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Terry Hall Death- Lead Singer Of The Specials Died At 63 After ‘Brief Illness’

Terry Hall was one of the horribly resounding lead singers of the Specials and who served as a former member of Fun Boy Three and Colourfield passed away on December 18, 2022, at the age of sixty-three. He was one of the blithely defining voices of the eighties with an immeasurable fan across the globe. The unexpected disheartening news was announced by his bandmates in The Specials.

Let us an exhaustive look at the life of Terry Hall and his cause of death in detail. 

Terry Hall Cause Of Death

Terry Hall death news was indeed a piece of repugnant news to the world he was so loved. The bandmates of The Specials announced this disheartening news to the world. 

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing, following a brief illness, of Terry, our beautiful friend, brother, and one of the most brilliant singers, songwriters, and lyricists this country has ever produced. Terry was a wonderful husband and father and one of the kindest, funniest, and most genuine of souls. His music and his performances encapsulated the very essence of life, the joy, the pain, the humor, the fight for justice, but mostly the love”. 

The band had sought privacy for Hall’s mourning family since they haven’t given any responses yet. His bandmates and his family had disclosed the cause of death of this star. It is only known that Terry Hall was suffering from a brief illness and this may have made him debilitated and collapsed his health. What would be illness or any details pertaining to his health condition are quite unknown. 

Who Was Terry Hall?

Terence Edward Hall was one of the riveting and terrifically talented English musicians and the leading voice of The Specials. He was a former member of Fun Boy Three, Coloufield, Terry, Blair, Anouchka, and Vegas. 

The awfully handsome singer of the late eighties was one of the undeniably pop’s defining voices that really chronicled the great British empire decline with his solemn songs and his capabilities. The untimely death at the age of sixty-three really left the world and his loved ones in an uncanny plight. 

Terry Hall Death

When we have a glance at his early life and career Terry Hall was lucky enough to collaborate with numerous talented souls including, David Stewart, Bananarama, the Lightning Seeds, Sinead O’Connor, Stephen Duffy, Dub Pistols, Gorillaz, Damon Albarn, D12, Tricky, Junkie XL, Leila Arab, Lily Allen, Shakespeares Sister, Salad and Nouvelle Vague. 

Terry Hall was born and brought up in Coventry, England. His childhood is absolutely terrific because at the age of twelve he was abducted by a pedophile when he was on a trip to France. Terry Hall once said about this incident really had a toll on his mental peace and he was suffering from acute life-long depression.

Terry Hall had to leave his education far behind at the age of fifteen and he had to between jobs to survive. He thrived by being a bricklayer, quantity surveyor, and apprentice hairdresser. Music was the only possible solace that Terry Hall found when the world around him was collapsing. 

Terry Hall later somehow became an active member of the Coventry music, when he was spotted by Jerry Dammers who was one of the members of The Specials and managed to play in some of the local punk bands named Squad.

The main door to the world was through The Coventry Automatics which later became the Specials in early 1979, the riveting singer Terry Hall stepped into success in the United Kingdom when one of his fellow companions released their debut single. It was John Peel, who worked as a disc jockey on BBC Radio 1 decided to release the single named Gangsters and surprisingly it garnered recognition and acknowledgment. 

Later the band managed to release their next venture, their debut studio album titled The Specials which entails two hits named, A Message to You Rudy, Too Much Too Young. This studio album also had great recognition in the industry and Terry Hall and his band were eventually rising to prominence. 

Terry Hall Cause Of Death

Following these inevitable steps to make their band into prominence, they released their second studio album in 1980, titled More Specials. Soon after this their single Ghost Town quite surprisingly peaked at number one and top 40 of the UK Singles Chart which really gave a new ray of hope to the entire teammates who finally managed to anchor their ship from drowning. 

After that, Terry Hall got umpteen opportunities to flourish his career as one of the leading voices of eighties England. 

When we have glimpses of his personal life, Terry Hall had a brief love relationship with Jane Wiedlin. She was one of the members of the band Go-Gos. And quite lovely it seems they both have together attempted to write a song titled Our Lips are Sealed. 

More about their relationship timeline is not quite in handy. But later Terry Hall had two sons named Theo and Felix, with Jeanette Hall, who was his wife. 

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The Childhood Trauma

Terry Hall was undoubtedly a soft-spoken man, who was absolutely down to earth and had once talked about the childhood traumas that adversely affected his life. Terry Hall was indeed a good student in academics and also a well player in football. But his parents had their own way and he was deprived of his dreams and had to live up to their conditions without having a say in his life. 

In 2019, Terry Hall revealed that he was sexually abused for four days at the age of 12 when he was abducted by a pedophile. 

He had disclosed that it was a teacher who did this to him that left his world shattered to pieces. This trauma resulted in Terry Hall being addicted to valium when he was at the tender age of thirteen and this really made his life literally in hell he ceased his education and fell into non-conformism. Moreover, Terry Hall was diagnosed with manic depression and he even committed suicide in late 2004. 

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