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Who Is Bam Margera Wife Nicolo Boyd?

Brandon Cole Bam Margera is a highly talented American former professional skateboarder, stunt performer, vociferous television personality, and prolific filmmaker. He married Nicolo Boyd in 2013, who was the love of his life. Bam Margera’s Wife Nicolo Boyd is an eminent model, actress, graphic designer, and social media personality. 

The news swirling around Bam Margera and his wife is all over the internet as she filed for custody of their son. Albeit they haven’t ended their marriage, things are not pleasant between Bam Margera and his wife Nicole Boyd. let us have a look at who is Nicolo Boyd and more about her. 

Nicolo Boyd At A Glance

Nicolo Boyd is a well-known and highly sophisticated astonishing actress, model, prolific photographer, graphic designer, and intriguing social media personality. Nicolo Boyd was born on January 24, 1984. 

Bam Margera Wife Nicolo Boyd is predominantly famous for her MTV show named Jackass. She is also famous for being the wife of Bam Margera. Bam Margera was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and he really had to suffer from it. Nicolo Boyd born in 1984, was raised in the United States of America.

Stephen Bear’s Girlfriend

She was born to Warren Boyd Sr and Cynthia S Boyd. More details related to her early life and education are not quite in handy. Nevertheless, it is clear that she started being independent as a graphic designer. 

After pursuing graphic design Bam Margera’s Wife, Nicolo Boyd later took a diversion in her career and started to indulge in modeling. Quite unexpectedly she met Bam Margera and with his shoulder to lean on Nicolo soon became one of the successful models. Moreover, she even worked as an utterly amazing photographer for Bam Margera’s band meanwhile dating him. 

As per sources, the debut television series of Nicolo Boyd was in 2015 in the series Togetherness. Soon after her debut shot, she got the opportunity to feature in numerous television shows and some films like Haggard, Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, and more. 

This is the only piece of information that is quite handy related to who is Nicolo Boyd beyond her address then being the wife of Bam Margera. 

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Relationship Timeline Of Bam Margera And Nicolo Boyd

As per sources, the two couples decided to take a great step in their life and tied the knot in 2013 in an intimate ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bam Margera, the talented filmmaker at the time broke the wedding news by sharing a video where he kissed Nicolo Boyd on his YouTube channel. 

Nicolo Boyd was breathtakingly decked up in the lacy white gown, whereas Bam Margera wore a hoodie and shredded cape. After four years, the cute couple shared the exultant news of expecting their first token of love. They received their son in December 2017 and named him Phoenix Wolf. 

Bam Margera At A Glance

Bam Margera is a former American professional skateboarder, filmmaker, and television personality who gained wide recognition by appearing on the MTV reality show titled Jackass in early 2000.

After the show became a successful hit, Bam Margera decided to create a spin-off of the show which was Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union. Bam Margera’s estimated net worth is $55 million and he had a profound career in his field. 

Following the vast recognition, Bam Margera happened to be the co-writer and director of the films such as Haggard and Minghags. He was having a good career and was leading a serene life. But lately, things turned upside down in his life and he has been stuck in the middle of chaos.

Bam Margera

Recently because of his repugnant actions, making some sort of threatening messages via messages and social media Bam Margera had to face a restraining order filed by Jeff Tremaine. 

Moreover, Bam Margera also filed a lawsuit against the whole crew of Jackass and said that he was deliberately removed from the fourth franchise of Jackass titled Jackass Forever. 

When we dwell deeper into the life of Bam Margera he shares a long history of alcoholism which really had a toll on his career and made him land on umpteen issues.

When we take down the road of memory lane, Bam Margera was even toxic as it seems that he even had the audacity to post which he insulted his wife and wreaked havoc in his own home on his Instagram account. His escapades were really affecting his professional life and personal life. 

His addiction to alcohol is really making his life impoverished and dilapidating. Bam was recently diagnosed with Pneumonia and suffered quite a predicament. 

However, despite his repugnant actions, his family and friends even showed the gesture of looking out for him by making him attend a mental health treatment facility. 

Nicolo Boyd Files For Custody Of Their Son

The legal woes hovering around Bam Margera are getting even worse than he could ever anticipate. As per reports, Bam Margera Wife Nicolo Boyd filed documents on Wednesday in Los Angeles court seeking the custody of his son. 

But people are getting skeptical because she hasn’t taken a move to file for a divorce yet, then why would she take a step to have custody of their son is still unknown. But she hasn’t filed for the full custody of their son Pheonix Wold, the third-year-old boy, rather she had decided to entitle Bam Margera to monitored visitation rights as a father. 

Why Nicolo Boyd took such a decision and what is brewing between the couple is not known. The trial will commence in the following next days and let us wait to see what will happen in their lives. 

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