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Katie Holmes Dress Over Jeans Outfit At Jingle Ball- Explained!

Katie Holmes with her recent looks has decided to resurrect the antiquated dress sense where we use dress over jeans and people across the globe have gone crazy about this. The unbearably beautiful American actress was the topic of discussion over the internet after her new looks showered with criticism. The stylist and fashion designer behind this riveting attire have come up with her defense.

So let us have a glance at Katie Holmes’s dress and the issue revolving around it. 

Brie Welch The Dawson’s Creek alum’s stylist has come up with her defense when the new look of Katie Holmes just garnered criticism in the latest event. People were raving about the wardrobe choice of her styling and preferences and trying to resurrect the obsolete fashion sense that was followed decades ago.

Katie Holmes's Dress Over Jeans

Since this is not the first time Katie Holmes’s dress sense has been into question, she is not a stranger to this sort of breakout. 

Katie Holmes appeared on-stage at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball in New York City, and her strapless blue top over her jeans was really a different look that she pulled off. 

When things turned pretty weird, Brie Welch came up with an explanation for the thought process that she had while styling Katie Holmes. Brie Welch said that she was in the mindset of making Katie Holmes more comfortable and youthful cheer for the actress which could suit the atmosphere there. 

She asserted her stance

“we decided the rich color and subtle bustier effect detailing of the top was elegant and would be fun if paired with jeans. Creating a more youthful feel for jingle Ball and the atmosphere there. On the day of (and because Katie has her own effortless style that should be greatly appreciated here), she said she wanted to wear sneakers because it was a concert and obviously there would be a lot of dancing to Dua Lipa”. 

Katie Holmes's Dress Over Jeans Looks

This was the explanation that was needed for the world to hear. In her defense, she had done what she ought to do as a stylist and Katie Holmes was absolutely copacetic to wear the so-called old-fashioned dress once again. Even though Katie Holmes has her own unique talents in wardrobe choices this time she went for a different style and her stylist just did what was appropriate for the event. 

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But this overall ensemble left her fans divided. Some of her fans looked at this nuanced attire as lovely and some of them were deeply dissatisfied and concurred that it gave them dusted flashbacks to the early 2000s. 

So when umpteen comments just flocked over the internet, Brie Welch vehemently said that even after twenty years Katie Holmes would be flaunting her style and dress sense looking cool as a cucumber and fresh as a daisy. 

Katie Holmes's Dress Over Jeans Looks

Some of the comments by the netizens went off the rails as one of them commented that she should go to jail for this and others raved about the audacity of the actress in bringing the dilapidated trend reared ugly years ago. 

So with the explanation given by the stylist, the riveting attire of Katie Holmes got attention more than they anticipated and she was in the spotlight for it. 

Celebrities would make nuanced appearances on each occasion, as it is quite like a norm in the entertainment industry. So if they are comfortable wearing what they like, then no one can pass judgment on it because they are the ones who are wearing that. After the defense explanation came out and circulated all over the internet netizens went subtle and their furor was settled. 

Katie Holmes At A Glance

Katie Holmes is one of the most resounding actresses in America who has hordes of fans across the globe for her riveting role as Joey Potter on the television series Dawson’s Creek. She was born on December 18, 1978, in Toledo, Ohio, US. 

Katie Holmes was the ex-wife of Tom Cruise who is one of the unbearably handsome actors and producers. she garnered a tremendous amount of media attention at the time of her marriage with Tom Cruise and they share a daughter together. But in 2012 the iconoclast couple decided to part ways for good. Katie Holmes made her kickstart in early 1997 and pulled off the role as a supporting actress in The Ice Storm. 

Her other major and minor projects include Go, Teaching Mrs.Tingle, Wonder Boys, The Gift, Abandon, Phone Booth, The Singing Detective, Pieces of April, First Daughter, Batman Begins, Thank you for Smoking, Mad Money, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Jack and Jill, Miss Meadows, Woman in Gold, Touched with Fire, Logan Lucky, Dear Dictator, Coda, Brahms: The Boy II, and The Secret: Dare to Dream. 

More than acting in films, Katie Holmes extended her wings in theatrical plays and one of her resounding theatre debuts was in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Katie appeared in television miniseries titled The Kennedys and depicted the role of Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Katie Holmes is the youngest of five children of her parents and lives on the outskirts of Ohio. Her parents were Kathleen, a homemaker, and Martin Joseph Holmes Sr, who was an attorney who plays basketball. Her family consists of Katie, her three sisters, and one brother along with her parents. And they followed the path of being Roman catholic. 

During her school days, Katie Holmes was so much interested in acting and singing and appeared in school musicals. Even though her father desired to make Katie a doctor she was totally in a new world pursuing modeling and acting. Her modeling career gave away the opportunity and opened the door to the massive entertainment industry and with her undeniable astute she is now one of the greatest actresses of her time. 

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