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Who are Angelina Jolie Parents? All About Jon Voight And Marcheline Bertrand

It is absolutely not a new secret that Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the industry and has hordes of fans across the globe for the resounding roles that she has pulled so far. When we dive into her and know more about her family details it is explicit that she has inherited her parent’s legacy in acting. Both of her parents were prolific actors right in their time.

So let us have an exhaustive look at her parents and their career. 

Who Are Angelina Jolie Parents?

First of all, as we all are well aware of who is Angelina Jolie, we could have a brief glance at who were her parents and more about them. Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand are the parents of this superstar actress. Albeit her parents don’t hold the same depth of stardom as their daughter holds, we could undoubtedly say that they were quite famous in their right time. 

Angelina Jolie Parents

In spite of her parents being one of the most remarkable actors of their time, they have been trying their best to keep their lives out of hawk-eyed camera lenses. They have evaded the sheer reflection of the spotlight into their lives and raised their children to have a normal life without the stardom they had. Her parent’s different approach to leading a normal life has made Angelina Jolie more focused on humanitarian work. 

Even though Angelina had a rocky relationship with her father, Jon Voight is now at his eight-two years old with a large career that expanded over six decades. Whereas her mother was more focused on humanitarian work rather than acting and claiming fame and recognition. So it is clear that Angelina Jolie’s propensity to charity work is definitely inherited from her mother’s side. 

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Where Are Angelina Jolie Parents From?

Her father Jon Voight is from Yonkers, New York, United States, and her mother hails from Blue Island, Illinois, United States. Both of them got married on December 12, 1971. After recuperating from a miscarriage, Marcheline Bertrand gave birth to their son and named him James Haven. After a two years gap, she gave birth to a beautiful little daughter and named her Angelina Jolie. 

Unfortunately, soon after her birth, within barely a gap of a year, her parents decided to part ways for their own good. The reason for their sudden separation was Jon Voight’s infidelity and Marcheline filed for divorce and which was finalized in 1980. Because of this childhood, Angelina was in a rough patch and her mother was thriving hard to be a father and mother to her. Because of this Angelina had a rocky relationship with her father. 

Let’s Get To know Jon Voight

Jonathan Vincent ‘Jon’ Voight hails from Yonkers, United States, and was born on December 29, 1938. He is one of the most prolific and highly accomplished actors of his time and his breakthrough into acting was with his role as Joe Buck, a would-be gigolo, in Midnight Cowboy. 

Jon Voight

During the 1970s, he became one of the most versatile Hollywood stars with lofty stardom. Jon Voight was raised as a catholic and he has Slovak and German roots. Voight’s two brothers also have a remarkable place in the industry as one of the is a volcanologist and another a singer-songwriter. 

Jon Voight harbored a deep passion for acting and he underwent formal training in acting. His magnum opus work in the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy was nominated for an Oscar. His other shot in Coming Home in 1978, and his portrayal of a paraplegic war made him the recipient of an Academy award. 

Throughout his six-decade of career, Voight was four-time nominated for Academy Awards and he won for the first time. Most importantly Jon Voight was nominated eleven times for Golden Globe awards and won four times. Some of the most iconic memorable films of Jon Voight include, Deliverance, Runaway Train, Heat, Enemy of the State, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Other than this one of his massive hit movies was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 2016. 

Jon Voight was married to actress Lauri Peters. The two love birds of that time happened to meet in the Broadway production of The Sound of Music and their marriage lasted from 1962 to 1967. After their divorce, he met Marcheline Bertrand and they share two children together. But because of his transgressions, they got divorced and after two failed marriages Jon Voight never married again but dated a number of women. 

Marcheline Bertrand At A Glance

Marcia Lynne ‘Marcheline’ Bertrand was one of the most beautiful and astoundingly popular actresses in the early 1970s and 1980s. Born on the outskirts of Blue Island, Illinois, she possesses an ancestry of French and Canadian and Dutch and German combination from both of her parents’ sides. 

Marcheline Bertrand

Marcheline got the opportunity to train with the founder of The Actor’s Studio Lee Strasberg, during her incipient acting career. In the early days of the year 1971, Marcheline got a chance to play a small role in the TV show Ironside. 

Fortunately, after a gap of a decade, Marcheline starred alongside Jon Voight in the movie Lookin’ to Get Out. she got another chance to appear in a movie, a remake of a French movie named The Man Who Loved Women.

Later Marcheline took a diversion in her career and started to focus completely on producing. More than her acting or producing career, Marcheline was an invigorating member of humanitarian works. Along with her compadre John Trudell, she founded the All Tribes Foundation and thereby enhanced the economic and cultural survival of Native Tribes.

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