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How Old Is Brittan Byrd? Get To Know More About Her Bio, Boyfriend, And Instagram

Brittan Byrd is a famed American model and an Instagram star who managed to gain more than enough tabloid traction over the last few years.

Since Brittan Byrd is an Instagram influencer with around 120 k+ international followers. She often uploads pictures on her account, brittan_byrd, and apparently has a sizable fan base. In fact, she is among the Instagram celebrities who are most in demand.

 Brittan Byrd

Not only on Instagram, but she also has a major following on many other social media platforms as well. Her creativity and innovation have served as the foundation for her growth. But thanks to her wonderful personality, fashionable sense, astounding appearance, and adorable smile. 

Brittan Byrd Biography 

Born in Hawaii, Brittan Byrd was one of the members of a Christain family. Since she barely has a discussion about her household, her family details are unknown. She is a high school graduate, and she went to Mililani High School. Unfortunately, we do not have more information regarding her education. 

 Brittan Byrd

At the age of 21, she began to develop more interest in modeling and therefore started modeling at her home. She was also seen posting from the astounding beaches of Hawaii.

After receiving enough encouragement from her family and friends, she decided to enter the modeling industry at the age of 17. Shortly after, she gained tabloid traction and managed to get featured on the cover page of Zephyr Magazine and Modern Luxury. 

Full Name Brittan Byrd
Date Of BirthMarch 23, 1994
Birth PlaceMililani Town, Hawaii
Lives inHonolulu, Hawaii
Los Angeles, America
Marital StatusNot married
TelevisionToo Hot To Handle

Byrd has trained herself mentally and physically to be fit. She goes to the gym and also does yoga. She is concerned about mental health as she believes it is equally important as physical health. In Aug. 2020, Byrd was seen in a promotional video exclusively shot for Hawaii Polo Life Sports. 

Since July 2021, Brittan Byrd’s name has been linked to Premier Models & Talent SAGAFTRA, a Hawaii-based modeling agency. Over the past few years, she has worked with a bunch of famed photographers like Angelina Venturella, Iike Ridgley, VisionbyBlade, and Megan Batson. 

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Brittan Byrd Age 

Brittan Byrd was born in Mililani,  Hawaii on September 12, 2000. Therefore, as of 2022, she is 22 years old. 

Brittan Byrd’s Height 

With blue eyes and blond hair, Byrd is said to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall. With all of those qualities combined, she has a stunning figure.

Brittan Byrd Career 

Brittan Byrd is a model as well as an IG influencer. But she was not in the scene until 2020. Ever since the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle was released on Dec. 7, her popularity surged and she began to become a more familiar face.

The Netflix show had passed three seasons which was a success, so the makers decided to bring a change to the fourth iteration and brought up new contestants including Brittan Byrd, which was one the best decisions they ever took for the sake of the show.

 Brittan Byrd

The fourth season was shot in a lavish villa which was located in the Caribbean. With more drama, action, as well as romance, the show invited the attention of millions of viewers who got eventually perplexed by the beauty of Brittan Byrd. 

She has been a professional model for a long time now. The model gig has graced the cover of Zephyr Magazine as well as Modern Luxury in 2022. In the last few years, Byrd has served with the Next Models, Face Models as well as Renew Artists Hawaii. 

She has also been in several commercials and has walked the runway for numerous companies. 

Brittan Byrd’s Instagram 

Brittan Byrd is an Instagram celebrity with more than 120k followers on the platform. You can also follow her @brittan_byrd and can follow her fashion trends. Most of the pictures posted are from her modeling shoots, but sometimes, she posts photos with her friends as well as her travel snaps. In fact, she has a story highlight that is entirely about her Greece trip. 

Occasionally, she shares Instagram posts and stories of the behind-the-scenes from her shooting life. From her Instagram handle, it is clear that Byrd is still maintaining a healthy relationship with her Too Hot to Handle co-stars including Jawahir Khalifa, Dominique Defoe, and Kayla Richard, who is often seen commenting on her different posts. 

Although she has already amassed an impressive number of followers on her Gram, it is expected that it will increase in no time. 

Brittan Byrd’s Personal Life 

We know that modeling is a profession that requires more focus on a person’s exterior beauty, But we also learn about the mental challenges they face. But for Brittan Byrd, things are different. 

She enjoys her work and during vacation, she goes swimming, surfing, and climbing. Apparently, she is a nature lover, and moving to LA has affected her in that sense. 

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