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Who is Katarina Miketin? All About Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend?

Mike Zimmer was the compelling and prolific former American football coach, and who served recently as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Recently Mike Zimmer has been in the spotlight as his private life became a public stunt. People are more curious to know about his current girlfriend Katarina Miketin. Let us dwell more into it and learn all about his new beau. 

Who is Katarina Miketin?

As we all know Mike Zimmer is absolutely off from the dating market, but now he is back in place when his relationship with the supermodel Katarina Miketin became quite the topic of discussion. 

Katarina Miketin is the current girlfriend of Mike Zimmer, the head coach of the Vikings. As their romance was swirling in the air for quite a long and it was in the last year, that the couple subtly confirmed their relationship. 

Katarina Miketin

Back in November 2022, some snaps of Mike Zimmer and Katarina Miketin started to pop up on the internet and when the hawk-eyed fans were doubtful about something brewing between them, then everything was so rapid and the couple subtly confirmed their relationship. 

It was Katarina Miketin who had to reveal their relationship as she was in the front of receiving questions when Egotastic Sports approached her. So when she had to face the question about dating Mike Zimmer she said a ‘Yes’. so the rumors and speculations were so true that they had both been dating for years or months. 

Back in 2018, Katarina uploaded a photo of herself where she is wearing a Vikings jersey. Since she is one of the astounding super models her Instagram feed has over 967 posts with 400k followers. When we glance at her Instagram feed, we could a couple of pictures from her beautiful trips to the world, some snaps with her close friends and family members, and mostly photos of her from professional photoshoots. 

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Is Katarina Miketin A Businesswoman?

Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend Katarina Miketin is a versatile model, and besides her steep modeling career, she had expanded her wings in business and held high-level positions at some top financial firms. Apart from these, Katarina is also a swimsuit model, a lovable mother, and a great social media influencer too. 

Katarina is in her forties, at the moment and has been featured on Maxim twice and on Sports Illustrated and this really impacted her career in a big way. As per sources, Katarina herself divulged that she moved from Serbia to the United States along with her parents to have a good life, professionally and personally. 

Katarina Miketin Age

Katarina Miketin is currently 41 years of age. Mike Zimmer and Katarina share an age gap of twenty-seven, and the long age difference does not matter to both of them. Moreover, Mike Zimmer is the father of three youthful children from his early marriage with the late Vikki Zimmer. In spite of their differences in where they come from and how their life is, both of them are happy with each other.  

Katrina Miketin Education And Early Life

As we dig deeper, various media outlets states, Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend Katarina Miketin has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Moreover, Katrina Miketin served as the president of The National Honour Society for Psychology. In addition to this, she had done her Master’s in Master of Business Administration back in 2015. 

During Katrina Miketin’s media interactions, she said: “I was in banking for quite some time but found that it was not a good fit for me and my happiness, so I decided to quit and buy a bike shop. My newest and most exciting endeavor. It is very hard juggling being a mother, a business owner, staying fit, and being an influencer, but I have realized that by cutting out certain things. I can get a lot done”. 

Katarina Miketin Height And Weight

Being a supermodel, it is undoubtedly her responsibility to make her physical appearance always attractive. In spite of being a mother, she had managed to make her physical stature bewitching, her blonde hair and coruscating brown eyes further add to her beauty. Katarina stands tall at 5 feet and 7 inches and weighs around 54 kilograms. Her sculpted attractive body makes her one of the astounding supermodels. 

Katarina Miketin Height And Weight

Katarina Miketin Family

As we try to dwell deeper, we could not find any details pertaining to this supermodel’s parents or siblings. It is only known that she was born to a Yugoslavian family and in order to enhance their life and career they moved to the United States. Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend Katarina Miketin held American nationality and there is no information regarding her siblings. 

Probably Katarina is a single mother and leading a good life along with her baby and family. 

Is Katarina Miketin Married?

It is known that Katarina is a mother, but more details regarding her baby and who is the father of her baby are pretty unknown. More details of her past relationships are not quite in handy, Katarina is not married.

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