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Paula Sladewski Murder: Last Seen and Everything You Need to Know

People are still not over the gruesome murder case of Paula Sladewski even after a dozen years. The 2010 murder of the Michigan model has left the world flabbergasted as she was brutally killed after a night party in Miami, Florida, three days after New Year. the cold case of Paula Sladewski has resurfaced ever since it was announced that Oxygen’s Dateline: Unforgettable was making plans to revisit the murder case in the episode titled Death of a Gilden Girl. The episode will be released today and that is why we know how important it is for you to know more about the infamous crime. 

Paula Sladewski Murder

Paula Sladewski Murder

The Synopsis of the episode has created a huge hype for the upcoming episode as the viewers have started to expect more from Dennis Murphy and his show. 

Awfully, Paul Sladewski’s smoldered remains were discovered hours later in a dumpster. She was seen stepping out of a club in blurred footage and was reportedly being followed by an anonymous man. Meanwhile, Kevin Klym, her boyfriend, claimed that he went back to his hotel room after being expelled from the same club, following a drama. 

Although the crime occurred years and years ago, it still remains one of the cold cases of all time. Investigators failed to track down the original killer as the leads and evidence were scarce, but the case still lingers in the minds of the detectives involved.

We have gathered all the necessary information in the article such as where Paula Sladeawski was last seen, her death speculations, investigation, and so on. But before that, we believe, it is important to know who Paula Sladewski was. 

Who is Paula Sladewski?

Paula Sladewski was an adorable young model who flew to Miami with her love interest to celebrate New Year back in 2010. After partying a whole night, her burned body was found in a dumpster, in a condition beyond recognition. However, the questions raised so far regarding the spooky murder still remain floating in the air- unanswered. 

Officials have collected nothing more than a few minor clues with zero to no noticeable leads. The dumpster where her body was later found was not that far from the club she partied. Initially, her boyfriend Kevin (26) was considered a suspect after news about his abusive behavior towards Paula surfaced. But later, the arrow turned its head toward a nightclub staff, but the allegation was soon ruled out leaving the case cold for over 12 years now. 

Where was Paula Sladewski Spotted Last?

After two days of continuous partying, Sladewski and her boyfriend headed to a popular nightclub, Club Space during the early hours of Jan. 3, 2010, after landing in Miami, Florida to have a wonderful time there. Paula refused to leave the place, but her boyfriend was expelled from the club after creating a messy situation inside. 

Apparently, Kevin immediately checked into the room where he stayed last night and slept. Not long after he was kicked out, Sladewski was also seen coming out of the club after which she reportedly went missing. So, simply put, Sladewski was last seen alive leaving the famed nightclub on Jan. 3, 2010. A grained surveillance video hinted that two bouncers went after her as she left the building. 

Roughly after 13 hours after the incident at the club, a North Miami resident informed law enforcement as well as the fire department as they noticed a burning dumpster on NW 14 Avenue and 130 Street. It was an industrial area and nearly twelve miles away from the Space Club. Once they arrived, the officials instantly identified it as a burning body of a woman. 

The person underneath the burned skin was found as Paula Sladewski after analyzing her dental records. Her face was burnt such that it was impossible to identify her, with nothing more than earrings and piercings left behind. 

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Why Did the Authorities Claim Sladewski Was Killed Somewhere Else?

Investigators and the entire team claimed that the model was earlier killed from a different location and was brought to the dumpster to only set her body on fire and they also professed that the person behind the murder was someone who knew about the existence of such a dumpster, implying not everybody was aware of it. 

Moreover, her autopsy reports also supported the primary suspicions of police as they reported Sladeski died due to strangulation, proving her body was burned later. 

What Led Kevin to Blame Club Staff for the Crime?

Paula Sladewski Murder

Kevyn Klym, Paula Sadewski’s long-time boyfriend alleged that one of the bouncers of Space Club, where the couple partied last, was behind the cruel murder. Given that he was kicked off the nightclub, he connected the dots and speculated that bouncers might have assembled plans to follow her and that they made their path clear by eliminating him from the way.

Also, two bouncers were seen following her while she left after some good time at the party. It was seen in the CCTV clip, but unfortunately, their faces were not clear. But the manager claimed otherwise and said she left with someone else.

Why Was Kevin a Suspect in the Case?

When the case first reached the hands of the authorities, they realized that her boyfriend Kevin was the only one who saw Paula Sladewski alive before her tragic death, leading to a typical suspicion. When they researched him, it came out that he was abusive toward Sladewski, which further strengthened their skepticism. However, he was eventually ruled out of the case, making it unsolved to date. 

Michael Gaudio, the North Miami Police Commissioner told CBS4’s Peter D’Onch that he still has high hopes about digging the roots and ultimately finding the culprit of the troubling case sometime in the near future. And apparently, this is the one and only case that remains unsolved in the history of cases he has handled so far in his career. 

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