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Who Was Mike Zimmer’s Son Adam Zimmer? How Did Adam Zimmer Die?

Adam Zimmer the Cincinnati Bengals coach who was deeply passionate about sports and the son of Mike Zimmer died on October 31 at the age of thirty-eight. He was so equipped in being a coach just like his father Mike Zimmer and this sudden departure at a very early age in life is a bitter pill to swallow. His family and friends are in utmost shock and drowning in despair and grief. 

Who Was Mike Zimmer’s Son Adam Zimmer?

Adam Zimmer, popularly known as the son of Mike Zimmer was also a coach just like his father. Adam Zimmer was one of the most promising and highly influential American Football coaches who was absolutely admirable in his career.

 Mike Zimmer’s Son Adam Zimmer

Adam Zimmer was an astounding assistant defensive backs coach for the Cincinnati Bengals and moreover an offensive analyst too. His father was the former Vikings head coach and with the legacy behind Adam Zimmer also decided to pursue the path of his father. 

Adam Zimmer born on January 13, 1984, began his coaching career in 2006 as a coach for the New Orleans Saints. Adam Zimmer started his career with the New Orleans Saints as an amazing assistant linebackers coach. Moreover, Adam Zimmer also held a similar position as an assistant linebackers coach with the Kansas City Chiefs and he served in that position from 2010 to 2012. 

After that Adam Zimmer decided to join his father in Cincinnati Bengals. Adam Zimmer served as the assistant defensive backs coach in 2013. Recently before his death, Adam Zimmer was with the Bengals and he was working as an offensive analyst. 

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How Did Adam Zimmer Die?

Adam Zimmer the most loved American football coach and the son of the former Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer passed away on October 31 and this sudden departure was indeed shocking to the world. It was his sister, Corri Zimmer White who is the sister of Adam Zimmer and daughter of Mike Zimmer who announced the passing news of her lovable brother on Tuesday morning on Instagram. 

While hardly working for the Cincinnati Bengals Adam Zimmer was living in his Minnesota house. As per reports, the Mendota Heights police department out of the blue received a call for a welfare check at 1.13 p.m. The police chief Wayne Wegener Jr reported to the media that they received a call at night for a welfare check.

So after the call, the officers hastily went over to the house where Adam Zimmer was living and they found his deceased inside. The police chief Wayne Wegener Jr after the procedures said to the media that his office would not be investigating this death as something sort of suspicious death. 

Adam Zimmer: Cause Of Death

It is only just a day after the death of Adam Zimmer and yet there has been no official confirmation of the cause of death. The Hennepin County medical examiner would be conducting the autopsy and thereby determine the cause of death and after their procedure, they will make an official announcement of the cause of death.

At the early age of thirty-eight Adam Zimmer died is something a piece of mind-writhing news to swallow. It is so repugnant that he had to leave this world at a very early stage in his life. There was more in waiting for Adam Zimmer to explore and conquer in his life.

He was not diagnosed with any fatal disease nor he had any serious health issues. What really happened to him would be only understood once the official cause of death report gets in handy.

Who Is Mike Zimmer?

Mike Zimmer was born on 5 June 1956 he was the former head coach of the Vikings and is currently the analyst for Jackson state. Vikki Zimmer was the wife of Mike Zimmer who passed away and they both share three children named Adam Zimmer and Corri and Marki.

Who Was Mike Zimmer’s Son Adam Zimmer? How Did Adam Zimmer Die?

With his career as the coach head, he garnered a tremendous amount of love and recognition across the globe. Mike Zimmer for his unswerving enthusiasm was awarded the game ball award by the Bengals head coach as a token of love.

From his college life itself, Mike Zimmer had a deep passion for sports and he was a successful multi-sport athlete who was the apple of the eye of everyone. His son’s sudden departure has shaken him to the core and now and he and his family are in a deep hollow of sorrow.

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Tributes Are Overflowing

After hearing this soul-crushing news, the sports coach teams are paying their heartfelt tributes to the loved ones who passed at an early stage. The Vikings team said that

“we are heartbroken to hear about the passing of Adam Zimmer. Adam was a kind, respectful man, and over his years in Minnesota, it was evident he cared tremendously about his family, his players, his fellow coaches, and the Vikings front office staff. Our thoughts are with Mike, Corri, Marki, and the entire Zimmer family. 

Also with a deep perforated heart, the Cincinnati Bengals also paid their tributes and heartfelt condolences and they said “our organization has had the privilege of knowing and working with the Zimmer family for fifteen years. We have the highest regard for Mike and Adam, and we are incredibly saddened by this tragic news”. This was said by the president of the Cincinnati Bengals Mike Brown. 

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