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Avoid Panic Situations When Working On Your Mac With These Tips

By knowing a few simple tricks, you can work more productively on your Mac. These minor tricks will help you avoid nightmares related to issues you may face from time to time on your system. Let’s go through these simple tips to ensure you can work nightmare-free on your Mac and prevent panic situations.

Recover overwritten or Deleted Files and Folders

Knowing how to recover overwritten and deleted files or folders on your Mac is essential. It can be a nightmare if you accidentally overwrite an essential file or mistakenly delete a folder or file. You can benefit by using a few helpful tools like Time Machine and Disk Drill. By using these data recovery or backup tools, you won’t be left thinking if you can overwritten files be recovered on your Mac. Also, this will eradicate one of the biggest fears that most users have – losing essential data.

Furthermore, it is possible to retrieve deleted files and folders on your Mac from the Trash. Whenever you delete a folder or file, it gets sent to the Trash, and they remain there for thirty days. So, if you want to recover them quickly, head to the Trash and choose to put them back. But if you have permanently deleted the files, you can get them back by using a data recovery tool.

If you need to recover accidentally deleted photos, you can head to the Photos Trash and check there. If the photos are not permanently deleted, you can recover them.

Enable Hot Corners

A great way to reduce your time when using your Mac is enabling Hot Corners. By activating Hot Corners, you can assign specific actions to the four corners of the screen. For example, the actions might be opening the Launchpad, starting the screensaver, or locking the screen. This will help you to navigate the system easier, and you can also protect your system by locking it.

Head to the Apple menu > select System Preferences > click Mission Control and select Hot Corners. Then, assign different actions to the screen’s four corners and boost productivity.

Organize Your Desktop

A lot of clutter may accumulate on your desktop with time. You might be dumping many files, folders, and shortcuts on the desktop. You may find it pretty handy to keep everything within reach. But this can lead to cluttering the desktop.

When the desktop is cluttered, you will find it impossible to find what you need. Also, this will take up a lot of space on your system and make your Mac perform sluggishly.

You can organize your desktop by using Stacks. Simply click on the blank part of the desktop and open the View menu > choose Stacks. The files and folders will be automatically organized and grouped by category.

Trim the Startup List

Adding apps and programs to the startup list can be beneficial. This means that the apps you use daily will already become active as soon as you switch on your Mac computer. But if the login items are too many and there are so many things running when you switch on your Mac, it can cause a delay in startup. Also, it may make your computer slow.

So, you need to trim the startup list. Remove the items you no longer need and only keep the ones that are necessary.

Remove Unnecessary Apps and Files

With time, your Mac computer might become too full of apps, files, and folders. If there’s not enough space on your Mac hard drive, it can result in various problems. For example, it can make your Mac slow and even hinder you from installing new apps or downloading the latest software updates.

Install Antivirus Software

To avoid panic when using your Mac, you must install and use antivirus software. You can use this software to run periodic checks and virus scans. Then, your system will not be affected by potential viruses and malware.

Also, you can turn on the in-built firewalls of your Mac system so that known viruses don’t come through and put your data at risk.

Update the Latest macOS Software

Apple introduces software updates once every year, and these updates come with bug fixes and security patches. They also improve the performance of the system. You must always install the latest updates to ensure your system works smoothly.

However, please note that whenever you install a new version of macOS, you must give your system ample hours to re-index files and set things up in the background.

Final Thoughts

These are some tricks you can implement in your regular life to work efficiently and without any worry on your Mac. Additionally, you must refrain from manhandling your system and always keep beverages and other unwanted items away from your Mac. Also, use only recommended cleaning wipes and solutions to clean your device.

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