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What Were Juice WRLD Last Words?

The untimely departure of the astounding rapper was a devastating revelation to the whole world which led to a tremendous reverberating shock of despair and agony. He is survived by his grief-stricken fiance, mother and friends, and a plethora of fans leaving a mountain of unanswered questions. One of the most frequent questions that were left unanswered was what were Juice WRLD last words.

So in order to know more about it, just have a walkthrough of the article to learn the tragic end of this terrifically resounding rapper. 

The Last Words Of Juice WRLD Before Dying

The untimely earthly departure of this intriguing rapper was smeared in mystery and controversies. Numerous conspiracy theories sprouted that revolved around Juice WRLD death and the most speculated suspicion was that he predicted his own death. Many allegations pointed towards him, and to get freed from all that he tried to embrace death. 

The Last Words Of Juice WRLD

We could only get a crumb of information about Juice WRLD’s last words because albeit the strenuous efforts it was all in vain. The last words of Juice WRLD were “ I love ya’ll more than life itself”.

Juice WRLD fans from different territories loved and acknowledged his talents and were rooting for him and he was so magnanimous to give all the love and reciprocate without fail. 

These words might not be the actual or last words of the Juice WRLD, because as per the scene report that paramedics have given, the rapper was incoherent prior to his death. So when Juice WRLD’s death news broke out, fans across the globe were shattered and fell into a deafening silence of agony. Many of them staunchly asserted that he predicted his own death and he has left some ‘clues’ in his music. 

Moreover, just a few days prior to his tragic death, the rapper tweeted

“ This life is yours do if you want to do great things and change the world don’t let no one tell you SH*T, and you will be bigger than ‘juice wrld’ will ever be, and he is going down as a legend”. 

After this tweet, he left another clue in his other tweet and his fans were completely befuddled about what was he trying to convey to the world. He tweeted“My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years, then fake my death”. 

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Juice WRLD’s Death Is Explained!

Just a matter of a week prior to his 21st birthday, on December 8, 2019, the private Gulfstream jet of Juice WRLD was en route to Chicago’s Midway International Airport all the way from Miami’s Van Nuys Airport. So the law enforcement officers were avidly waiting for the plane to arrive so that they conduct a drug raid. 

When the plane landed, without making any delay the officers rushed inside the plane, and there waiting was not in vain as it turns out that the plane was crammed with 70 lbs of Marijuana, six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup, bullets, three handguns, and a high- capacity ammunition magazine. 

When the officers were fervently searching the plane, the management team of the rapper said that Juice WRLD took lots of unknown pills and he even took Percocet pills to thwart the officers from finding them. Soon he was rushed to the hospital and by ingesting all the pills, the rapper began to convulse around 03.00 am. 

So in order to make the rapper conscious the officers gave him counter doses of Narcan, a counter drug used for overdose opioids. But by the time he could make it to the nearby Oak Lawn Advocate Christ Medical Centre he was pronounced dead. 

Juice WRLD Cause Of Death

A month after later his tragic end an autopsy was performed and during the initial state, Juice WRLD cause of death was difficult to be ascertained. But when the additional strategies including, cardiac pathology, neuropathy, and toxicology tests were conducted the doctors would finally find the sole reason for Juice WRLD’s tragic untimely death. 

The cause of death was divulged in front of the whole world, it was ‘an accidental overdose caused by oxycodone and codeine toxicity. As everyone expected that drugs has something to do with his tragic end, it became true that Juice WRLD death was due to an overdose of drugs. 

Juice WRLD Death

Tributes were overpouring when the death news broke out and On December 13 and his family, friends all assembled at the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ and his funeral was indeed an open casket. His bereaving family, including his mother, grandmother, and siblings paid their respect and spoke vehemently about him. 

Many fellow rappers including, Ski Mask came to show their respect and after the funeral, the remarkable rapper Juice WRLD was laid to rest in Homewood Memorial Gardens. It was pretty disheartening when we look into the pathetic condition of the rapper’s mother Carmella Wallace. She lost her son to addiction at a very young age. The whole mesmerizing world was avidly waiting for him to explore but his untimely death made him lose all the things he could have achieved more in his life. 

His bereaving mother with a leaden heart said during that time, “Addiction knows no boundaries, and its impact goes beyond the person fighting it. We hope the conversation he started with his music and his legacy will help others with their battles, as that is what he wanted more than anything. Jarad’s legacy of love, joy, and emotional honesty will live on”.

So in order to honor her beloved son and to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on Carmella established The Live Free 999 Fund to support those who are struggling with depression, addiction, anxiety, etc. 

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