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‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bevin Prince Opens Up About Her Husband William Friend’s Death

Have you ever experienced something so profoundly wonderful, that when it was taken away from you, your life felt unbearable?

Bevin Prince is one of the most astounding American actresses in the industry and she is best known for her invigorating role in the series One Tree Hill.  So now she has decided to open up about the tragedy that adversely affected her life and which made a toll on her tranquil and happy life. So let us have an exhaustive look into what Bevin Prince has to say about the cataclysmic hole that she had been bearing for too long. 

'One Tree Hill' Alum Bevin Prince Opens up about her husband death

Bevine Prince was one of the utmostly talented actresses who just played a massive role in the highly acclaimed series One Tree Hill. So being an amazing actress and SoulCycle instructor she got the opportunity to appear in several films and in television shows. 

The inconsolable grief, Bevin Prince had to bear was something beyond words. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear. 

Now the most sophisticated actress who had hordes of fans across the globe has decided to vent it out about the untimely departure of her husband publicly. She has vehemently said about the darkest nightmare of losing a part of her life, her husband who was only thirty-three years old.

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As per reports, the beloved husband of the resounding actress was killed by a lightning strike. The death of Will was a week before his thirty-fourth birthday and this fact makes the death news even more soul-crushing. 

The actress was invited to the 1 on 1 with Jon Evans podcast, and she opened up about the tragic incident that happened in her life, on July 3, the day that totally made her life upside down. With a deep lacerated heart she said that they were like doing the same thing for the zillionth time in their life, but this time everything turned pretty nasty in the blink of an eye. 

Bevin Prince said,

“it was like any other day we had done a million times. The storm was far away, we are on the boat, and everything is fine. And then, in an instant, everything changed. There is no normal, and there is no playbook for it. In my mind, there was absolutely nothing that could have been done. I can stay here on this plant, or I cannot, and that’s not an option for me. So I really only have one option.
I knew when Will passed, I said ‘OK’, I was fortunate enough to experience the kind of love and support and partnership that I know so many people will never feel, so my life is now a service. That’s it. I am going to do everything I can to serve the people in my community and the people that work with me and my friends and my family and I will continue to show up and do that. That’s all I know. That’s all I can do. That’s the only option”.

What Happened To William Friend?

When we have a comprehensive look into the uncanny predicament, as per sources, Bevin Prince and her husband William Friend were enjoying a beautiful moment together near Masonboro island. They were on a boat and enjoying the moon’s glide and the breezy wind that embraced them during the night.

Near the coast of Wilmington, the couple was really in a romantic mood and suddenly out of nowhere, the lightning came and strike at William Friend. 

Bevin Prince Opens up about her husband William Friend’s death

So when she learned that her husband has been struck by a lightning, there happened to be a boar carrying a nurse and also a former member of the military. So they immediately gave him emergency aid.

Also, Bevin Prince added that the police boat came by within a matter of minutes and they swiftly changed the body of William to their boat to have immediate treatment. So the law enforcers attempted to shift him to an ambulance and they tried their best to save him. But after twenty minutes they pronounced his death. 

So this unexpected death of her husband really had a devastating impact on her life. She was there with him at the last time of his demise. Life is so strange and unfair.

They were living a good impeccable life as partners and suddenly fate intervenes and changes their whole life within an instant something obnoxious. At least she hasn’t got the time to even comprehend the things that happened within a matter of seconds. 

It is really a piece of disheartening news that Bevin Prince had to undergo this mind-writhing experience in her life alone. She was so immersed in her beautiful life with her husband and suddenly when it all just all wash away from your hands just like the tides do to our feet by taking all the sands underneath it, she just lost the love of her life within the snap of fingers. 

With a deeply wounded heart, she also said about how different was her man in his perspective and attitude. She said William Friend was the most riveting and utmost fiercely loyal man that she had ever encountered in her life. 

Living together for weeks or months or days, slowly each of the people becomes like a habit to one another. So when fate plays a crucial role and takes away one from their lives it is so much more difficult to cope with the lacuna they have left. The space that they have filled would be left null and void and no one could ever replenish it. So after a long deafening silence, the actress chose to break the silence and said about the nightmare she had to bear for eternity. 

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