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Is Trevor Noah Gay? Here’s All About His Career, Dating History And More

As we all know Trevor Noah became one of the prominent gleaming stars when he became the super-talented host of The Daily Show, replacing Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah is undoubtedly one of the most versatile stand-up comedians who has garnered hordes of fans across the globe. People are now quite confused about this terrifically talented Comedian’s sexual orientation when he vociferously talks and expresses his support for the LGBTQI+ community.

So without any delay let us know more about the terrifically handsome Trevor Noah. 

Is Trevor Noah Gay?

No, absolutely Not. Trevor Noah is not bisexual or gay, but indeed straight. He has never mentioned anything related to his sexual preferences publicly and when we have a glance at his dating history it predominantly consists of beautiful women. So when a person openly talks about their stance in any respective matter, that does not make them any different, so when Trevor Noah openly talked about his perspectives and concerns about the LGBTQI community, it does not make him gay or bisexual. 

Is Trevor Noah Gay

The speculation started back in 2013 when Trevor Noah stated his happiness to come out, but he forgot to mention an actual coming out statement and this really made people assume that the term ‘come out’ meant about his gender identity. 

Who Is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah is one of the leading television hosts who hails from South Africa. He entered the worldwide spotlight when he got the golden opportunity to host the late-night show in 2015. When his name was announced back in 2015, the whole world was persistent watchers of The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart poked ridiculed comments as if they wonder who is this new guy who would be that talented to replace Jon Stewart. 

But recently in 2022, Trevor Noah after serving for several years on The Daily show announced his retirement which was indeed a piece of nerve-writhing shocking news. As a senior Correspondent, Noah joined the show in late 2014, and at that time people were dissatisfied with making him the host when Jon Stewart decided to step back from the show. 

But within his single episode in the show, Trevor Noah just swoon into the hearts of its audiences and he was hit with fortune afterward. Within the snap of his fingers, he just made his remarkable entry into the Stand-up comedian and he is irrefutably one of the most well-accomplished hosts and stand-up comedians. 

Trevor Noah was born on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa to Patricia and Robert Noah, interracial parents. He was born on February 20, 1984, and his mother was black and whereas his father was of Swiss and German descent. So at the time when Trevor Noah was born into the world, his parents’ union was not legal as they hail from different ancestry and race. 

Is Trevor Noah Married?

No, the resounding stand-up comedian is not married and as per reports, he has had his share of past relationships with women. Over the last few years course of time, he has dated women including celebrities and models. Even though he is not married nor gay, Trevor Noah without being inhibited, openly talked and expressed his stance on legalizing same-sex marriages. 

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Who Is Trevor Noah Currently Dating?

Trevor Noah has maintained to make his private life under wraps as he always tries to evade sharing his perspectives on umpteen matters. Albeit he vehemently supports the idea of the marriage institution, he once stated that he is not so excited and fond of cohabitation. 

Even if we try our maximum to probe into his personal and who is he currently involved with, it’s in vain. But late in September, his name was juxtaposed with the amazing Singer Dua Lipa when the two were spotted together. Furthermore, a rumor mill produced that Trevor Noah and the beautiful actress Minka Kelly were romantically involved. But the rumors just flew with the wind as he appeared at the Grammy’s award alone. 

Why Is Trevor Noah So Famous?

As per reports, Trevor Noah stepped into the realm of the entertainment and media industry, in 2002. He was at his eighteen years old when he stepped into making a start in his career. In the initial stage, Trevor Noah did his radio hosting gigs with the South African Broadcasting Corporation. After his nuanced radio hosting gigs, he slowly shifted his focus to hosting local TV shows and live events.

Trevor Noah slowly gained popularity through his invigorating hosting skills and he was in pursuit of honing his craft to become one of the most prolific stand-up comedians. 

It was indeed a blessing for Trevor Noah as he had extensive way of experience in hosting radio shows and several TV programs. So eventually his hard work paid off and he was hailed vehemently as “the most successful comedian in Africa” who rose to prominence in the profusely wonderful mainstream industry. He was so lucky to work with internationally established comedians like Gabriel Iglesias and Russell Peters. 

Trevor Noah Married

Later, Trevor Noah decided to move to the highly sophisticated country of, the USA when he was not able to meet his expectations of being a prolific performer. In 2011, after he moved to the USA, within the span of two years, he managed to build his career, profoundly wonderful. He was highly regarded as the first South African comedian to make great history by appearing on The Tonight Show and Late Show along with the astounding David Letterman. 

The main reason that garnered tremendous attention for Trevor Noah was because of the interesting comedy that he takes on racial, cultural, and political issues, which was actually a great topic of discussion, the way he handle his comedy with inoffensive humor with these hot topics marked his talents in the industry.

Besides, these remarkable career breakthroughs from hosting late-night TV and stand-up comedy, Noah found time to write his autobiography titled Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. His autobiography entails his life and how he grew up in stringent apartheid Africa. 

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