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Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date On Netflix Confirmed Or Not?

After sensing the finitude of patience of every fan of Alice in Borderland, it is a piece of great news that the waiting is over and now we can warmly embrace our favorite show within a matter of months or weeks. The fans of the show would have already binge-watched the previous episodes of the series with great anticipation and enthrallment. Until the renewal of the second season lives up to the expectation of Netflix, then we can solely welcome the next season before 2024 Christmas.

So let us dive deeper into the upcoming medley of scrumptious visual feasts. 

When Can We Expect The Release Date Of Season 3? 

As the second season ended in a bewildering nightmare end, season 3 would be massive nail-biting shocking scenes. But when we dive deeper into the release date of season 3, nothing is confirmed yet. There is a narrow ray of hope that if the second season manages to live up to the expectations of Netflix, then undoubtedly season 3 would see the light of day. 

Alice In Borderland Season 3

As per sources, Netflix has decided to renew the first season after it was released, so going as per the plan of Netflix, we could expect to see shreds of updates about the renewal status somewhere near January. The show really has seen its delays and they have sensed the finitude of patience of the fans of their show all over the world. 

When the pandemic hit the show had to take imperative measures and because of that, it has been delayed over time. But there is one thing we can reassure you, we should not have to wait until 2024 Christmas, by the time the favorite and the highly acknowledged show will hit the home screens of their fans. 

Which Of The Cast Would Be Returning In Season 3?

As per sources, the character Niragi who is played by Dori Sakurada and Aguni, pulled off by Sho Aoyagi would be returning in season 3. These two characters were indeed brutally injured and in spite of that, they made it out of season two. So definitely we can expect both of them in the upcoming season 3. 

Alice In Borderland Season 3

But quite sadly the same cannot be expected in the case of Tatta. Since the character died way too before the finale Yutaro Watanabe’s character would not be returning to our home screens. The next cast that we can presume to appear in season 3 would be Tao Tsuchiya. This character has tried to survive massive explosions and deep wounds so it is well possible that he would return in the upcoming season. 

The other characters including Kuina, Chishiya, and Ann pulled off by Aya Asahina, Nijiro Murakami, and Ayaka Miyoshi would be definitely reprising their roles. The newcomer to the series Yuri Tsunematsu made a remarkable role in the series with his role as Heiya. So it is likely that his character would be returning in the next season. 

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Is There A Trailer For Season 3?

No there has nothing sort of information regarding the impending season 3. The creative heads behind the series Alice in Borderland have managed to keep it beneath where a ray of the spotlight cannot enter. So the expectations that sprouted for season 3 would be in vain until the show is renewed for its third season. 

Alice In Borderland: A Recap

Alice in Borderland is loosely based on the graphic novel penned by Haro Aso, and the title of the novel is ‘Imawa No Kuni No Arisu’ aka Alice in Borderland. This novel and the series is a science-fiction thriller feast of 2020 and the show was streamed on Netflix. 

The series revolved around a series of nail-biting and shocking life-threatening events and games and thus it would prohibit individuals from selecting any one option left from the two choices they have life or death. The thrilling and bewildering story surrounds the lives of three best friends, Arisu, Karube, and Chota. 

The trio of best friends is pretty much occupied with their busy lives. Chota and Karube work in an IT company and in a bar for their living whereas Arisu is so fond of video games and he spends the majority of his time in his house playing. The Brother and father of Arisu would be worried about his addiction to video games and they try their best to engage Arisu in some other activities. 

Alice in Borderland

Among the trio of best friends, Karube is a free-spirited individual and he always ends up taking bad decisions Chota misses his working days. So the trio repents for their bad demeanors and decisions in order to have a peaceful state of mind the trio decided to meet so that they can have some fun together. 

When they were driving the trio caused a car accident and in order to evade from police the trio took shelter in a washroom. All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly the lights turned off, and the whole place becomes water. And the trio would be shocked to death when they learn that the whole population of their country has gone missing. 

They realize that things were all copacetic until a big screen was displayed in the nearby building and it demonstrated a game is about to commence soon. So season one takes their audiences to the game Dead or Alive and makes their audiences realize that this is not a game to win but a big battle to survive. 

What Can We Expect In Season 3? 

Since the series garnered great acknowledgment because of its enthralling plot and visual feasts, season 3 would be crammed with nerve-writhing shocking events. In the season’s finale, Arisu and his friends would be in a world where it wouldn’t be the real world they believed in.

The reveal of the joker card indicates everything in the upcoming season. So we can presume that all the contestants in the game would be stuck in a virtual reality environment. In the final episode, Arisu has already found the naked truth behind it. 

Alice In Borderland Season 3

So Arisu was in a delusion and he was unapologetically tricked into believing that he was hospitalized and the games they were playing were nothing but a delusion, a fabrication of the mind. And Surprisingly, Usagi lends a helping hand so Arisu would be free from his mental trap. 

Becoming the residents of the game, it is likely to happen that a new game would be starting and in order to live they will have to break free. But to be free from the game would be a daunting task as the team has no absolute memory of their relationships with one another. 

The joker card indicates sinister tricks and manipulations, so these diabolical events are waiting for the residents of the game. The gang is been continuously puppeteered by the so-called gamemasters and if Arisu and Co succeed, it means that it would be the end of existing face-card gamemasters. 

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