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Who Is Stephen Bear’s Girlfriend Jessica Smith? How Did They Meet?

Jessica Smith and Stephen Bear are two riveting couple who is in the spotlight drawing massive attention on social media because of their intriguingly explicit and facetious content. Stephen Bear as we all know has been in the spotlight before as his career demands because he has his share of roles in a number of reality shows. But for his girlfriend, this is the first time that she has been indulging herself in the spotlight. Let us have an exhaustive look at two lovebirds who are gleaming on social media recently. 

The cute Blonde Jessica Smith became viral and the recent topic of discussion when a pretty vivid video of her performing a sex act on her boyfriend Stephen Bear went frantically viral beyond their comprehension. 

So after the sex act video went viral, many of the fans are wondering how the two met and how possibly Jessica would felt attracted to Stephen Bear not too long after he sent an appeal for a girlfriend on the public domain which seemed so redundant. 

Many fans flooded the internet to know more about who is Jessica Smith and how the two met. 

Who Is Jessica Smith, Stephen Bear’s Girlfriend?

As per sources, Jessica Smith is one of the beautiful online models who has managed to build up a virtual following on websites like Twitter, and Instagram and mostly on adult content subscription site OnlyFans. 

After the video went viral it only garnered just under 100,00 likes but her naked and sexual acts were shared outside the platform. Jessica Smith has over 53,000 Twitter followers and 14,000 Instagram followers.

Stephen Bear’s Girlfriend Jessica Smith

But when we take into account her tik tok she only has one hundred and twenty-three followers. But she has more than 67K followers on PG-related websites which makes her one of the riveting online models. 

Jessica Smith has described herself on the adult content website OnlyFans as “I love getting to know what you are into and making your fantasies come true. What you are waiting for.” 

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How Did Stephen And Jessica Meet?

It is pretty obscure to pinpoint when and how the couple met, but it is only clear that they met back in 2021 May. Both of them had managed to not post anything on their social media until July when Stephen Bear shared a video on his Twitter feed where he was licking the feet of a mysterious woman. 

After that following in August Jessica Smith shared footage on her social media where we could explicitly see Stephen Bear licking her toes and both of them are drenched in sunshine and exhilarating their vacation at the side of a swimming pool in one of the hotels in Turkey. 

When we take down the road of memory lane, back in July Stephen Bear shared another video on Twitter and we can see Jessica lying explicitly topless in the background. 

Before his riveting posts and dating Jessica Smith, Stephen Bear once posted on his Instagram to fans to contact him by directly messaging him as he made his intention clear that he is looking to settle down and is currently willing to date one of his followers. 

After sharing videos and photos on each other respective social media handle the couple didn’t officially confirm their relationship status. Until August the couple sustained their non-conform stance but later in late August Jessica shared a photo of herself with Stephen Bear and captioned “He’s got my heart”. 

Following her official post, Stephen Bear shared the same photo that Jessica had on his Twitter feed and captioned “Every king needs a queen”. Stephen Bear before posting their picture as an official announcement previously referred to Jessica as his ‘girlfriend’. 

Who is Stephen Bear?

Stephen Henry Bear is one of the resounding television personalities who was born on January 15, 1990. He is at his dynamic age of thirty-two, born on the outskirts of Walthamstow, London, England. 

The first television appearance of Stephen Bear was on Shipwrecked in 2011. Following his debut on shipwrecked, he managed to go on to appear in another show, an MTV reality show titled Ex on the Beach in early 2015.      

Stephen Bear

Stephen Bear was also the contestant in The Challenge: War of the Worlds part 1 and Part 2, and following the year in 2020 in The Challenge: Total Madness. 

Albeit having a good career, Stephen Bear was arrested for disclosing sexual photographs without consent back in January 2021. Stephen Bear was found guilty on December 13, 2022, and was charged with voyeurism, disclosing private sexual photographs and films. He allegedly shared the videos of his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison and the videos went viral on the website OnlyFans. 

Georgia Harrison claimed her right to anonymity and asserted that she had said not to share the footage. At the same time, Stephen Bear says that he didn’t share the footage with anyone other than George Harrison. 

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