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Barbara Thore Death- ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Dies At 76

Barbara Thore who was one of the gorgeously talented actresses best known as Whitney’s Mom on My Big Fat Fabulous Life took an earthly departure at the age of seventy-six. The disheartening shred of news was announced by her daughter Whitney Way Thore. She was indeed a true legendary actress with a plethora of fans across the globe.

So let us have a look at what really happened to her and the cause of her death in detail. 

Who Was Barbara Thore?

Barbara ‘Babs’ Thore was one of the compelling co-actresses of My Big fat Fabulous Life who is undeniably best known as Whitney’s mom. The riveting reality show reigned for over a decade in the industry with hordes of fans across the globe. 

She was at the age of seventy-six when she took a heavenly departure and her bereaving family announced the news to the world. 

Barbara Thore Die- 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Star Dies At 76

She was such a true artist and best known as Whitney’s mom on the show was suffering from fatal maladies and enduring pain that she finally embraced death. 

Barbara Thore’s Cause Of Death Explained!

Whitney Way Thore, daughter of Barbara Thore announced this mind-writhing news to the world through the Instagram account. So Whitney shared a meticulous post regarding how hard is for her to cope with the fact that her mother is not anymore with her in the world and her cause of death in detail.

The cause of death of Barbara Thore as per what her daughter stated is cerebral amyloid angiopathy. So even the name of the disease is quite intimidating and this disease was unfortunately not quite treatable so she had to bear the unbearable pain, following dementia, seizures, and hemorrhagic strokes. 

Barbara Thore indeed suffered an excruciating situation in the last days of her life and she was fighting ardently against it. So according to the lengthy post-Whitney wrote, the first stroke that happened to Barbara was in 2017.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Star Barbara Thore Dies At 76

So with immediate medical treatment, she was slowly coming back to life, but then doctors stated how dangerous her condition is. By then her family was anticipating that more strokes will happen and their fragile mother would have to suffer all these. 

So her family was expecting the inevitable to happen and they were all worried about how excruciating it would be. So following the first stroke that happened in 2017, the next one was on December 2021 which really made her debilitated by all means. And finally, the last stroke was in November 2022 and this absolutely made her health deteriorate.

Moreover, Covid 19, and the infection that followed really had a great toll on her health and it made her health surprisingly impoverished. Her health started to collapse rapidly beyond the anticipation of her doctors and her family. 

So she was suffering immeasurable pain and battled until her last breath. So this death really gave a toll on her family. Barbara Thore was an amazing co-star on the show who portrayed a compelling matriarch in the show. 

The show really garnered a tremendous amount of fans and they rose to prominence with the skip of a heartbeat. Towards the end of the meticulous post that Whitney shared, she reminisce about how effervescent her mother was, and each word she used really portray how much she meant to her and to the whole family. 

The post reads

My Mother is our family’s greatest gift. We could never love, revere, or value another person more. If you are reading this, you are familiar with her magic: her southern charm, her hilarious sense of humor, her well-timed witty remarks, her beauty, and her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and cared for. We want to thank you for loving our mother. The support from all of you made her feel so loved and encouraged. We are unbelievably thankful that we have been able to share her with you and it is our hope that her memory will continue to be a source of comfort and happiness for the rest of your lives, just as it will be for ours”. 

This was the last brief section of the post which was unapologetically disheartening and as a wonderful lovable daughter, Whitney really made everyone’s eyes wet. The bereaving family of Barbara will definitely miss her to the core the voidness she had left would be etched in their heart forever and even after years, the space that she owned will be forever unfilled. 

What is cerebral amyloid angiopathy?

Cerebral Amyloid angiopathy CAA is an untreatable condition where the proteins named amyloid accumulate on the walls of arteries in the brain and cause severe bleeding into the brain.

So if the patient who has been diagnosed with his formidable disease is above in his/her sixties, then the life expectancy is low. But in some cases when we consider the signs and symptoms, that vary in each individual, some might have survived longer. 

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