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Who Is Costeen Hatzi? All About Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend

Nick Kyrgios is the most terrifically talented Australian Tennis player who has hordes of fans across the globe for his scintillating acuity in playing. People are brutally curious to know more about his private dating life when Nick Kyrgios’s girlfriend made it official on January 2, 2023,  rather than his visible steep career. The intriguing tennis pro Nick Kyrgios is been in a long-term relationship with Costeen Hatzi. So without any delay let us know more about his Girlfriend, his pillar of strength. 

Who is Costeen Hatzi?

As per sources, Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi currently lives in Sydney, Australia with her beau Nick Kyrgios. Costeen Hatzi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences in May 2021 from the Australian Catholic University. 

Costeen Hatzi was born on May 23, 2000, and she is now at the vibrant age of twenty-one. Costeen is one of the rising stars of social media and now she has just established her space by being the girlfriend of the popular and handsome International tennis player Nick Kyrgios. On January 2, 2023, Costeen disclosed that she is in love with Nick Kyrgios and they have been dating for a while. 

Who Is Costeen Hatzi

She even posted on her Instagram how unexpected their meeting was and how they traveled together on this new journey of their life. It was back in 2022, that the duo decided to move in together into an apartment in Sydney. She is pretty much active on her social media and often shares videos of their living space, especially demonstrating the interior designs and renovations. 

So when the dating news was released Costeen Hatzi’s Instagram followers increase by 18000. Since she revealed the truth about her dating life she has just got a golden chance to get a hike over social media as it is not a walk in the park to raise followers in thousand within just a matter of a couple of weeks. 

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Costeen Hatzi Early Life And Biography

The girl who stole the heart of the prolific tennis player Nick Kyrgios hail from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was the eldest daughter of her Australian parents and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences in May 2021 from the Australian Catholic University. 

She was deeply loved and during her high school days at a private school, she was regarded for her good academic scores. 

Costeen Hatzi And Nick Kyrgio Relationship

Costeen Hatzi Family

Costeen Hatzi hails from a small family consisting of her father mother and brother. Her younger brother is George Hatzipourganis, a school-going student. Even though much about her mother’s details are unknown, her mother is a working woman who is probably in her 50s and the much-needed information regarding her father is unknown though. 

She is a very people person and her best friends are April Bree and Chloe Korner. 

Costeen Hatzi Age And Zodiac sign

As per sources, the emerging star of social media and girlfriend of Nick Kyrgios was born on May 23, 2000, and she is at her twenty-one as of 2022. The zodiac sign of Costeen is Gemini and she is happily living together with the tennis player. 

Costeen Hatzi Height And Weight

Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi has maintained well attractive physical features. Her height is estimated at 158 centimeters, which is five feet and two inches. She weighs around fifty kilograms. Following a strict healthy diet and exercise Costeen had made her physique absolutely beautiful. Her coruscating brown eyes and blonde hair makes her even more prepossessing and her body measurements range from 36-28-36. 

Costeen Hatzi Lifestyle And Profession

Nick Kyrgios Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi started her career to be a social media influencer after she completed her studies in 2021. It seems that her normal family is somewhat a rich family and she had been spotted umpteen times spending quality time at beaches, bars, restaurants, and many mesmerizing cities and entertaining herself with different cuisines. 

Before raising her followers on Instagram by revealing her relationship, she had a good fan following for her high-quality pictures of her extravagant life. Her fans really like to see how she spends her daily life in different zones. Moreover, Costeen had started to recently promote the skincare product of Bali Body, and this makes it clear that she has started her career as a well-working social media influencer. 

Adding more to it Costeen is also a businesswoman and she used to sell different variety of home decor products and managed to launch her own interior brand Casa Amor Interiors. She has been selling products like designer mirrors, showpieces, furniture, cushions, and other household interior items. 

Costeen Hatzi And Nick Kyrgio Relationship

Before Nick Kyrgios met Costeen he had his share of relationships with his fellow tennis player Alja Tomljanovic and Anna Kalinskaya. Moreover, his last relationship ended with Chiara Passeri and now he is completely involved with Costeen Hatzi it became officially confirmed as Costeen shared a photo on her Instagram profile. 

Their relationship story is quite interesting, as they both met when his Girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was isolated from Nick Kyrgios when he was diagnosed with covid-19. So as filmy as it may sound, both of them got into an argument during their hotel quarantine when they were in Australia. 

Their argument turned pretty nasty and police had to arrive make the situation under control and separate and close them in different rooms. So later after the dramatic encounter, they somehow fall in love. 

After all this, Nick Kyrgios shared a beautiful picture of a kiss that was so intense on the lips of Costeen, and it was shared on January 2022 and this made a tremendous increase in Costeen’s Instagram followers.   

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