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How Did Naya Rivera Die? What Actually Happened?

The death of Naya Rivera was quite the uncanny one and her dead body was found after one day after she went missing. Her devastated family filed a lawsuit against Ventura County and the managers of Lake Piru over her unnatural accident and claimed that it is because of their negligence the American actress of thirty-three died as she was a great swimmer and the possibility of drowning is far away from reality. Let us have an exhaustive look at what happened to Naya Rivera. 

How Did Naya Rivera Die?

As per sources, on July 8, 2020, the astounding American actress Naya Rivera was reported missing when she failed to return from boating with her son Josey Dorsey. The boating excursion on Lake Piru which was so near to her home in California, and with her four-year-old son, Naya Rivera set across a wonderful lake trip. 

How Did Naya Rivera Die? What Actually Happened?

Two of them didn’t return at the expected time and her family began to panic. So then a search was conducted by various authorities, and unfortunately, her dead body was found the next day, but her son was unharmed. 

Until the morning of July 13, 2020, the search was held, and later that day her body was recovered and the young actress and singer were pronounced dead. Naya Rivera was, of course, a celebrity and because of that media attention was great and it really contributed to certain developments before and after she was founded. 

So after her dead body was found, the autopsy report was ruled as an accidental death, thereby determining that Naya Rivera in order to shave her son’s life she exhausted herself. But later back in November 2020, Nay Rivera’s ex-husband and the father of her son Dorsey brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the management of Lake Piru. 

Naya Rivera was a prolific figure in the industry and her claim to fame and recognition was on the popular television series Glee. 

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Naya Rivera As A Strong Swimmer

When we have a glance at the background of the incident, Lake Piru is a man-made reservoir situated in the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura county. And at least back in 1993, this was the only reservoir that permitted swimming in the county. The American actress started visiting this beautiful lake for years by 2020 and it is said that Naya considered this lake as a ‘sanctuary’. 

So despite being a great swimmer the actress drowned to death was a bitter pill to swallow for her family and they even found that the negligence of the management of the lake is the sole reason for her drowning. 

Moreover, Rivera took medication and proper treatment for her vertigo issue, and besides, she was an immensely experienced boater. She happen to take smaller lake trips from a younger age and she shared many experiences of boating in her interviews. 

 Naya Rivera Die

Yolanda Previtire, mother of Naya Rivera said that her daughter and grandson were planning a barbecue by Lake Piru on July 8, 2020, and they were so thrilled to go boating. So as per sources, both of them left the dock at around 1:00 pm and they were expected to return around 4:00 pm. 

When they failed to return by the expected time, a search began, and around 5:00 pm her four-year-old son was found unharmed on the boat with a life jacket on him. So as per the statement given by her son, both of them jumped into the lake and swam for quite some time. But when the strong wind was so unexpected, Naya Rivera told her son to get into the boat as their boat had begun to drift and rock violently. 

Naya Rivera

So as her son says, his mother helped him to climb back into the boat but she was unable to get back to the boat and then disappeared underwater. So the lawsuit claims that there weren’t any signs that gave warning to the visitors about their strong currents and high winds. Besides at least 26 people have died in the same spot after the lake opened back in 1959. 

It is so disheartening that Naya Rivera may not have known whether her son made it to the shore but it was clear that in spite of being a great swimmer, she was drowning and she would not make it to the shore or her family. 

As she was in her steep career, the extensive media attention was really helpful to found her and many people across the globe stated how frustrating and disheartening to know about the tragic end of this resounding actress. If the management of the Piru lake was a little more cautious about their negligence, the actress’ death would have been utterly preventable and her family could not have had to put up with this massive loss, and most importantly her son would not have lost his mother at the age of four. 

Let us get to know Naya Rivera

Naya Marie Rivera was born on January 12, 1987, and was an accomplished American actress, singer, and model. She was vastly recognized for her riveting work on the highly popular musical comedy-drama series Glee. throughout her career, she received a Screen Actors Guild Award and was nominated for two Grammy awards. 

Naya Rivera started her career as a child artist and model at the tender age of four. Her remarkable entry into the acting field was with the role of Hilary Winston on the short-lived CBS sitcom titled The Royal Family. Naya Rivera was born to Yolanda Previtire and to George Rivera and is of African-American, German, and Puerto Rican descent. 

Naya Rivera was born as the oldest of three children to her parents her brother is a former appealing NFL tight end Mychal Rivera, whereas her younger sister is a model. 

Her family’s financial stability was fluctuating from extravagancy to struggle and Naya Rivera decided to pursue her passion in modeling at a small age. And she predominantly focused on acting auditions instead of high school activities normally a girl of her age does. 

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