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Is Zendaya Gay? Who Is She Dating?

Zendaya is one of the astonishingly compelling award-winning actresses best known as our Rue in the highly acknowledged series Euphoria. She is very much praised for her advocacy in philanthropy and is one of the actresses who would go to any lengths to make her private life hidden from the hawk-eyed media lens. But recently when she vociferously supported the LGBTQI+ community, this lead many people across the globe to wonder about her top-secret dating life and to speculate that she might be gay.

So let us dive into it and see what is the reality. 

Is Zendaya Gay?

Even though she paid her vocal support to the LGBTQI+ community that does not mean that she is one among them or is gay. If they share common interests in matters then everybody has the freedom of expression. So in a similar way, Zendaya staunchly expressed her freedom of expression regarding the LGBTQI+ community, and soon after that people began to speculate about her sexual identity. 

The Sexual Orientation Of Zendaya

So Zendaya does not identify as gay, in any case, she has never been romantically involved with the same sex. Nevertheless, in an interview in 2021, she openly talked about her sexual orientation and described that she may identify as bisexual or pansexual. 

The Sexual Orientation Of Zendaya

Until Zendaya openly talked about her sexual orientation in late 2021, people who stan her were quite confident that she is straight in spite of her stringent mysterious dating life. 

Albeit Zendaya was prolifically known for her vocal support for the LGBTQI+ community, people across the globe really believe that she is actually straight. Her remarkable role as Rue in Euphoria garnered her vast acknowledgment when she pulled off a non-binary lesbian role. 

So even though she portrayed a lesbian character on screen people were so obstinate that she is straight, until Zendaya corrected a gendered question in an interview that was asked by Elle in late February 2021. 

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When Elle asked Zendaya “What is the quality you most like in a man? And within a quick pace, Zendaya replied that “ I most like in a person, how about that? This single reply implied in a sense that she does like both men and women. When Elle in order to accentuate the actress’s stance came with another question and asked “what is the quality you most like in a woman? And poignantly Zendaya quipped back and said “Well, I guess that’s the same answer”. 

These answers that came out from Zendaya’s mouth literally made the internet ablaze and people were completely befuddled by her intricate subtle replies. So people who were so confident about Zendaya being straight were shattered somehow because while reading between the lines of what she said we can draw the conclusion that Zendaya is either bisexual or likely pansexual. 

Dating History Of Zendaya

Since Zendaya entered the spotlight, she had been trying very hard to keep her private relationship out of the daylight. So when we take her dating history into account, she has succeeded for the most part in making it hidden from the hawk-eyed people. 

But despite her strenuous effort to do so, some flings and relationships just came through the fissures. The rumor mill in the Hollywood industry is an inevitable part of it as the actors and actors in it cannot escape from it because they are wired into it. So the most circulated news was Zendaya and Trevor Jackson were romantically linked. Even though the two strictly denied the rumors, in back 2013, it still resonates. 

When Zendaya openly talked about her past relationship that lasted for four years, her fans did the math and concluded that it would none other than Trevor Noah. her fans even confirmed when Zendaya unfollowed Trevor Noah from her Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

After this rumor got settled somehow, soon after that Zendaya’s name was juxtaposed with Odell Backham Jr. The rumors started to swirl around when the two were spotted together at a New York Knicks game and at a Grammy award function party in 2016. But when the rumors became quite the conundrum, both of them vehemently clarified that they are just friends and nothing more hues is not added to their current relationship. 

A more surprising rumor circulated over the internet was that Zendaya was romantically involved with her Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi. The two were allegedly spotted together happily holidaying that year and the rumors got even stronger when some of the hawk-eyed people caught them kissing in the mesmerizing streets of New York City. But as usual, Zendaya claimed that it is just a friendship and nothing more in it. 

Last but not the least, Zendaya’s name was seen together with Tom Holland, the Spiderman: Homecoming Co-star. Since both of them explicitly denied their relationship, some outlets released pictures of them kissing in a car, solid proof that something was going on between them. 

Zendaya Career Breakthrough

Zendaya tried to make her career eventually steep in acting various that came along her way. She kept moving the tides in Hollywood as she eventually became one of the promising stars. Her career breakthrough was with Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017. She starred alongside Tom Holland and Michael Keaton and the film grossed over $117 million on its opening weekend. 

Even though Zendaya did not have much screen space, she did her part well and it was vastly acknowledged. So the film really paved a good way for her career to grow even stronger in the industry. 

Zendaya received more accolades when her HBO drama series Euphoria came out in 2019. Along with Jacob Elordi and other stars, she portrayed a teenage girl who is suffering from drug addiction. Her remarkable work on the series was unequivocally universally praised and she became the recipient of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. 

Later in 2019, her way back to the Spiderman franchise took her career a big turn and made her one of the most astounding actresses. 

Where Does Zendaya Live?

As per sources, the astonishingly bewitching actress lives in Los Angeles, California. She was born and brought up in Oakland, California and after becoming one of the popular actresses, she bought a new house in Encino, Los Angeles worth $4 million. 

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