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Where Is Allan Gore Now? An Exposé On His Private Life!

Hulu’s true crime docuseries Candy has been the talk of the streets ever since it premiered on the streaming platform in the US on May 9, 2022. It was all about the slaying of the housewife Betty Gore. It was Candace Montgomery, who slaughtered the young woman by striking her 41 times with a huge axe. Why Montgomery killed Betty is clearly depicted in the series as also her relationship with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore

In 1980, Montgomery visited Betty’s house to collect a swimsuit, but they exchanged words about Montgomery’s relationship with Allan and it ended up in disguise. Reportedly, Montgomery agreed that she had an affair with him but also stated that they ended it soon after. But then, Betty allegedly took the axe. 

Montgomery testified that when Betty remarked “shhh” to silence her, it awakened her past trauma and triggered her to kill Betty, mercilessly.  Betty’s autopsy revealed that she was alive until the 40th blow and was dead on the last. Soon after her death, Betty’s husband Allan Gore was initially suspected but then moved to Montgomery. But none of them was imprisoned. 

Who Is Allan Gore?

Allan Gore was a family man who moved to Wylie, Texas with her wife Betty Gore, and two children, Bethany and Alisa. In other words, Allan Gore is a famed ex-husband of Betty Gore, who was killed by his girlfriend. 

Who Is Allan Gore

Allan met Betty from Kansas college, where he was serving as an assistant to one of the teachers. But later, he moved to Texas. Although the couple seemed good outside, their relationship was suffering from boredom and infidelity. Despite this situation, both Allan and Betty tried to stick to each other since they didn’t believe in divorce and also were strict Christianity believers. 

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Where Is Allan Gore Now?

As soon as Betty died, Alan went to marry another woman and moved out of Texas. He also lost custody of his children, Bethany and Alisa, to Bety’s parents. 

Allegedly, he was not in touch with his dear daughters but later reconciled with them. But after that, Allan moved to Florida and settled there. Since he chose to stay low profile, no more information about Allan is available. 

Where Is Allan Gore Now

But Alan was seen sharing COVID-19 restrictions and rules on his Facebook page. 

What Happened To Allan’s Ex-wife Betty Gore?

Hulu’s docuseries Candy, featured the horrific death of a Texas stay-at-home mom, who was murdered by her so-called friend Montgomery, a woman who had an extra-marital relationship with Betty Gore’s husband Allan Gore. 

The series was based on the 1980’s bloody incident, which was also explained in the 1984 book “Evidence of Love.” The series dived into the cursed night of June 13, 1980, when Montgomery confronted Betty about her filthy relationship with Alan, which turned deadly. 

As per the novel, Allan and Betty were bored of their relationship and the boredom was caused by his frequent business trips, which caused their bond to weaken. Meanwhile, Candy Montgomery and her husband Pat were leading a much comfortable life in the city of Texas. But she was equally bored due to her life pattern. One day, she met Allan at a nearby volleyball game and instantly thought that he could make her life interesting.

When she approached him, he didn’t give a second thought but agreed that they will only have a sensual relationship and nothing personal. But they slowly slipped from their contract and began to feel more comfortable with each other.

Allan Gore

Once they realised things were not going as per their plans, they decided to put an end and the decision was also because Betty was carrying. After her delivery, the duo again got back, but Montgomery had begun to feel like the spark had long gone. Eventually, Allan realised his mistake and decided to repent and reconstruct his relationship with Betty. 

On June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery went to Betty’s house to collect Alisa’s swimsuit, since she was staying in Montgomery’s home. On that particular day, Alllan was in Minnesota to attend a business meeting.

As per Montgometry’s court statement, Betty casually talked to her, but then inquired about her relationship with Allan. Montgomery agreed but revealed that it was their past and it was over. She then professed that Betty went outside and returned with an axe. 

Accordingly, Betty asked her to stop seeing her husband and also told her to return to Alisa by the next day. But things didn’t end there, Betty turned red and swung at Montgomery.

Although Montgomery tried to escape, Betty allegedly kept on dragging her inside and at a point she made the sound “Shhh ” which evoked the childhood phobia Montgomery had, as her mother was quite abusive. Out of triggered anger, she struck her 41 times with a giant axe and admitted her doings before the respected court. 

Since it was proved that Montgomery committed the crime in her subconscious mind, she was not imprisoned. The court ordered that she killed Betty as part of her self defence. 

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