city of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Very recently, the actress shared a string of snaps on her Instagram handle, which hinted at her engagement as one among the photos focused on a beautiful engagement ring, which Taymour gifted her. 

Further, she wrote in the caption, “The kind of love that we only read in books.” The particular quote was more than enough for her fans to realize the kind of love the duo has been carrying. 

Meanwhile, Taymour wrote he couldn’t ask for any more happiness other than being engaged to Gabrielle, the love of his life. 

“There are certain individuals in your life who seize the essence of your identity. According to me, she tops the list. She completes my life and makes it better every day.”

Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi further added a couple of words regarding the best part of his life which he said was the joy he gets along with his fiance and his daughter.

Apparently, his daughter is also over the moon for her dad, who has fallen head over heels for an angel like Gabrielle. There have been a bunch of pictures in which the trio looked happy and proud to be with one another. 

Taymour Ghazi’s Instagram 

As of this writing, Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi, whose Instagram handle is @taymourghazi has 7,136 followers and 312 posts. So far, he has shared a number of photos with his sweetheart. In Taymour’s recent post, the couple posed before a vine shelf, holding each glass of drinks.

Gabrielle Stone’s Boyfriend Taymour Ghazi is seen in a suit, looking classy and neat whereas stunner Gabrielle rocked her look in deep blue loose pants and a blue top. He is seen kissing her on her cheek in the next picture, which was a selfie that she clicked. Together, they look happy and so in love. 

He captioned it saying, “I don’t post very often. But when I do that, I really mean it, “ he began. “I am looking toward our future.” 

He once again stressed the fact that she makes his life much better. Dubbing her the peanut, he concluded his love note, saying, “I love you Peanut.”

Half of his Instagram profile is filled with pictures of Gabrielle. He has been displaying the love and respect he has for her through these gestures, which their fans have been enjoying ever since they began dating.

Now, they are ecstatic to know when Gabrielle Stone and Taymour Ghazi will tie the knot. Hopefully, the blessed hour would be soon as the couple seems like they are eager to be each other’s husband and wife.  

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