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Who Is Arielle Charnas Husband? Arielle Charnas And Brandon Charnas Deny Divorce Rumors

It is not absolutely a new thing on the internet that people just randomly speculate about celebrities’ life and within seconds of some fake posts the so-called fake news will be crammed over the internet. So now recently Arielle Charnas and her husband were the topics of speculative news that crammed the internet about getting divorced.

But the couple who is leading a tranquil life had to be the victim of this onslaught of gossip about parting ways. So let us have an exhaustive look at the uncanny predicament the couple had to endure because of this sort of daft fake news.

Who Is Arielle Charnas And Who Is Her Husband?

Arielle Charnas is one of the most unique fashion influencers and most riveting American bloggers who just managed to create a space in the industry with her scintillating astute. Describing the personal style as ‘elevated basic’ Arielle Charnas commenced a blog named Something Navy in which she demonstrated her personal unique styles. 

Arielle Charnas And Who Is Her Husband

Arielle Charnas is married to Brandon Charnas who is one of the powerful lawyers and real estate advisors. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and also the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University where he acquired his graduate degrees. More details about Brandon Charnas and his early life is not quite in handy. The couple share three beautiful daughters: Ruby Lou, Esme Rae, and Navy Bae. 

When the rumors started to swirl around when Arielle Charnas ditched her wedding ring was the focal point where the rumors sprouted. So when she was found without the wedding ring the hawk-eyed people started to come up with speculations that the marital relationship between her husband is on the rocks. 

But before getting more into this fake news, a spokesperson for Arielle denies the rumors, which was indeed an imperative step to make the news cease further circulating. So the spokesperson denied it and said that there is any sort of trouble in paradise.

“This is patently false. They are happily married and in love”. These were the words that gave a stop to this sort of daft speculation that sprouted just because Arielle ditched her wedding ring. 

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Has Arielle Ditched Her Wedding Ring? 

The sole reason that served for this sudden speculation was when Arielle shared several amazing photos which flaunted her outfits in her Instagram story and while she was ostentatiously dressed to impress her followers, the eyes of millions of followers were not on her attire but on her left hand which was bare without a ring. 

Moreover, unaware of the speculation that has sprouted, Arielle again shared some snaps from an invigorating rainy day photo shoot, in which also her fingers were bare and her ring was nowhere to be seen.

Arielle And Brandon

So this photoshoot even accentuated the speculation that something is going on between the couple and maybe the reason for not wearing a wedding ring would be because they are in a rough patch heading towards splitting up. 

The hawk-eyed social media users were frantically running to have another information regarding the newly sprouted rumor and they were disappointed because Arielle Charnas who boasts 1.3Million followers on her Instagram when decided to limit the comment section moreover, she even deleted several photos with her husband Brandon from her Instagram profile. Furthermore, Brandon suddenly happened to make his profile private. 

So these sorts of eyebrow-raising suspicious activities of Arielle gave away an onslaught of gossip that her marital relationship is up in the air and the couple is heading for a divorce. However, these things are the least thing that the couple cares about and Brandon commented with emojis on a new Wednesday post of Arielle which just asserted that they are leading an impeccable life with their beautiful children. 

The Relationship Timeline Of Arielle And Brandon

Arielle, a uniquely beautiful American blogger and influencer met Brandon Charnas in early 2009. The first encounter was something a little filmy where Brandon was shopping with his mother and Arielle happened to work at the Theory store in Meatpacking District in New York City. 

In a podcast titled In House With Arielle Charnas, she told that their first meeting was not quite happy because he sounded rude and not nice to her. But after the first meeting at the store, Arielle just sent a friend request on Facebook to Brandon.

After the request, they started to get along well and tried to know each other while they were vacationing in Mexico. 

Arielle And Brandon

So quite surprisingly, they happened to be staying at the same hotel with their respective families in Mexico. So when they unexpectedly meet, she just ran into him to say hi and break the ice, but Brandon was quite inhibited and demure in attitude because Arielle previously dated one of his friends. 

But the duo happened to run into each other more frequently throughout their vacation and slowly it was the beginning of something when Brandon offered a few drinks where he came with a group of French women too. But quite uncomfortably when Arielle decided to pull out from it Brandon out of nowhere asked for her phone number. 

After that, Arielle made several attempts she could to get a connection with Brandon but in vain. Brandon claims that he messaged her after he got the number, but Arielle says that she hasn’t gotten any messages till at that time. 

But things turned pretty weird when was pining for him to show up, but he didn’t. Arielle went to a party where he could be there but it was such a great disaster as she saw him making out with another woman. And the rage inside her manifested into sharp words and she said that she wanted him to know that there is no ray of hope between them to be together. So after that party night, Brandon asked her the way to make it up to her and they attended a party together on New Year’s eve where they had their first kiss. 

So after that everything was so rapidly happening in their life, after their vacation, the couple moved in together the next day and lived together for the test of times the couple married on October 18, 2014. 

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