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What Does Meek Mill Have To Say About Kanya West’s Laughing Remarks?

It is not a new thing in Kanye West’s life that his name is dragged into controversial uncanny situations. He always creates a smoggy atmosphere around him which makes him further drift away from his steep career and the recognition and fame he had garnered. Kanye West’s propensity to beef with someone is always quite the topic of discussion on social media.

Recently the rapper’s remarks about Meek Mill in the clubhouse turned out to be off the rails and Meek Mill has come with a fitting sharp reply. So let us dwell more into it and see what really happened between the two highly remarkable rappers. 

Kanye West Unapologetically Mocks Meek Mill

As per sources, Kanye West made a poignant remark about Meek Mill, when he was laughing hysterically about Meek Mill during their clubhouse chat session which went viral. On December 10, 2022, Kanye West was chatting with Wack 100 on Clubhouse and he happened to share his thoughts about the recent controversy he brought up during his White Lives Matter T-shirt debacle. 

Kanye West Unapologetically Mocks Meek Mill

The rapper-producer Kanye West was sharing his thoughts when many celebrities were asking about the T-shirt debacle. As usual, Kanye West laughed hysterically on Clubhouse when Meek Mill gave him advice during the recent activity that really had a backlash to his career altogether. 

The demeaning remarks Kanye West said were really repugnant because Meek Mill was just looking out for him as a fellow contemporary of him. But Kanye West and his unapologetic capricious behavior really made friction between the two rappers.

The Chicago rapper-producer said

And I put White Lives Matter on a T-shirt. And they said, you know what let’s go get celebrities, let’s go get Puff Daddy, let’s get Dave Chappelle, let’s get Meek Mills. What makes somebody think Meek Mills can say something to me? This is the funniest thing, ‘Yo man, I am about to start crying laughing, somebody thought Meek Mills? Sorry, I am literally in tears. Somebody say, Meek Mills”.

After this, Kanye West started hysterically and this laughter doesn’t seem to be in the right way as it was evident that he was literally making Meek Mill seem so petite in front of him and others furthermore he even dragged the names of others who criticized him for his repugnant behavior, including Diddy and Dave Chappelle. 

Kanya West

Previously, back in November, Meek Mill happened to share his riveting freestyle over DJ Khaled’s God Did. so in this song, Meek Mill rapped and allegedly said that Kanye West sold his soul, his lines explicitly interpreted Kanye West’s repugnant behavior. So already there was friction going on between the two resounding rappers and the hysterical laughing of Kanye West further added fuel to the raging fire inside them.

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Meek Mill Gave A Fitting Reply To Kanye West! 

Meek Mill was offended by his remarks and annoying hysterical laugh. Soon after the clubhouse chat session, on December 11, 2022, Meek Mill took his Twitter account to give Kanye West a fitting reply that he deserves for this sort of jovial jabs. Moreover, in the tweet, Meek Mill made a poignant reference to the rapper’s divorce from Kim Kardashian and his mental health and age. 

Meek Mill tweeted

“Never lost my mind for fame or money. I still have my family, my people respect me. I am freeing people from prison. I am doing community service all month with children up close and personal. I am chilling with my son and his friends today. Y’all on Clubhouse at 50 lol”. 

So this was indeed a fitting reply to the hysterical laughter that Kanye West made on Clubhouse. As we all know he is not a stranger to this sort of misdemeanor which makes his career wane like a moon. Kanye West recently made a false allegation about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian having cheated on him with Chris Paul. 

This sudden tweet of Kanye West really made a great impact on social media and the news was really flooded over the internet. This sort of false allegations can really make a toll on the serene life of the celebrities involved. His latest allegation really made a smoky atmosphere in Chris Paul’s life, as he was living with his wife and children peacefully. 

Also Kanye West’s previous remarks about Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaign. So it is the readiness of Kanye West to behave in a sort of way that always creates redundant attention to him. Moreover, Kanye West’s recent antisemitic comments really gave a massive backlash that he would have never ever anticipated.

His seldom remarks cost him his billionaire status when Adidas revoked their remunerative partnership. Also, Kanye West managed to make an appearance on the movie Infowars and stated to the right-wing host he ‘loved Adolf Hitler’. 

Besides this capricious behavior, Kanye West is a truly intriguing and astounding rapper of his time. He has garnered a tremendous amount of recognition and affection from people across the globe for his talents and capabilities. 

But day by day he is creating his own share of issues that would really have a toll on his steep career beyond his comprehension. 

In spite of these sorts of heavy backlashes that he has received for his pugnacious behavior, he has decided to still move forward with the impending 2024 presidential run. Even though Kanye West has been suspended from Twitter, he is not ready to accept the backlashes and he is resurfacing again and again through all the possible ways he could.

Meek Mill is one of the few in the hip-hop community to speak vociferously against Kanye West after his White Lives Matter T-shirt debacle. During the Yeezy Season, 9 show at Paris Fashion Week Meek Mill said that he cannot put up with this sort of activity and watch Kanye West do, going against his own. 

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