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Who Was Phil Spector? What Was The Net Worth of Phil Spector?

Harvey Philip Spector was one of the most effulgent personalities in pop music history and is regarded undeniably as one of the most influential figures in pop music history who was the most successful producer of the late 1960s. In spite of the controversies he had in his life, Phil Spector managed to carve out his own space in the world with his enthralling songs. 

Phil Spector Net Worth

The one who developed the Wall of Sound, a production style that would be characterized by its riveting diffusion of tone colors and the dense orchestral sound which he described as a Wagnerian approach to rock and roll was highly remarkable in the history of Phil Spector and with his inexplicable talents in whatever he does he has managed to have a net worth estimated at $50 million. He has managed to garner a hefty amount of wealth with his steep career. Most of his wealth is acquired from his music career other than any business ventures. 

Phil Spector Biography

Harvey Philip Spector who was highly considered one of the astounding figures in pop music history was born on December 26, 1939, and died on January 16, 2021. Harvey Philip Spector also known as Phil Harvey or Phil Spector was born on the outskirts of New York and he had a profound career with great accomplishments in spite of controversies that revolved in his life. 

As a record producer and a prolific songwriter, he had hordes of fans and his songs and accomplishments were absolutely commendable. Benjamin Spector and Bertha Spector were the parents of Phil Spector and more details regarding his family are not quite in handy. As per sources, the father of Phil Spector Benjamin Spector committed suicide in April 1949. He was married more than once and he is the father of three adopted sons. Shirley Spector is the only sibling of Phil Spector. 

Phil Spector Early Life 

Harvey Philip Spector one of the renowned and sophisticated song producer and writer born on the outskirts of New York City had a remakerbale interest in music and he has managed to make his career steep with the scintillating wit he possess. Amidst the controversy that hovered in his life, he has garnered umpteen accolades. Moreover his parents were Benjamin Spector and Bertha Spector and his father committed suicide and this unexpected death of his father blighted his life and their sudden migration to Caliufornia only exacerbated his impoverished life where he was already living in a sense of not belonginig. 

Phil Spector joined John Burroughs Junior high school after their migration to California. After that in early 1954, he got transferred to Fairfax High School. While studying in Fair Fax High School with his talents in playing guitar Phil Spector gave away a great performance at his school which was mesmerizing. 

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Phil Spector Career

Harvey Spector

Phil Spector born in the Bronx, he moved to Los Angeles when he was a teenager after his sudden death of his father and he stepped into the world of music in 1958. Phil Spector was the founding member of the Teddy Bears as when  he started his career in 1958. He penned To Know Him Is to Love Him and that was disastrously beautiful and gained a vast recognition.

Phil Spector worked as the apprentice to Leiber and Stoller and at that time he has managed to co-found Philles Records. Furthermore, Phil Spector became the youngest ever U S label owner to have this at a age of twenty-one. Soon after that Phil Spector garnered the title as the first auteur of the music industry for the unprecedented massive control he had over phase in the process of recording as he managed to dubb the First Tycoon of Teen. 

The producing acts of Phil Spector include, The Ronettes, the crystals, and Ike & Tina Turner. The de facto house band rose to wide recognition and fame through Phil’s hit records and it was later known by the name the wrecking crew. The true and first recording of Phil Spector was as a producer was Ronnie Crawford. 

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Phillies Records was combined by  the first names of its two founders and through Hill and Range publishers Phil Spector found three groups he wanted to produce and it include, the Duncanes, the Creations, and the Crystals. Following his years as a freelance artist too he produced Second Hand Love in 1962 by Connie Francis and this single song reached at number seven. 

In october 1972, after many projects and encounters that he had in his life, Phil Spector joined hands with Harrison and started work on Harrison’s Living in the Material world. But Phil Spector’s unreliable character made him lose that opportunity.

Biographer of Phil Spector was Dave Thompson and according to him Phil Spector’s significant reason from the withdrawal from the career was he was seriously injured in an accident where he was thrown through the wind shield in a massive car crash. Phil Spector got almost killed but a faint pulse brought him back. This accident caused over three hundred stiches to his face, and over four hundred stitches at the back of his head. The reason for wearing some sort of outlandish wigs was because of this injuries that he had on his head. 

Phil Spector Personal Life

Harvey Spector

As per reports, Phil Spector married Annette Merar in 1963 and he even named one of his record company after her name. In 1966 they both got divorced since they were married in 1963. He had a brief affair with Ronnie Bennett who was the lead singer of the group named the Ronettes. They got married in 1968 and Donte Philip Spector was their adopted son. Also he adopted the sons of Ronnie Bennet’s as a christmas present and he was trying to surprise her with his action. So he is the father of three adopted sons. 

Also Phil Spector had his own children in 1982, with Janis Zavala and one of the baby died of Leukemia. Following this he married for the third time Rachelle Short and they got divorced in 2018. 

The most repugnant action that Phil Spector did was his involvement in the murder of Lana Clarkson. But after many trials he got bail under $1million. But later he was senetnced to nineteen years of  imprisonment and he died due to covid 19. Phil Spector was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he was into some sort of mental maladies which really costed his personal and public life. 

Phil Spector Awards and nominations

  • He was nominated for Grammy award for record of the year
  • He was nominated for Grammy award for album of the year
  • He was inducted for Rock and Roll hall of fame award
  • He won Grammy Trustees award
  • He was inducted for Songwriter’s Hall of Fame award
  • He won Grammy Award for Album of the Year award in 1973.   

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