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Maintaining Privacy on Public WiFi: The Role of a VPN Kill Switch


Using a VPN to access content prohibited in your region or unavailable has become a new normal. VPNs are also a must when you are using Public WiFi. Also, people use VPNs to stay extra secure when dealing with online matters. It’s because the internet world is full of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that you cannot ignore.

A normally functioning VPN is enough to guard against malicious attacks on Public WiFi. However, sometimes a VPN suddenly stops working because something messes with your connection. In this case, there is a feature called a VPN Kill Switch, and this article is all about it.

How does a VPN kill switch work?

A VPN kill switch protects you when even a VPN leaves your side. Its main purpose is to shut down or block your internet connection when your VPN stops working. This way, your IP address remains safe, which means all your data remains harmless.

There is nothing wrong with using public WiFi, but the bad actors are getting smart. Public WiFi is almost always on a shared IP, so it can only be partially trusted. Having a subscription of a VPN with a kill switch feature is the best solution in this scenario.

From blocking your connection when it’s on the verge of being exposed to restoring it when everything is safe and sound, a VPN kill switch acts like a knight in shining armour for you. Let’s delve into the details of how a VPN’s kill switch works


In order to make sure that nothing goes wrong, a VPN kill switch monitors your network connection 24/7, even when you are on Public WiFi. It keeps tracking the changes in your server or IP address and reacts when something goes off.

Ultimate Detection

The result of continuous monitoring is that it gets to detect even the smallest change in your IP or connection. If there’s something fishy around your IP, it stops your VPN from being active.


Once it detects something fishy, the VPN switch blocks your device from accessing the internet.


The VPN kill switch blocks your connection from accessing when the VPN is not working but also restores it after it takes care of the issue. When your connection becomes safe and sound, it allows you the VPN to access the internet without any problem.

Why should you use a VPN kill switch feature for Public WiFi?

Using the VPN kill switch is the best thing you can do for yourself when using Public WiFi. There are numerous reasons for it.

Stops you from being tracked

There are moments when you are using a VPN on Public WiFi to access a certain site or play a particular game that’s not available in your region, and suddenly your VPN connection drops. This leaves you vulnerable as the government, or attackers can easily track you down through your IP.

With the help of a VPN kill switch, you can avoid this mess altogether. When your VPN connection drops, it stops your device from using the internet entirely. Hence, your IP address remains safe, and nobody can track it down.

Secure free WiFi

Whenever we go out to cafes, bookstores or other places that offer free WiFi connections, we risk losing all our data. It’s because public WiFi connections are a major catch for hackers who are always trying to find ways to attack.

In such a scenario, you are in a vulnerable position if you’re using free WiFi and it gets hacked. However, a VPN kill switch protects you against this mess, and hence, your data stays safe even if the free WiFi is in danger.

No location tracking

If you’re an activist or a journalist, you’re at a continuous risk of being hunted down because of your viewpoints. Because of such reasons, a lot of activists and journalists prefer using a VPN kill switch when using the internet on Public WiFi.

It’s because it protects you against being tracked. If you’re not using it, agencies can track your location with the help of your IP address. The VPN kill switch keeps your IP address hidden, which makes your location a mystery.

When Should you use a VPN Kill Switch?

There are some specific instances when using it becomes necessary when using public WiFi.

Downloading games not available in your region

We all love playing games, but not all games are available in all countries. We can take the example of Lost Ark. This game is only available in South Korea. Most of the time, the only available option to download this game is via apks which cannot be trusted fully.

However, if you are using public Wifi and willing to download the game via apk, you may get on the verge of downloading a virus. Because of a VPN kill switch, your connection will drop, and your data will be protected.

Accessing Confidential documents

If you have to manage private or confidential documents daily, using a VPN kill switch is of ample importance while using Public WiFi.

You don’t want anybody to track these confidential documents and learn about your company’s policies or sensitive data. If your VPN senses something fishy, it will break the connection, and your data will be saved.


If you’re an activist trying to bring a change into this world and know that some people are trying to track you down, you’ll need a VPN kill switch at all costs on Public WiFi. You can communicate and converse with like-minded activists or journalists on Public WiFi without fearing being trapped and hunted. A VPN kill switch is your ultimate option to express freedom.


A VPN kill switch is like the right hand of your VPN that knows when to stop and when to keep going. This switch can increase your security level tenfold by ensuring your IP address remains safe and sound. Sometimes you don’t need a normal VPN but one with a kill switch to deliver a severe blow to bad actors.

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