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Jovit Baldivino Death: Pilipinas Got Talent Singer Jovit Baldvino, Dies At 29

It is quite a shred of repugnant news that the deadly talented Filipino singer who had hordes of fans across the globe for his riveting talents took indeed an untimely departure at the age of twenty-nine.

Jovit Baldivino was comatose for quiet days and the doctors confirmed his death on December 9, 2022, at 4 am. The world is absolutely perplexed by this disheartening news, let us have an exhaustive look at what really happened to this dynamic singer and the cause of his death in detail. 

Who Was Jovit Baldivino?

As we are all well familiar with this handsome and vibrant Filipino singer and resounding actor Jovit Baldivino, his unexpected untimely death has really shaken the world. Since the news has broken out, his friends and fans are deeply saddened by this totally unexpected news. 

Jovit Baldivino Death Philipines GOT Talent Singer Jovit Baldvino, Dies

When we have a glance at who he was, Jovit Baldivino was the first winner of the highly remarkable talent show Pilipinas Got Talent in 2010. 

He was born into a below mediocre family in the suburbs of Batangas. Jovit Baldivino had to really struggle to make their livelihood as he used to sell siomai at a market after his school because it was the only possible way to sustain his education and aid his impoverished family. 

The main reason he joined the inaugural season of the Philippines Got Talent was to pull his poor family out of poverty and also to continue with his studies. It may sound a little low, but Jovit Baldivino at that time passionately believed that getting 2 million pesos as a reward from the show would make his dream into reality. 

So by somehow managing between the aid of his poor family and his studies, he attended Batangas State University and studied Criminology. Jovit Baldivino desired to be a powerful lawyer just like his uncle.

After that in early 2020, a pair of singles by Jovit Baldivino was released titled Pusong Bato and Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin which was a hit at the time. Soon he garnered recognition and rose to one of the riveting talents in the industry. 

Following the hit singles, they attempted their next trial by mashing up with K-pop songs including, Psycho, What is Love? Ice cream, and Dynamite with Red Velvet, TWICE, Blackpink, and BTS. furthermore, in order to create a sensational wave online by releasing a remixed version of Justin Bieber’s Baby by combining it with Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin,  which really made a massive impact on social media. 

Jovit Baldivino Death

The netizens of Filipino were mesmerized by this new riveting piece of work where each of the songs by Jovit really had a remarkable effect and it was hilarious because of how the songs were blended. 

Jovit Baldivino had a relationship with Shara Chavez who was his fiancee, but things turned pretty south that it just got terminated when she happened to see Jovit with another girl whom Chavez labeled as ‘Homewrecker of the year’. Moreover, the ex-couple share a son together named Akeya who came into their life in July 2016. 

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Jovit Baldivino’s Cause Of Death Explained!

It is still a piece of repugnant news that the immensely talented Jovit Baldivino died at the age of twenty-nine. So as per reports, the astonishing singer was reported to be confined in ICU and later died due to an aneurysm. 

So when we dwell deeper into it, we could learn that the singer was cordially invited by one of his family friends to perform at an event when was recuperating from acute hypertension and maintaining medicines. Since his doctors have stringently told him not to sing during the recuperation, as told by his bereaving family and his fiancee Camille Ann Miguel, he just gave in to the crowd without any regard for his health. 

Jovit Baldivino Death

So passionately Jovit Baldivino sang three beautiful signature songs and while singing the third one he was really struggling for breath. So that, an hour after exactly his face was deformed with saliva rolling down, within a matter of time he was rushed into the Nazareth of Jesus Hospital which was the nearest one on December 3, 2022. 

Several tests were done, and the CT scan report was quite shocking to his perplexed family because it showed a blood clot in the brain. As soon as possible the blood clot was suctioned at around 2 am on December 4 and he was comatose for the next five days. But unfortunately, he died on December 9, 2022, at the very young and vibrant age of twenty-nine. 

Tributes are overflowing when the death news broke out. He was such an amazing singer who had very unique talents and he was making his career steep. But now unexpectedly he had to leave all his accomplishments in the middle of the way and took an untimely earthly departure.

His bereaving family, friends, and his fiancee are struggling hard to cope with the situation which they never ever anticipated. He had left his family into a deep woods of deafening silence where they could not hear his songs and laughter anymore. 

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