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Peter McNab Death: What is Peter McNab Cause of Death Explained

Peter McNab, a 14-year NHL forward and a member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame, who became the voice of the Colorado Avalanche as a broadcaster, breathed his last on Sunday at 70. 

Altitude TV announced on Sunday, “The Altitude and KSE family are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved friend, Peter McNab. Our prayers go to his family and friends.” They also requested to allow privacy for their family in this hardest situation.

Peter McNab Cause of Death Revealed?

After being diagnosed with cancer back in 2021, McNab took treatment during Colorado’s Stanley Cup run, which gave him a wonderful result in June. Following that, he broadcast Avalanche home games through the start of the 2022-2023 season. Peter McNab revealed the whole situation last year, but earlier in 2022, he stated that he was slowly recovering. Although the cause of death has not been revealed so far, the street was left talking about his cancer diagnosis, which was not a secret, and that being the reason behind his sudden death makes sense too. However, no conformity has been gained by the authorities. 

Peter McNab Death

Medico officials are constantly staying in touch with the family, and the world is waiting with open ears to confirm whether McNab died of cancer or was there any other interference. but so far, no official statement regarding the cause of death has been disclosed. 

Who Was Peter McNab?

Peter McNab, who was a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, grew up in a hockey-loving household and he eventually played the same for the University of Denver. Before winning a Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings, Mx McNab, his father, served in front-office positions with the Washington Capitals and the New Jersey Devils. While representing the United States, he attended the 1986 IIHF Men’s World Championships, which was a great opener for the young McNab. A major portion of his childhood was spent in San Diego, where Mx served as the head coach. Among the American players, he ranked 21st in points and 14th in goals. 

Throughout his 14-year career, Peter McNab played nearly a thousand games with the Boston Bruins, Devils, Buffalo Sabres, and Vancouver Canucks, scoring 363 goals and 818 points. In fact, he also had an important role in leading the Sabres to the 1975 Stanley Cup final, where Phildalphian dethroned them in six games. 

Peter McNab Death

After the 1986-87 campaign, McNab returned to broadcasting. For the next eight years, he worked for the Devil’s broadcasts. At several Winter Olympics, McNab served as a hockey analyst. And, he was also providing necessary analysis for the Avalanche ever since the inauguration of the team in 1995. 

Over and again he served as an analyst in the Nagano Olympics 1998, Salt Lake City Olympics 2002, and Turin Olympics 2006. 

In 2021, McNab was honored by the US Hockey Hall of Fame as a result of the achievements he made both as a player as well as a broadcaster. 

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“Hockey gave me the opportunity to meet several people who became so important in my life and gave me op[portunities to do things that I would have never done otherwise,” McNab recalled.

“The people I met, the places I went to, it was absolutely phenomenal.”

After the death news was disclosed, Forward Matt Duchene, a former Avalanche, took to his social media, “The hockey world has lost one of its best here…Pete literally loved the game and couldn’t have been a better person and it was nice to know him.”

Peter McNab Death

In a joint statement, owner E. Stanley and president Josh Kroenke stated, “For 27 years, he was an indispensable and integral part of our organization. His commitment, presence, and insight into growing the sport encouraged us all to become the stewards of Hockey.”

An array of tributes was paid to the departed soul and it included one from Denver coach David Carle who penned, “Peter was an ambassador for the Denver hockey program.” Carle further recalled the 1000 games he played and also dubbed McNab “one of the best broadcasters in the business.”

“Peter was the finest storyteller of the game who had an excellent ability to connect the fans and viewers with not only what was happening at the moment, but also what also the history of the sport,” Carle continued, “We are deeply saddened to hear Peter’s passing and our prayers are with his family, friends, and colleagues in and across North America. We are so glad to have Peter a part of our Denver family.”

Apart from them, many social media users shared their condolences instantly after the news was spread. 

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