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Danny Masterson Rape Case-Judge Declares Mistrial!!

So as it appears, the much-discussed rape case of the popular TV actor Danny Masterson has been called a mistrial by the judge as even with hard deliberation, the jury can not rule a verdict which would be the appropriate one. So now the rape case regarding Danny Masterson is declared as a mistrial by the judge and this news has been circulating all over the internet where people are raving about this misdeed. So let us have a comprehensive look into it. 

The jury of Los Angeles Country Superior Court was trying their best to reach the end side of this case, where the accused was allegedly charged with three forcible rape and were left scot-free and the judge declared it as a mistrial. If the perpetrator was convicted he would be entitled to serve forty-five years to life in prison, counting each bar of the prison. 

Mistrial In Danny Masterson Rape Case

The arguments regarding this cold case of forcible rape of three women commenced on October 18. The rumination over the case began in November and they reached a deadlock after three days. So the jurors present at the court asked the jury to ponder over the case again when the court had to take a break for one week for thanksgiving. 

So after the one-weeklong gap, the court opened on Monday where two of the jurors were replaced by another two alternates as they were diagnosed with Covid 19. So after enough rumination, the judge declares the case a mistrial which was too disheartening to the rest of the others who were really looking forward to having a sheer clear of justice. 

So after the jury’s declaration, the attorneys of the district said that

“ We will now consider our next steps as it relates to prosecuting this case. While we are disappointed with the outcome of this trial, we thank the jurors for their service. We also want to give our heartfelt appreciation to the victims for bravely stepping forward and recounting their harrowing experiences”. 

The lawyers hired by the actor Danny Masterson did not give any sort of immediate replies regarding the case. The case of Danny Masterson entails where the two women who were raped came forward with the vehement accusation.

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Danny Masterson and the two women belonged to the same church Scientology. So when these women tried to unveil the atrocity that happened to them, the church discouraged them and asked them not to report this to law enforcement. Moreover, the church really denied all the accusations and this really had a toll on the victims. 

Why is it always that a religious institution gets in the middle of everything? And why on earth it is difficult to stand for a woman who has been abused brutally and why does the axis always shift in favor of the male?

Judge Declares Mistrial In Danny Masterson Rape Case

Here since the accused is someone who is one of the prominent actors who is highly renowned,  things would really change when it comes to the stake of his career and life. So here justice serves in favor of those who have real power, but there are exceptions. 

The attorney who represented the actor Danny Masterson was Philp Cohen. He was one of the compelling attorneys and he sought not to drag the church discussions into the court. And he even gave an explanation that if the discussion of the church is dragged to the court it would make the jury biased. 

But Charlaine F Olmedo the judge of the case clearly found that the Scientology church has something to do with this case and it was relevant to the case. So the judge said that the women could testify if the church policy has anyway been an encumbrance on the way to justice and if the church has violated its policy. 

So when we have an exhaustive look at the case, back in April 2003, the actor Danny Masterson allegedly raped a woman who is identified as just Jen B. So as per the sources, the survivor went to the house of the accused actor to pick up her keys.

So at the time in the guise of sharing a drink, the actor offered a red vodka drink. After being totally blank for twenty to thirty minutes, the woman said in the statement that she was feeling ‘very disoriented’. 

So when she regained consciousness somehow, the actor Danny Masterson relentlessly raped her. She tried to shove back with her full strength, but since she was too weak because of the disorientation that she was feeling because of that drink, she tried to push a pillow into his face and even reached for his hair.

But he was way too strong and despite the efforts, she failed miserably he forced herself on her brutally. 

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Moreover, when a man started yelling in his house he pointed a gun toward him and made him stop by threatening. So when we take the next case, the woman had shared two or three glasses of wine in a restaurant with the actor in December 2001, after that, the next fine morning she found herself naked in his bedroom. Moreover, she had difficulty sitting and even going to the bathroom.

So when she confronted the actor with the issue he shamelessly acknowledged that he had sex with her while she was unconscious. 

The third woman said that she had visited the actor’s house between October and December. So when she entered his house he offered her a glass of wine and told her to take off her clothes and get into his tub. So after that, the actor threatened her in a way that he assaulted her beyond her comprehension.

So as the document states, these three women had to face such a brutal atrocity and now the case has been declared a mistrial. It is really disheartening to hear the news that the women did not receive justice. 

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