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Shraddha Walker Murder: Accused Aftab Inspired By The Crime Show ‘Dexter’, Bought A Fridge To Store Body Parts

Delhi Police has once again proved their skill, capturing the killer, Aftab Ameen Poonawalla, who slaughtered his live-in-partner Shraddha Walker, 28. The details of the murder that perplexed the public six months ago are out in the air. The scariest incident took place close to the Mehrauli district, Delhi.    

The police revealed that the accused had watched multiple crime series and flicks and had eventually taken inspiration from the American spooky drama series ‘Dexter.’ the investigators solved the six-month-old murder case and detained Aftab for chopping Sharaddha’s body into 35 pieces and disposing of them at separate locations which lie in and around Delhi. 

Shraddha Walker Murder Accused Aftab Inspired By The Crime Show 'Dexter'

Aftab is a Mumbai resident and was arrested on Saturday after Shraddha’s father’s complaint he will be under police custody for 5 days, the authorities revealed on Monday. Apparently, the victim and the murderer met when she was working at a Mumbai-based call center.

The former pair got together through a dating app and they were in a live-in-relationship for the next three years. Shortly after, Aftab and Shraddha shifted to Delhi. Ankit Chauhan DCP-I South Delhi said that she was forcing him to get married. 

He further added that the two often used to quarrel and at one point, Aftab lost his control and strangled her. The devastating event happened on May 18, 2022. 

“He told us that he chopped her into pieces and unloaded her parts near jungle areas of Chattarpur Enclave,” said Ankit.  From what the DCP has disclosed, it has been clear the investigation is ongoing with Aftab in custody. 

The police sources shared that the accused brought a giant refrigerator and kept the 35 pieces in it and slowly disposed of them around the national capital during the late hours of the night. He took roughly 18 days to complete his master plan.

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Sources also revealed that he used to sleep peacefully in the same room where he slaughtered his girlfriend. After beheading her, he used to stare at her face which was safely kept in the refrigerator. But after disposing of the entire body parts, he even cleaned the fridge. There was not a sign remaining which would indicate bloody storage in it. 

Sources claim that Shraddha was not his first girlfriend, in fact, he has had multiple relationships even before her. And before committing the deadly crime, he collected inspiration from movies and series including the American drama series, Dexter. The series definitely has a major influence on what cruelty he has done to her. 

Shraddha Walke

Back in September, one of Sharddha’s friends informed her parents that there was no word from Shraddha during the last couple of months and her phone was also switched off, which created suspicions.

When heard, her family quickly checked her social media accounts and noticed that there were no noticeable activities seen during the alleged period. Immediately her father, Vikash Madan Walker, went to file a complaint, stating his daughter was missing. The deceased and her family was apparently not in touch as they strongly opposed her relationship with Aftab. 

As soon as the investigation opened, it was understood that she was last found in Delhi, so the case was transferred to the Delhi Police. They restarted the investigation in Delhi and discovered that Shardhha was living with her boyfriend Aaftab in Delhi and that the pair were living in a rented apartment in Delhi.

During the course of the investigation, the authorities tracked Aftab and caught him after checking CCTV footage from the nearby areas. To avoid suspicion, Aftab used to walk off with a polythene bag at 2 am every night, so that not a single soul would spot him.

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It was then that he confessed and said that she constantly used to pressure him to get married and they used to quarrel every now and then. 

The Mehrauli police station has registered a case under IPC 201 as he eliminated the potential evidence of the offense committed as well as section 302 (murder). Police are efficiently following up on the case and they have so far recovered some bones and the search for the remains is still on.

On Monday, Aftab was taken near the Mehrauli forest by the police to dig for the body parts that he earlier disposed of. 

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