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M3GAN Filming Locations: Where Was The Sci-Fi Horror Film Shot?

M3GAN is the latest nerve-writhing new science fiction horror movie that has now arrived in cinemas on January 6 and had its worldwide premiere in Los Angeles on December 7, 2022. As we now know the film indeed revolves around a lifelike robotic doll, M3GAN which is designed by roboticist Gemma.

Before spelling out more details about this enthralling new science fiction horror movie let us have a brief look at the locations for filming the movie as viewers of the film are now curiously wondering where the film was shot. 

Filming Locations Of M3GAN

As the story unveils the robot designed by Gemma is assigned to do the job of a caretaker and would have to look after Gemma’s niece named Cady. But the robot turns into a different mechanism and becomes overprotective of Gemma and her niece. When we have watched the premise of the movie, we could comprehend that M3GAN is an interesting worth-watch movie and the medley of visual effects is often accentuated by its spooky landscapes and locations that feature the movie. 

As per sources, the astounding science fiction horror movie was shot mainly in Auckland, New Zealand, and Los Angeles. The filming of the movie apparently started in early July 2021 and luckily it wrapped in mid-August following the same year. After several months, the crew decided to have some reshoots in some of the locations where the film was predominantly shot. 

Auckland, New Zealand

As per reports, the major portion of this nerve-writhing movie was shot on the outskirts of this beautiful place in New Zealand, Auckland. The region really gave the wonderful soothing feel of Denver and the cast and crew were absolutely happy to have a location like this. 

The whole crew certainly utilized some of the major regions of Auckland for the shoot and the major sites were the Auckland University of Technology, the Auckland Showgrounds, and Cornwall Park. 

There is a scientific research facility portrayed in the movie and it is situated in the suburban area of Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill. moreover, some of the major scenes that would serve as the focal point of the movie are also recorded in Farm Cove, Warkworth town. A beautiful house in the Sunnyhills suburb makes the plot even more enthralling to its viewers. 

When the major character in the movie Gemma the roboticist, played by Allison Williams was asked about her experience in shooting in different locations and she happily expressed her concern regarding her days in Auckland, New Zealand when the pandemic was at top of everyone’s heads. 

Allison Williams quoted “The shoot was fascinating. We filmed in New Zealand in the summer of 2021, when COVID was still everywhere. New Zealand had nearly zero cases, and to go to New Zealand, you had to spend two weeks in a quarantined hotel in isolation. All of us came from outside of New Zealand and went through that. Then, once you came out of that hotel, it was just like the old world that we all remember. It was kind of amazing. We shot it really quickly”. 

Los Angeles, California

When the major portion of the movie was shot in New Zealand, some of the rest of the sequences were shot in Los Angeles. After they finished shooting a major part of the movie, the production team of the movie set across to shoot the remaining few sequences in Los Angeles, one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world. The filming in Los Angeles was a bit of a walk in the park because both production companies that serve as the pillar of strength of the movie, Blumhouse Productions, and Atomic Monster Productions were predominantly based in Los Angeles. 

M3GAN Filming Locations

As we all know, Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful and wonderful largest cities in California, and the city is best known for its tranquil beaches, buzzing downtown, and importantly Hollywood. Recent films like Blonde, Purple Hearts, and Moonfall were mainly filmed in Los Angeles and the landscapes of the city really make the movie even more astounding. 

Montreal, Quebec

When we take the reshoots into account, Montreal, Quebec also served as a small part of the filming locations. Montreal is the enthralling largest city in the province of Canada and is a highly popular city in Canada and the shooting was so rapidly done. Other recent films that sucked the beauty of this stupendous city include John Wick: Chapter 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and White House Down. 

M3GAN Filming Locations

Poughkeepsie, New York

The cast and crew were also deeply moved by the beauty that Poughkeepsie, New York offers. As the city is located in the exquisite Hudson river valley Area was an effective place to have an amazing shooting for M3GAN. The Time Machine and What We Found were the other movies that captured the beauty of this riveting Poughkeepsie. 

M3GAN Filming Locations

M3GAN A New Sci-Fi Horror Movie

The movie is shot for Model 3 Generative Android and the plot revolves around Gemma and her niece Cady. The role of Gemma is well portrayed by the accomplished actress Allison Williams and Cady is depicted by Violet McGraw. 

Gemma after her strenuous effort finally makes a robot to look after her niece when she would be occupied in her own world and is not so fond of parenting. So the new riveting medley of nerve-writhing visuals tells the story of a killer doll that becomes pretty much overprotective of this young girl Cady and Gemma. When the trailer hit online, it reached millions of views within a snap of fingers, and fans were thrilled to death to see what would be the whole experience when the trailer of five minutes could do us. 

M3GAN Filming Locations

The director of the movie Gerard Johnstone stated that he firmly believes that this movie is undoubtedly his best version and was truly indebted to the whole team of the movie to make it even scarier.

He stated that some scenes of the movie were reshot and it definitely enhanced the quality of the film and he was deeply stoked about his decision to reshoot some scenes. He even changed some scenes and later realized how inevitable his thoughtful idea was and now he could easily make more of an impact on his audiences. 

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