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American Idol Star CJ Harris Dies At 31, Cause Of Death Explained

The enrapturing Star of American Idols, the unswerving sunshine of the American music industry lost another effulgent star CJ Harris on January 15, 2023, in Jasper. C J Harris took an untimely earthly departure at the age of thirty-one and it was absolutely a piece of soul-crushing news for the world to bear. With a leaden heart, let us explore what happened to CJ Harris and the cause of his death in detail. 

American Idol, CJ Harris Passed Away At 31

CJ Harris, the resounding musician who made it into the top six on American Idol’s 13th season died unexpectedly in Alabama. He was immensely talented and his undeniable talent and capabilities made him into the top six on American Idols season 13. 

American Idol, CJ Harris Passed Away At 31

The saddening death news of this musician was confirmed by The Walker County Coroner’s office, after suffering a medical emergency. When the death news of CJ Harris broke out, it really shook the world, because he was a truly talented singer of all means. 

The American Idols stated sadly: “CJ Harris was in incredible talent, and the news of his passing deeply saddens us. He will be truly missed”. 

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CJ Harris Cause Of Death

As per sources, the musician suffered a medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital. Joey Vick, The County’s coroner, stated that the musician arrived at the Walker Baptist Medical center for a medical emergency. He was deeply suffering from physical illness and CPR was performed on him, but all the imperative measures were in vain and within a matter of time, angels came for him. 

The musician’s bereaving family said that he died due to a heart attack. Other comments were not disclosed by his family as they are deeply disheartened by this massive loss. Many opportunities were waiting for him and his talents were yet to be explored by the world. But the unexpected death made a cataclysmic hole in all the hearts that loved him. 

CJ Harris Dies At 31

Furthermore, an autopsy had been done, and other details regarding the autopsy are yet to be revealed, certainly, more tests had to be done to identify the death of the singer. 

Albeit there is no confirmation report about the cause of death of CJ Harris has been published, some conservatives tweeted on Twitter that his death has something to do with the covid vaccine. CJ Harris’ vaccination status is pretty obscure and so it is quite unknown whether he has been previously infected by the virus or not. So amidst many tributes that have been overpouring, we could see some of these sorts of tweets that claim the negligence of vaccination. 

All these young people dying of heart problems and we got grown ass adults acting like it isn’t the vaccine. The weirdos think the climate is doing this. RIP brother, society failed you”. Prince Carlton tweeted this and many others also tweeted something related to what Prince Carlton said. 

But the respective authorities and efficient doctors raved about the possible positive effects of the vaccine and that it could not do any harm, or result in strokes. 

Anyhow, until an explicit official autopsy report comes, the cause of death of C J Harris is due to a heart attack, and what made his health deteriorate is yet to be analyzed. 

C J Harris At Glance

CJ Harris was deeply inspired by his grandfather who was the one who gifted a guitar to Harris during an interview back in 2014, Harris said that the guitar had only three strings on it. But he managed to make his career somehow steep by making American Idols. 

Curtis CJ Harris is an utterly talented American singer who hails from Jasper, Alabama, and was born on January 28, 1991. His debut single titled In Love was released back in 2019 and he was deeply acknowledged for his debut song. 

American Idol Star CJ Harris Dies At 31, Cause Of Death

Harris was born and brought up in Alabama and he spent most of the sweltering summers with his lovable grandfather who was his mentor. He started learning guitar at the age of eight on a broken one gifted by his grandfather. 

C J Harris was deeply influenced by the riveting pieces of music of Usher, Keith Sweat, and Darius Rucker. The most important thing about C J Harris was that most of his singing was self-taught. Harris was deeply involved in his passion for music and considered his own style similar to The Civil Wars. 

Harris got the chance to attend the American Idols back in 2010. Before getting his chance on American Idols, Harris auditioned for The X-factor and The Voice. After that Harris got the chance to attend the bus tour auditions for American Idols for its thirteenth season in Tuscaloosa. Even though critics noticed some of the pitch issues that Harris had in his performances, he made it to the top 6 of the American Idols. 

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