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Selena Gomez Golden Globes: Selena Gomez Responds To Body Shamers

The unbearably exquisite and versatile American singer has been into the Golden Globes on Tuesday and her enrapturing looks welcomed pretty much body-shaming comments on social media. Selena Gomez, the vociferous advocate for body positivity later gave away the fitting reply that was absolutely deserving for these body-shamers. So without any delay, let us dwell more into it. 

Selena Gome’s Deserving Reply To Body Shamers

Even though everyone who saw Selena Gomez at the Golden Globe does not feel the same, the astounding singer had to put up with insults from body shamers. She was so thrilled to bits to attend the Golden Globes but her looks were so criticized. 

After that spectacular evening, Selena Gomez appeared in her Instagram live along with her nine-year-old sister Gracie, and the accomplished American singer exclaimed over the camera: “I am a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays”. 

Selena Gome’s Deserving Reply To Body Shamers

And after that Selena Gomez turned over to Gracie and asked “Right?” “But we don’t care”, she added and her little sister just concurred with what she said and thus prompting Selena to burst into laughter. As fitting, the reply was Selena Gomez just made the body shamers’ mouths shut. 

This amazing clip was later shared on TikTok and many of her fans flocked to the comment section one of her fans stated that “She shouldn’t have to explain why her body looks how it does”.

And another one wrote, “She must feel very insecure about people seeing her at those kinds of events. She is perfect and does not need to give explanations”.

As her fans quoted she is perfect and exquisite in any shape. So even if she had put some weight or feels chubby, that doesn’t erase the net value she has in the industry. Her body does not define who she is and whether she is stout, or thin her talents would be irreplaceable in the industry. 

It is always an erroneous notion that celebrities should always make their physical feature intact and attractively sculpted body figures. If they put some weight, then the hawk-eyed netizens would rave about their body and insults them with comments on the public domain. 

Actually, they are not realising that commenting on celebrities about their body is none of their business and if they are comfortable and confident in the way they look, then no one has the right to pass daft comments on them.

It is not whether they are stout or perfectly attractive, what matters most in the industry is their respective talents. So what Selena Gomez had to go through at the Golden Globe awards was undeniably repugnant and thus clearly shows the objectification of women. 

Selena Gomez looked so ravishing in her gleaming black velvet gown that came along with voluminous purple sleeves in the same fabric of velvet. And her beautiful gown showed a daring off-shoulder neckline. She complemented her look with accessories of diamond earrings and a couple of shining rings. Her pair of high heels and a high ponytail and subtle makeup made her overall look dashing and she was irrefutably drop-dead gorgeous. 

So people just wonder, what made some of them comment on her body, as she appeared breathtakingly beautiful and it was impossible to take their eyes off of her. 

It was for the first time in Selena Gomez’s career as she was nominated for the Golden Globes for her inexplicable role in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. So when the nomination list was announced Selena Gomez was so thrilled and jubilant and she said that it was a dream come true moment for her. 

Indeed an event of appreciating and honoring some great talents, Selena Gomez was so lucky enough to be a part of the Golden Globe and whatever she had to cope with during the event, it would never diminutive her luminous value in the industry. 

Selena Gomez At A Glance

Selena Marie Gomez is the most astounding American singer, actress, and producer who has an inevitable role in the big industry. When we look into the acting career of Selena Gomez she just started acting in Barney & Friends. As a vibrant teenager, Selena Gomez starred as Alex Russo on the Disney channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, and it was one of the top-notch roles she started that made her career rise to prominence.

Some of the major films that Selena Gomez appeared in include Another Cinderella Story, Ramona and Beezus, The Wizard of the Waverly Place: The Movie, Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers, Neighbors2: Sorority Rising, and The Dead Don’t Die. 

Selena Gomez has been the recipient of a plethora of awards and has been nominated for immeasurable times. Selena has won, an American Music award, 15 Guinness World Records, an iHeartRadio Music award, Six Latin American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music award, and four People Choice Awards. 

Moreover, she was nominated for two Grammy awards, seven billboard music awards, and a Latin Grammy award. 

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