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Brad William Henke Net Worth- How Rich Was The’Orange Is The New Black’ Actor?

Brad William Henke was an NFL player turned actor, who won The Screen Guild Award for his performance in The Orange Is the Black Star. Woefully, the legend passed away on  Nov. 29, 2022. Ever since the news broke, people have been pouring prayers and support to his family and friends. 

There are many who are curious enough to learn the cause of the death of Henke, but there is also another set of people who have been constantly searching about Brad Wiliam Henke’s net worth, his career, and so on. So we have compiled everything in this article, so hurry and scroll down. 

Brad William Henke Biography And Career

Brad William Henke was born in Columbus, Nebraska, on April 10, 1966, but grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He went on to lead the football team at the University of Arizona. There he played m multiple roles as a defensive lineman and an All-Academic student journalist.

Initially, the New York Giants drafted Henke in 19898, but he was cut during the training session. So he eventually ended up with the Denver Broncos. However, he was hit with major injuries which urged him to make the final decision to retire in 1994.  

Brad William Henke

Although retiring was not something to be glad for. But, in Henke’s case, he had an even better career after retirement. Henke pivoted to acting and stepped into the industry after leaving football behind. The retired athlete went on to appear in the movie titled Space Jam in 1996, a couple of years after his retiral.

Thereafter, Henke was seen in films including World Trade Center, Must Have Dogs, Short Term 12, Hollywoodland, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Hollywoodland, and Pacific Rim. Brad William Henke’s last movie was released in 2016 and it was titled The Split. 

Brad William Net Worth 

The former football player Brad William Henke’s net worth was estimated to be nearly $5 million as of his death. Henke, who died peacefully in his sleep, earned mostly from his acting career as he was offered numerous roles so far. 

As per reports, Henke was ranked in the list of actors who was born in 1966 as well as in the list of actors who were popular among those. His whopping net worth has also made him famous as an affluent actor.

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Brad William Henke Career

In 2006, he played the role of Maggi Gyllenhaal’s sibling in two flicks including Sherrybaby as well as World Trade Center. Including the aforementioned films and shows, Brad William Henke has more than hundreds of acting credits under his belt. He wound up his successful career by appearing in a random episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as well as the series titled The Stand. 

Among the movies he worked on, the Stand had a special preference in his heart, because he once told Tell-Tale TV that acting in Stephen King’s favorite novel was an honor. Indeed, ‘It was the best experience” he had in the acting profession.

He further mentioned that it was the first time in his career that a role was given three months prior to the shoot, which indirectly indicates that he often used to get roles just days before the filming begins. So, The Stand gave him enough time to learn and dream about the character. 

But he had credits for appearing in certain television programs including Shameless, Chicago Hope, Criminal Minds, Lost, ER, Nash Bridges, Dexter, The Office, Castle, and MacGyver. 

One of Henke’s biggest achievements in life included the Screen Actors Guild Award that he won for his stunning performance in the comedy series in 2017. He won the prestigious award for his role as a correction officer Desi Piscatella, an open gay. 

Brad William Henke’s Relationships

Brad William Henke married co-star Keteline Chesna in 2001, after working on the same Showtime series Going to California. They only worked together for a short while, but their relationship was deep enough to give it the name of marriage. However, it didn’t last long as the coupe split in 2008. 

Brad William Henke

A couple of years before their divorce, Henke in an interview expressed his desire to start a family with his beloved. He mentioned his dog Puggles, who completes them as a family. Apparently, they were about to adopt a foster child as well. In the discussion, Henke was talking as a perfect family man, who was constantly bringing up the topic of his family and how it was important to get home. 

When Did Brad William Henke Die?

The spectacular NFL player and the versatile actor left for the heavenly residence on Nov. 29, 2022, Tuesday. His family announced the heartbreaking news, which was followed by hundreds of tributes. 

“He ( Brad Williams Henke) was a kind man with incredible energy,” his manager, Matt Delpiano said of him on Thursday. “He loved this community and we loved him as well.”

Brad William Henke’s The cause of death is yet to be determined, however, it was revealed that he died in sleep. In 2021, the actor disclosed that he was suffering from artery blockage. It was revealed in an Instagram post. Soon after, Henke also stated that he had a tumor that affected his internal organs including his pancreas and heart. Therefore, it could have resulted in his death. 

The world still had a lot more to explore about the actor but it was unfortunate that he passed away too early. Now the loss must be borne by his dear and near ones, who will definitely miss his presence throughout their remaining life. 

Brad William Henke’s death has affected a number of individuals including his wife Sonja, grandchild Amirah, and stepdaughter Leasa. 

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