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Who Was Nick De Noia? Nick De Noia’s Death Explored In Kumail Nanjiani’s Welcome To Chippendales

Nick De Noia was one of the extraordinarily talented two-time Emmy award winners best known for his acuity in choreographic skills and vociferous director and screenwriter. He was an astounding paradigm of an immensely talented man of honor. Now the heyday of Nick de Noia and his death has been explored in Welcome to Chippendales, a miniseries, created by Robert Siegal, and the show premiered on November 22, 2022, on Hulu. so let us dwell more into it and find out who was Nick de Noia and what the miniseries is all about.

Who Was Nick De Noia?

Nicholas John De Noia Jr was one of the utterly handsome and prolific American directors, screenwriters, and choreographers who were popularly known by his professional name Nick De Noia. The immensely talented choreographer and screenwriter were born on May 14, 1941, and he died on April 7, 1987. 

Nick De Noia

As per sources, Nick De Noia worked as the riveting choreographer of the dance troupe named Chippendales. He won two Emmy awards for his unique unicorn tale shorts for young audiences and he garnered a tremendous amount of recognition. Albeit Nick de Noia was a coveted homosexual, he married Jennifer O’Neill and they lived together from 1975 to 1976. Other than this there are not many details available on the internet about Nick De Noia to dwell more into his early life and his family. 

The Murder Of Nick De Noia

The murder of Nick De Noia was quite shocking to the world at that time. He was murdered on April 7, 1987, and was shot in the face with a large caliber pistol. Nick De Noia was sitting idly in his apartment when the shot was fired around 3.40 PM and he died on the spot. 

After this unexpected death of Nick De Noia, the investigation started and they found that he was shot by an anonymous man who took an order from Ray Colon. So Ray Colon was an accomplice to Steve Banerjee at the time of his death and the hidden story behind the dance troupe started to unfold. 

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Nick De Noia and Steve Banerjee had their share of discrepancies and it was raging at the time when Nick De Noia decided to take a step back from the troupe. But Nick De Noia had a licensing arrangement that he acquired through Chippendales Universal where he is bestowed with the license and right to use the name Chippendales for several touring engagements. Steve Banerjee was really raging with hatred and he tried vehemently to break the contract but in vain. 

So desperate Steve Banerjee decided to take a diabolical step in his life and he orchestrated the murder of Nick De Noia along with that he burnt one of his competitor’s Red onion nightclubs. So he just annihilated his friend without any remorse.

After that, in 1994, Steve Banerjee pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twenty-six years in prison under a plea bargain. But before completing his sentencing in prison, Steve Banerjee committed suicide and now the Chippendales are in the hands of his wife. 

Nick De Noia’s Death Explored In Welcome To Chippendales

The accurate story behind the Chippendales troupe and the murder of  Nick De Noia has been explored in the new riveting mini-series of Kumail Nanjiani’s Welcome to Chippendales which premiered on November 22, 2022, on Hulu. This resounding mini-series will give an authentic picture of the life and death of Nick De Noia who was a great man with immense talents and the bittering naked truth that unfolds related to his death and the Chippendales troupe. 

Who Was Nick De Noia

The story also has a poignant plot where it depicts the story of the ruthless life and career of Somen Steeve Banerjee. The mini-series was created by one of the well-talented Robert Siegal and it is inspired by the book titled Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders by K. Scott Macdonald and Patrick Montesdeoca. 

The first season will be consisting of eight episodes that explore the life of Nick De Noia and the history behind the Chippendales troupe. The running time of each episode will be 39-46 minutes and Disney Platform Distribution is the original distributor of the mini-series. 

The cast of Welcome to Chippendales includes:

  • Kumail Nanjiani as Somen Steve Banerjee
  • Murray Bartlett as Nick De Noia
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Irene
  • Dan Stevens as Paul Snider
  • Juliette Lewis as Denise
  • Robin De Jesus as Ray Colon
  • Quentin Plair as Otis
  • Spencer Boldman as Lance McCrae
  • Nicola Peltz as Dorothy Stratten

The Veracious Story Behind The Chippendales

At the first glance, the lifestyle of the Chippendales troupe is profoundly clear. The troupe consisted of a group of oiled-up, ripped men who strip off for some sort of hen party. In short, it was a club for men strippers and when we dive deeper into the true story of Chippendales it is way too unapologetic and shocking. It is a tale of vengeance, detest, and rivalry resulting in murder and arson. 

The Veracious Story Behind The Chippendales

Paradoxically the Chippendales club was set as a troupe for a female-friendly strip club and in the guise of it, they side-stepped into numerous escapades including violence and money laundering where gangland owners make the orders and rule. 

So back in early 1975, in order to be rich Somen Steve Banerjee decided to buy an ailing bar named Destiny II in West Los Angeles. In order to amass his fortune he was searching like a headless chicken to find ways as an entrepreneur.

So one day he was hit with the idea of a classy burlesque show for women. So he named the bar Chippendales and it was established officially in 1979, with a riveting concept where the male dance exotically for only women. 

With this quite new idea, Steve Banerjee rose to prominence and he opened many other clubs on the outskirts of New York and sent troupes across the globe. At the time of his prominence, Banerjee bought Nick De Noia in the guise to take the club to even further steep, but soon Nick De Noia started garnering credit and goodwill for the club and this really pissed off Banerjee, and the rivalry started here. 

Albeit Nick decided to leave the club, the license arrangement was really a massive issue and Banerjee took the desperate measure to murder Nick. The murder case was an unsolved mystery for years, but finally, he confronted the law. Not only the murder of Nick but there are also other escapades that are hidden beneath the Chippendales. 

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