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Is Jack Harlow And Dua Lipa Dating? Rumors Explained!

Something is brewing between the two effulgent stars of the industry and it is none other than between Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa. so as per several reports the two singers are dating and this shockingly riveting piece of news has been circulating all over the internet. So let us have an exhaustive look into the new dating life of Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa. 

Jack Harrow And Dua Lipa Are Dating!

Making a subtly shocking twist it really turns out that Jack Harrow and Dua Lipa are dating. It could be a better option to hook up with someone if you could write a song for them. The rumor got accentuated when the latest album of Jack Harlow really gave away.

The resounding latest album of Jack Harlow titled Come Home the Kids Miss You, one of the songs in the album is passionately dedicated to Dua Lipa, the British-Albanian effulgent star who has hordes of fans across the globe. 

Jack Harrow And Dua Lipa Are Dating

Before the release of the album, Jack Harlow said that he even called on Facetime  Dua Lipa to let her know about his latest album and to seek her blessing. But the call ended in a bit of disappointment Dua Lipa just gave a nod which was not anticipated by the rapper. 

But after giving an awkward response to the most resounding rapper in the industry, things turned pretty beautiful when Dua Lipa had the chance to meet this charismatic rapper in person, and things between them turned into a different spectacle. The British-Albanian star would be unapologetically head over heels for the rapper after their first encounter. So as per reports, ever since the first meeting the two are engaged in constant communication. 

So after several tabloids published the new relationship that has bloomed in the industry, umpteen outlets claimed that Jack Harlow was absolutely smitten by the beauty of Dua Lipa and he was strongly interested in her and he desired to pursue the romance if she would be likely to reciprocate his love. 

After the news broke out, the hawk-eyed people were frantically running to have glimpses of the new lovely couple. Soon after their official encounter the following next day both of them were spotted in a restaurant arriving separately. 

Jack Harlow And Dua Lipa Dating

Reports were flooding the internet after their cozy pictured surfaced and everyone who knew Jack Harlow said that he would really do right by her because he was always a fan of Dua Lipa. it is quite lovely when Jack Harlow attempted to affectionately describe in his song “I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature”. 

None of them haven’t given any proper authentication regarding the rumor that has hovered over the internet, but the rumor is strong and Jack Harlow has decided to pursue his love vigorously. If the couple is getting together in the future they would undeniably make a perfect ideal iconoclast pair. 

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Is Dua Lipa Previously Involved With Trevor Noah?

As we all know the astounding singer Dua Lipa was previously involved with Trevor Noah who is one of the highly acclaimed television personalities. The news relating to the dating of Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa was swirling over the internet the last September when the two were allegedly spotted together at a restaurant having g dinner and parting for a goodbye hug and kiss. 

Dua Lipa And Trevor Noah

But after the rumors flooded over social media, some sources asserted that it was a casual dinner night and they don’t share common interests and feeling with each other other than just casual friends. 

So after the dinner night, it is said that Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa haven’t spoken since. So maybe the involvement with Trevor Noah would be one of the rumors that sprouts within seconds in the Hollywood entertainment industry. But Dua Lipa’s past relationship with Anwar Hadid, brother of Gigi Hadid was a really serious relationship that ended reaching nowhere. But it was indeed a shred of disheartening news when the cute couple decided to part ways in December 2021, after two years of dating. 

Jack Harlow’s Dating Life

Jack Harlow one of the charismatic and boisterous rappers of his time have a great career and managed to have hordes of fans across the globe for his riveting songs and immeasurable talents. His contagious nonchalant smile would make any girls head over heels for him and it is quite natural if his name is dragged into any sort of rumors. 

Jack Harlow’s name was first juxtaposed with Addison Rae. The dating rumor first sprouted back in early April when the Tik tok star and rapper were spotted together in Atlanta for a boxing match. But before getting the rumor heated up, Jack Harlow watered the fire by posting that he is single at that time, 

Later after the rumor got subsided another one broke out with Jack Harlow and Saweetie when pictures and videos of their first encounter on the red carpet went viral. However, as usual, Jack Harlow rapidly stated before getting anything twisted that he just cleared the air that he was just saying hello to her and it does not interpret that they were trying to make their shot. 

So it is now clear that amidst the rumors that have been swirling over the internet Jack Harlow was not entitled to any serious relationships before. So if the news about him dating Dua Lipa is absolutely true then they would really make a good couple. 

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