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Who Was Jenni Rivera? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Jenni Rivera was one of the most outstanding and vociferously intriguing banda singers who just rose to prominence with her talents in the male-dominated Mexican music industry. She was only forty-nine when she died due to an aviation incident on December 9, 2012, which was indeed a piece of soul-crushing news to the world. 

It has been years since she left all of us, but her lovable fans could not get over her or her songs. So they are still living in the world where she was reigning as a riveting singer. So let us have an exhaustive look into what really happened to this effulgent star and the cause of death in detail. 

Jenni Rivera At A Glance!

Dolores Janney Jenni Rivera Saavedra is popularly known as one of the astounding singers of America whose work entails the regional Mexican genre. She rose to prominence with her scintillating talents in the male-dominated society of the Mexican musical industry. 

 Jenni Rivera

So as per the records, Jenni Rivera managed to break all the forms of her time and sold more than fifteen million copies. Jenni Rivera was born to Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera on July 2, 1969. She has managed to make her English and Spanish fluent so that language was not a barrier to achieving her dreams. 

Jenni Rivera, the most sophisticated singer of all time was born and raised in a Mexican-American family on the outskirts of California. Jenni Rivera was married three times and she is the mother of five children: Chiquis, Mike, Jenica, Johnny, and Jacqie. 

Jenni Rivera recorded her first song in early 1992 and she got the chance to sign with Capitol/EMI. So later in 1995, Jenni Rivera managed to record her riveting debut full-length piece of work titled Chacalosa which means Party Girl. 

Even after seven long years of Jenni Rivera’s death, she is highly acknowledged as the first-ever regional Mexican music star who appeared on a billboard in Times Square. Following that the first posthumous single by Jenni Rivera was titled Aparentemente Bien or Apparently well. 

The first kick-start into music was when she recorded a beautiful song as a present to her father on Father’s day. The first resounding album of Jenni Rivera was Somos Rivera which was a great one indeed in early 1992. 

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Jenni Rivera was beyond a songwriter to many of her fans and they stan her. She was a compelling artist, more than an artist a woman, the first appealing female to express the issues faced by men and women. Many people of her country and outside the longitude and latitude really admired Jenni Rivera for her vociferous opinions against domestic violence, one of the repugnant atrocities that are still festering the world.

She vehemently criticized the male-dominated society and the struggles to just exist in the world as a woman, especially as a single mother. So she really made her life and career admirable and she was irrefutably one of the evergreen inspirational singers, spokespersons, and actresses who carved out her name in the male-dominated society and who tried successfully to engrave her name in history. 

How Did Jenni Rivera Die? Cause Of Death Explained!

Jenni Rivera who is popularly known as La Diva de la Banda, or The Diva of Banda Music died unexpectedly in an airplane crash that plunged 28,000 feet into a mountainous area of northern Mexico. 

So it’s been a long nine years since one of the iconoclast singers left the world. The date December 9, 2012, will be definitely etched in the history of the big Mexican industry. 

When the death news of Jenni Rivera died the entire world was trembling in sadness. The newspapers of the time were flooded with headlines regarding the untimely death of Jenni Rivera. 

Who Was Jenni Rivera

At the time of the plane crash, Jenni Rivera was forty-three and that was something no one who loved her anticipated. She just left her five children and two grandchildren in the deafening darkness. 

Moreover, according to the unaired interview of Jenni Rivera which she shared with the riveting Mexican radio personality named Pepe Garza, the singer stated that she had received numerous phone calls and emails that were death threats just prior to the plane crash that took her life. The investigation was held but none of them resulted in providing any definitive cause that led to the plane crash. 

The plane took off from Monterrey, Mexico after Jenni performed her amazing concert. After that things took a pretty turn when the business jet nosedived. So as per Mexico’s General Civil Aviation Administration, asserted that the plane crashed due to the sudden loss of control due to a faulty horizontal stabilizer.

This drastic turn took the life of Jenni and along with her, the pilot, her make-up artist, her hairstylist, and her publicist all died. And the concert she performed just hours ago before the accident became unfortunately the last concert of this utterly amazing singer. 

Who Was Jenni Rivera What Was Her Cause Of Death

So there is an excerpt from the audio interview that was recorded on July 27, 2012, and it reads “We don’t need more chaos in the world. I believe in an almighty God who has carried me forward in many aspects of my life, and trust that he will take me out of this too”.

From these words we can infer how much she was struggling from the death threat calls and in spite of that she firmly believed in God and she was hoping that he will obliterate the encumbrances in her life, but she would have never expected such a drastic death was waiting for her. 

But even after years, she still holds the same space in the world. People still cling to her songs and it would be a daunting task to annihilate her role from the musical industry. Even after years, decades, and centuries, Jenni Rivera would be celebrated as one of the most utterly amazing singers in history who left a wonderful life behind. 

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