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Kody Brown Net Worth- How Rich Is The ‘Sister Wives’ Star?

Kody Brown is most famous for the way of life he leads in the universe and he is now regarded as the riveting American television personality star who has managed to make the audiences of the show quiet surprising in a different way by portraying his life totally opposite to what the society’s expected norm is to be, by being a polygamist patriarch. So let us dive into the life of this riveting star and his polygamous life. 

Kody Brown Early Life

Kody Brown is one of the astounding American reality stars who have hordes of fans for the way he leads a different life by being the head of a polygamist family. He was born on January 17, 1969. The central reason for Kody Brown to follow his life on a different road was that he was born into a polygamous family. 

Kody Brown Net Worth

His father was a polygamist who lived with his three wives under a single roof. Kody had three siblings and they all were living under one roof happily. The exciting part of the family was Kody Brown never knew which siblings came from which mothers that he had. The riveting polygamous family was living on the outskirts of Mormon and he once stated that living under the Mormon suburbs really had a toll on their family and the implicit faith in Mormon has really affected their life

Kody Brown Net Worth

Kody Brown one of the resounding American television personalities has managed to have fans across the globe for the way he leads his life absolutely in a different way. So his net worth is estimated at $800 Thousand. He is leading indeed a big family by all means, and this really is one of the most astonishing things in his life which made him a star in the industry. 

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Kody Brown Career 

Kody Brown was always obscure about his lifestyle and the way he was looking after his whole big family. He never ever tried to unveil what he does for a living and that was something quite suspicious. Because in order to run such a big family indeed, if the breadwinner of the family doesn’t have a concrete job, then he would have to really toil in his life to run it. 

But in spite of his efforts to conceal what he does for a living, he once vaguely said that he was into some sort of online and sales work. Even before that Kody Brown said that he was the president of Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories. But later he stated that he left all those previous jobs and now his focus is entirely on his massive family and the welfare of each member of it. 

Kody Brown TLC’s Sister Wives

The fame and recognition came to this polygamous family when they got the chance to appear in TLC’s Sister Wives. The show debuted in 2010 and with the show, the Kody Brown family, consisting of his four beautiful wives and children became famous in the world. 

The absolute focus of the show follows Kody Brown and his family which included the petite arguments over trite and frivolous matters, their reconciliation, and most interestingly the unique way of division of labor in the house. 

So the predominant reason for bringing his family into the show was to make awareness of polygamy in the country and he had an indomitable hope that this would really become the accepted norm, not something demeaning.

So the show became quite the topic in society when polygamy and multiple marriages were the topics prevalent in the American Pop culture of that time. So Kody Brown and his family were down this road to demonstrate that it is nothing wrong with leading a polygamous life, and it should not be considered taboo. 

Multiple marriages and polygamous family was not something that was accepted by the society of the time. So when a show was suddenly aired to the lives of the public, some audiences really find it entertaining, but most of them were quite offended by the way he portrayed it. 

Kody Brown Personal Life

Kody Brown is only legally married to Robyn and the other three wives are his ‘spiritual reunions’. His other three beloved and beautiful wives are Meri, Janelle, and Christine. He had to legally divorce his wife Mery because he had planned to adopt his other wife Robyn’s children whom she had in her previous marriage. So in order to adopt three children of Roby had to divorce his other wife. 

Kody Brown Personal Life

He shares fifteen children with his four wives and three adopted children and that makes him the father of eighteen children. 

Some legal issues related to Kody Brown are hovering in the sky when he showcased his polygamy life in front of the world, he had to face severe backlashes which he never anticipated. The US Federal court came into action and it questioned the state of Utah’s polygamy law. They used the evidence they got from the show and it was a blessing in disguise to further challenge Kody Brown. 

With the first episode being aired, the law enforcers of Utah announced that they are investigating Kody Brown for his polygamous life and he was later charged with a felony. The case came with a maximum imprisonment of long twenty years and each of his wives had to face five years too. Kody Brown was on the pretext that since he is married legally to one wife the law would not stand a chance. But things turned pretty nasty when the law came into action. 

So his adventurous life turned pretty upside down when the law came in between. But now the polygamous family is turning into monogamy due to some irreconcilable differences between Kody Brown and his wives. 

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