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Christine McVie Net Worth- How Rich Was Fleetwood Mac Singer? Bio, Career

Fleetwood Mac icon Christine McVie left a staggering amount in her bank account before she breathed her last on November 30, 2022. Her family announced Christine McVie’s death on Wednesday. They requested everyone to keep their beloved Christine in their hearts and to remember the life of the amazing person and cherished musician who was celebrated universally. Keep reading the article to learn more about Christine McVie’s net worth and her life. 

Christine McVie Biography 

Christine McVie was born in 1947 and she belonged to a family full of musicians. Her father was a music professor at St. Peters College. He was also a prestigious violinist who taught her to play the violin. Since her dad was too supportive, she learned to play piano at the very young age of 4 and she eventually invited her full focus to music at the age of 11. 

Christine McVie

Initially learning classical music, she slowly shifted to rock and roll after nearly four years. When she was admitted to college, her interest in music skyrocketed and she joined her first band Sounds of Blue. But the band didn’t last any longer. Therefore, a few of its members including Christine formed another band named Chicken Shack. 

Christine McVie Net Worth 

It has been estimated that singer-songwriter Christine McVie had a net worth of $105 million as of 2022. She amassed a massive fortune from her music career, thanks to Fleetwood Mac! 

According to certain sources, Christine McVie is the second richest member of Fleetwood Mac. She comes only second to Steve Nicks and is typically termed the face of the band. 

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Christine McVie’s Music Career With Fleetwood Mac

After releasing a couple of albums with Chicken Shack, Christine went on to marry bassist John McVie and subsequently joined the band Fleetwood Mac in 1970. Future Games was the foremost album that she released with the new band. It was released in 1971. Three years later, the group decided to move to the US. After reaching their destination, they released their next album, Fleetwood Mac, in 1974. 

In 1977, Chicken Shack released another album Rumours, among which Christine’s tracks, Don’t Stop, You Make Loving Fun, and Songbird became renowned. She became immensely popular after the release. In 1984, Christine launched her solo album including the hits Love Will Show Us How, and Got a Hold on Me. 

Christine McVie’s Music Career With Fleetwood Mac

After her dad’s sudden death, Christine stayed away from touring, but she didn’t stop to record songs for her favorite, Fleetwood Mac. Later in 1997, the teammates John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christain McVie gathered together to launch their new album titled, The Dance, which went to multiple charts in the United States. 

Although her career was at its peak, she took a semi-retirement from the music world for a few years. In 2017, she made her comeback count by recording an album with Lindsey Buckingham. Two years later, BBC came up with a documentary on Christine and named it “Firewood Mac’s Songbird- Christine McVie. 

Sale of Catalog Rights

Earlier in 2021, Christine announced that she has sold her right to royalty to Hipgnosis Songs Fund, which is a music investment company. Back then, the financials of the agreement were not revealed. She has always been a person who was strict with payments. 

In 2018, the singer Lindsey Buckingham sued their former band, Fleetwood Mac, for not paying back the dues. In the legal proceeding, it was clearly mentioned that as per a deal with Love Nation, each of the band members, ( including McVie) was said to receive $200,000 per each show over sixty shows. Therefore, a total payment of $12 million was supposed to be paid by the band. The case was further settled in a year with an undisclosed amount. 

Christine McVie’s Relationships

Christine was one of the faces of the legendary rock band Firewood Mac since 1970. She was closely linked to it for more than four decades. She became its member after marrying John McVie. But they split in the middle of a tour for the album, Rumors. 

Christine McVie’s Relationships

She later agreed that it was her “irresponsibility” and that she only did it only for her “sanity.” But even after the breakup, the duo still continued to work with each other under the band and they have also been on tours together. 

After the couple divorced in 1978, she married Eddy Quintela, who was a keyboardist at Fleetwood Mac in 1986. After four years, they also had to end things with each other. 

Her last tour was with Lindsey in the year 2017. During the tour,  they performed on the top charts they had so far created as a singer and songwriter. 

Christine McVie’s Death 

The famous keyboardist and singer-songwriter Christine McVie, who worked most of her life with Fleetwood Mac, passed away, stated her family. 

At the time of Christine McVie’s death, she was 79 years old and was admitted to the hospital where the singer was surrounded by her near and dear ones.

Following her demise, Fleetwood Mac wrote, “We have no words to express our sadness at the death of Christine. She was talented and one of a kind. She was like the best friend anyone could have in their life and the finest musician anyone could have in their band. We cherish her being both individually and as a team. And we are also thankful for having good memories with her.”

Her death has left many, including her family and friends speechless, as they are astounded by the passing of the singer. A singer like Christine McVie will never be replaced. 

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