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Is Maya Hawke Gay? Who Is She Currently Dating?

Probably no one would be unfamiliar with Maya Hawke if you have been a Netflix fan and the series that streams in it. More than Maya Hawke she is likely to be remembered for her role as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things, one of the most highly acknowledged series ever. Since she plays a lesbian role in the drama people are quite befuddled about her sexual orientation. Many speculations regarding her sexual interest were swirling over the internet.

So let us dive deep into it and see interesting facts about Maya Hawke. 

Is Maya Hawke Gay?

Unlike Robin, the breathtaking American actress, the model is likely to be straight. Even though she plays a lesbian eccentric teenager in Netflix’s two productions Do Revenge and, Stranger Things, the Science-fiction thriller, in her real life she is very likely to be straight and is interested in men as far as she has been seen dating men. 

Is Maya Hawke Gay

People across the globe were horribly curious to know about Maya Hawke’s sexual orientation since she played both of her remarkable roles as a lesbian. But as far it is concerned her lesbian traits are only meant for screenplays and when it comes to reality, she is heterosexual. 

Who Is Maya Hawke Currently Dating?

When we probe into the personal life of our Robin aka Maya Hawke, recently it is rumored that she is involved in a romantic relationship with Spencer Barnett, the riveting fellow musician. 

It was Maya’s brother, Levan Hawke who introduced these two to each other and they were trying hard to keep it under wraps for quite a long. This two couple share a four-year age difference gap and shares some common facts in their family backgrounds. 

Spencer Barnett is the resounding musician who is the son of Ex-Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett and Shaklee Corporation’s Roger Barnett. Music is the predominant thing in Spencer’s life and he is into mix-genres including, indie, rock, and pop. 

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Dating History Of Maya Hawke

A plethora of rumors swirl around the internet and many names have been juxtaposed with Maya Hawke’s name. Before she entered the spotlight after pulling off her remarkable roles her dating life was on the radar. It was rumored in late 2019 that Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Rolling Stone were regular faces on their social media. But before it started to be something the relationship just fizzled out. 

Maya Hawke is not an open book and she does not appreciate more divulging but she was deeply affected by the breakup with Gus as was evident at the times when she had interviews for her promotion of music albums. 

Later Maya Hawke’s name was alongside the actor Tom Sturridge around mid-2020. They were spotted all in a cozied strolling the streets of the mesmerizing New York City back in December 2021. Before spotting together in New York City, the two were first found hanging out together in Hampton walking barefoot. As we all know Tom Sturridge is the ex of Sienna Miller and he is the resounding star of The Sandman. 

When their relationship became the subject of discussion fans were speculating whether or not they were still together, but both of them ever admitted or denied the relationship rumors. 

When we have a close reading of her previous relationship we could stumble upon the fact that the actress seems to prefer guys who are older than her. Gus Wenner is eight years older than her and whereas Tom Sturridge and Maya share a thirteen-year age gap. So more likely she is interested in a man much older than her. 

Maya Hawke Age?

Maya Hawke was born on July 8, 1998, as of 2022, she would be twenty-four years old. She started her professional acting career at the age of nineteen and pulled off her debut role as Jo March in the TV mini-series adaptation of Little Women. 

Who Are Maya Hawke Parents?

As we all are well aware that Maya Hawke’s legacy is of Hollywood royalty her parents are well-known actors and actresses of the right time. So watching her shining like a star we could wonder where she had acquired this charm and nonchalant smile and scintillating wit in acting. 

 Maya Hawke Parents

Her parents were regarded as one of the highly remarkable hottest couples in the late 90s. They both met in the sets of Gattaca in 1996 and the relationship flourished and ended in marriage in 1998. They both share Maya and Levon. But unfortunately, the most unexpected news hit the Hollywood world when they decided to part ways. 

Rumors regarding Ethan Hawke cheating on his wife were swirling over the internet and it was confirmed when he married Ryan who was their family nanny. And in this marriage, he shares two daughters too. 

Maya Hawke Career

She is the daughter of the effulgent stars of the Hollywood A-listers in the 90s, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Maya Hawke first appeared as a model in the initial stage and appeared for brands like Calvin Klein and All Saints. Furthermore, Maya did editorial shoots for Vogue thereby exploring more prospects in the big industry. 

When Maya pulled off the role as Jo March it really made a huge impact on her career and soon she managed to secure the role of Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. This role gave away great acknowledgment as she starred along with Millie Boby Brown, Winona Ryder, and Finn Wolfhard. 

Maya Hawke was immensely pleased by the role Duffer Brothers gave her in the science-fiction thriller as a girl who is in love with another girl. Maya is the eldest daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman and she is definitely more than the product of her parents when it comes to acting. 

Albeit nepotism is an undeniable factor in the industry, Maya Hawke is very much keen to act even in small roles and always jumps to utilize most of the ‘free chances’ she gets for acting. 

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