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Does Zendaya Have A Last Name? Memes Were Triggered After Rumors Of An Engagement With Tom Holland

The internet is always in its dynamic mode regarding the dating life of celebrities. It always flushes out the recent private lives of the much-celebrated public icons and now the entire focus has been on the dating life of Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Speculations were immeasurably flooded over the internet about the couple getting engaged, but an uncanny predicament prompted the couple to respond on social media. Let us have an exhaustive look into it. 

The current uncanny predicament the couple is in is just about the name that matters. As we all know Zendaya is the most appealing Disney star who made her debut entry into the entertainment industry. Before taking her steps into the mainstream, she was one of the celebrated Disney stars who managed to garner hordes of fans across the globe for her scintillating acting wit. 

Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Dating?

The cute couple has started dating for more than a year and they are happily rooting for one another. So hawk-eyed people across the globe assumed that they would be getting engaged any time sooner and within the blink of an eye, the speculations started to flood over the internet. Zendaya’s magnum opus works include Euphoria and MCU’s recent Spiderman trilogy. 

Does Zendaya Have A Last Name

So when we have a glimpse at Tom Holland, he is one of the prominent actors in the industry, especially in the mainstream industry and his claim to fame was being the Spiderman flicks in which both of them appeared.

As per sources, the actors were deeply smitten by each other and they depicted their love interests in three films in which they collaborated together including three Marvel films and Spider-Man: No way Home. so the love relationship of these two iconoclast pairs was much celebrated and now after a year of being in a relationship together, they might take their relationship to next level. 

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Zendaya’s Name Was Explored! 

When we dig a little deeper into the identity of the highly sophisticated actress her name expands as Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Nevertheless, she decided to go by her given name. Moreover, on a previous occasion, the astounding actress has remarked about her stance in choosing one name and going by it since it ‘sounds cooler’.

Also, she pointed out some of the celebrities who go by their single name without clinging to the second or third names attached to it including, Cher, Rihanna, and Prince. 

Albeit she has purposefully decided to erase the full name, she always possesses the value of her name and the antiquated tradition attached to it. Zendaya has previously stated her name has two different roots attached to it.

Zendaya’s Name

Her first name follows African origin and whereas her middle name is of French roots. Moreover, Zendaya’s mother also shares the same middle name that of her but ‘Daya’ is spelled totally differently. So in a nutshell the complete name of the actress withheld all of her ancestors. 

So the joke that is swirling around over the internet is that when Tom Holland marries or gets engaged to Zendaya then he will probably go by his name as Tom by neglecting his middle name or whatever. So then the actor will be known by his single name just like his partner.

So umpteen memes galore on the internet making ridiculous comments wrapped as ‘funny’. Since the couple is way too mature enough to handle these sorts of issues, they stood together and with deliberation, they are serious and permanent about settling down together. 

Who Is Zendaya?

Hails from the United States Zendaya is one of the resounding and charismatic actresses and singers. The beautiful actress was born on September 1, 1996, and she has been the recipient of two Primetime Emmy Awards. At the age of twenty-six, she is a lady whose spirit is engraved on every atom of her surroundings and really made a great impact in the industry with her requisite talents to survive in the field. 


Zendaya’s predilection for acting made her career begin as a child model and backup dancer. One of the important opportunities that came knocking at her door was the sitcom named Shake it Up and she made her first debut as Rocky Blue on the Disney channel. 

The predominant opportunity came to her in the form of the highly acknowledged superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming. She pulled off her role way too explicitly and got the chance to star in the sequels of spiderman.

In the next kick-off where she portrayed the role of a drug addict teenager Rue Bennet who is inexplicably struggling to live devoid of it in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria. The series was highly acclaimed by the world and she happened to be the youngest recipient of two primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series. 

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Other films of Zendaya include The Greatest Showman, Malcolm and Marie, and Dune. Being one of the versatile actors she also has spread her wings into music. Her much appreciable singles include Swag it Out, and Watch Me. 

The magnum opus work in her musical career began with her Zac Efron collaboration titled Rewrite the Stars. This single reached a wide spectrum and received multi-platinum sales globally which made her a prolific singer too.

She is an animal lover and so she has been a vegetarian. So now as we all know she is in a healthy relationship with the handsome British actor Tom Holland and people who adore them both are really looking forward to their union. 

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