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Jeremy Mansfield Died: Radio Legend Jeremy Mansfield’s Cause Of Death, Illness

Radio veteran Jeremy Mansfield who was a truly amazingly talented radio performer died in the early dawn of Monday at the age of fifty-nine. He was highly regarded as a radio legend and his sudden death has left the world in utmost despair and shock.

How Did Jeremy Mansfield Die?

Jeremy Mansfield death news was officially announced by one of his close friends named Samantha Cowen on Monday explaining that Jeremy Mansfield one of the leading seasoned TV and radio eminent personalities had passed away.

She quoted

“The world’s light went out this morning. Just before dawn, Jeremy Mansfield went away. He passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by unending love from his loved ones”. 

Jeremy Mansfield Died

Jeremy Mansfield was a great man who managed to garner a tremendous amount of love and action through radio and tv appearances. He was an unparagoned enthusiastic man who always emanate light to the world with his effervescent personality. Jeremy Mansfield had a big heart and he led a lavish life altogether.

Jeremy Mansfield miserably lacked the skills to handle everything little and his spendthrift attitude was quite unapologetic. But having a big heart like a football ground he always found happiness and laughed aloud. Jeremy Mansfield really had the ability to mix heart and soul with mayhem and mischief. 

Having Jeremy Mansfield on the radio the entire city would be immersed in lights and positive vibes. With his predilection towards his radio and tv, he always had an impact on every life. There was a delicate and very sensitive heart beneath his weird and wicked appearance.

He has managed to save his vulnerability for a small circle of people in his life who is that close and special. His bereaving family is distraught and they are seeking privacy at this time. 

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Jeremy Mansfield’s Cause Of Death Explained

Undeniably one of the legends of radio and television hosts’ death news depressingly surfaced over the internet. After a long battle with cancer, he passed away. Jeremy Mansfield was at stage 4 of liver cancer and he received hospice and palliative care.

The veteran and one of the unparagoned radio hosts Jeremy Manfield announced in early August about his uncanny predicament that he is inexplicably suffering from terminal cancer. Jeremy Mansfield was so dear to everyone he is acquainted with and Darren Scot who is a close friend of Jeremy Mansfield is truly and completely heartbroken to learn the death news of Jeremy. 

Jeremy Mansfield’s Illness Explained

Before learning the bittering fact about liver cancer Jeremy Mansfield was battling leukemia. So he was suffering badly from leukemia and his liver cancer was diagnosed at the fourth stage and it was beyond control.

Jeremy Mansfield Died- Cause Of Death, Illness

Since he had leukemia other symptoms pertaining to liver cancer were left unnoticed and when it was diagnosed it was too late. But this news could never touch him to any core and he with his resilience and valor remained unaffected. He always harbored an optimistic and defiant approach toward life. 

Jeremy Mansfield was truly adored by the media industry and in August 2022 he wrote about his condition on his Facebook account and reads “ My cancer has been proven to be stage four, terminal, and is now solely subject to palliative treatment”.

These words were really heartbreaking and his specialist surgeon and with his guidance, Jeremy Mansfield decided to make the rest of his time on earth most memorable. He was so keen on making his life most riveting and memorable and he really tried very hard to make things happen on his bucket list which entails both big and small. 

Radio Legend Jeremy Mansfield At A Glance 

The shows hosted by Jeremy Mansfield were on Radio 702, Highveld stereo, and Hot 91.9 and they really won the hearts and ears of the entire Mzansi. Jeremy Mansfield widely gained cult-like fame in his South Africa radio, the Highveld stereo breakfast program, and the Rude Awakening.  

Also with his ex-wife Jacqui, Jeremy Mansfield co-authored a best-selling cookbook named Zhoozsh, and moreover, the book Vrot Jokes. He hails from South Africa and at the initial stages of his career he worked as a presenter and voice actor on umpteen radio stations.

His real name is Robert Jeremy Clayton Mansfield and he was born in Grahamstown, South Africa. He attended Kingswood college and later attended Rhodes university where he acquired his degree in journalism and speech and drama. 

In 1985, Jeremy Mansfield began his career working for the Durban-based radio station Capital Radio 604. He was a student while working there and Jeremy Mansfield received the AA Vita Award for his performance and for being the most promising young South African actor. 

Also, Jeremy Mansfield was heavily requested to host sports on the John Berks show on 702. His fame grew more and more the channel 702 hired Jeremy Mansfield as a regular host in early 1993. After a short gap, Jeremy had a comeback to radio as the anchor of the Mansfield in the Morning and this was indeed a massive hit show.


Moreover, when we take his television career into account Jeremy Mansfield started to contribute features and he managed to serve as a guest presenter on channels including M-Net for Front Row and SuperSport. 

But after his survival in the channel, he decided to quit the channel in 1998 and worked at A Word or 2 on SABC 2. Following this Jeremy Mansfield also co-hosted the M-Net comedy Laugh Out Loud which gave him massive accolades and recognition. 

Tributes are overflowing over the internet and the void Jeremy Mansfield has left would be so difficult to acclimate to that, especially for those who have loved him and have known him long. Jeremy Mansfield with his scintillating acuity has attempted to open so many doors in the broadcasting industry and he would be really missed. 

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