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Triangle Of Sadness Star Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death Revealed After Her Unexpected Death At 32

Charlbi Dean was an astounding South African actress and model who took an untimely earthly departure unapologetically at the age of thirty-two on August 29, 2022. This was a piece of disheartening news when the highly intriguing actress passed away, which was unexpected to the whole world. The cause of death of the actress was not revealed at that time, but recently the reason for the untimely death of the actress was disclosed.

Let us have a glance at it and see what really happened to her. 

Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death Revealed!

Charlbi Dean is highly acknowledged for her role in Triangle of Sadness, directed by Ruben Ostlund and it was one of her major works that claimed to have fame and recognition for her talents. The unexpected death of the actress and model was really shocking news. People across the globe were really trampled by this devastating news since she was such an amazing actress and it was all the more bewildering when her cause of death was not revealed. 

People were finding it pretty difficult not to learn about what really happened to her at the young and vibrant age of thirty-two. So now the cause of her death has been revealed, and Charlbi Dean died due to bacterial sepsis. As per reports, the actress was exposed to the bacteria, Capnocytophaga. This exposure to this bacteria further deteriorated her condition when she was predisposed to the illness when her spleen was removed. 

Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death

The actress had already had surgery following a car accident and her spleen was removed. As we all know the fundamental function of the spleen is to fight if any germs or bacterias invade our body stringently. Since her spleen was removed the function was not active and the liver had to do the duty of the spleen too.

So when she was exposed to the bacteria, it soon entered her body, and the travel for the bacteria was so easy since its opponent was removed. This really debilitated her condition and worsened it to the core. 

At the time of her death, Charlbi Dean was so in the middle way of experiencing a major successful career, and the untimely death really made it stagnant. So after her death news broke out in August, umpteen people paid their ardent respect and condolences to the deceased actress.

Ruben Ostlund, the director who she was working with at the time of her demise was broken into tears and he wrote an excruciating note on his Instagram immediately after learning of the untimely death. He wrote

“Charlbi’s sudden passing is a shock and a tragedy. It is an honor to have gotten to know and work with her. Charlbi had a care and sensitivity that lifted her colleagues and the entire film crew. The thought that she will not be by our side in the future makes me very sad. At this difficult time, my thoughts go out to her loved ones, her family, and her fiance Luke”.

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What Is Bacterial Sepsis?

Bacterial sepsis is actually the invasion of bacteria into the human body which can cause absolutely a life-threatening condition that even leads to death if it is not discovered on time.

If a bacteria or germ enters the body, and if our body fails to fight against it, it will become an infection, and if it is not treated with immediate effect it can cause sepsis. The microbial invasion was the cause of the death of the beautiful South African actress which was too disheartening. 

Charlbi Dean At A Glance

Charlbi Dean Kriek is a beautiful and sophisticated South African actress and model who was born on February 5, 1990. Charlbi was best and most popularly known mainly for her roles in Spud films, Black Lightning, the superhero drama series, and Triangle of Sadness, which was her latest project in 2022. 

When we have glimpses into her early life, Charlbi Dean was born to Joanne Muller and Johan Kriek in Western Cape, South Africa. Along with Charlbi her parents also have a son. It would be really astounding when we learn that, Charlbi began her modeling at the age of six. She managed to appear in numerous commercials and catalogs and at the age of twelve Charlbi got the opportunity to sign with Alfa Model Management. 

Charlbi Dean Cause Of Death Revealed

Charlbi Dean attended Waterfront Theatre School and after that, she traveled the world in pursuit of her passion and to make her career steep. She had to survive a severe car accident in 2008 and which resulted in a broken wrist, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung and her spleen were removed. This really took a toll on her career as her health demanded a break from molding her career in the way she dreamt. 

After an inevitable break, in 2010 Charlbi Dean made her acting debut in the film Spud an adaptation of Amanda. She even appeared in the sequel of the Spud movie, Spud 2: The Madness Continues. Later she appeared in films including, Don’t Sleep, An Interview With God, and a recurring role in a series titled Black Lightning. The major breakthrough in her career was when Ruben Ostlund’s satirical film  Triangle of Sadness came knocking at her doors. 

Charlbi Dean

When we have a glance at her personal life, Charlbi Dean was engaged to Luke Volker, who was a fellow riveting South African actor and model. They were together since 2018 and were hopefully seeing a good future together before death took an untimely twist and unexpectedly embraced her. 

The saddening news was Dean’s death happened briefly before the massive international release of Triangle of Sadness. The entire crew was drenched in tears as Charlbi was one of the stars in the making and her loss excruciating. The void she left would not be filled and this beautiful actress would be dearly missed.  

When her death news broke out people across the globe flocked to the internet to pay their love and respect for her and it was a deep saddening day for everyone. Her family and her fiance, and how they have coped with the cataclysmic loss are incomprehensible. 

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