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Who Owns Balenciaga? Luxury Fashion Cut Ties With Kanye West

Kanye West’s long-term amenable friendship with Balenciaga has come to its last terms and thereby witnessed its end. As per reports, the company has revoked every sort of link with this spiraling talented rapper. 

Following the year 2021, the parent company of Balenciaga announced their stance related to their fickle relationship with the rapper and they announced “Balenciaga has no longer any relationship nor any plans for future projects related to this artist”. 

The relationship with the company Balenciaga was indeed long-term and Kanye West had a recent collaboration with the company on a Yeezy Gap Engineered by their collection. Since Kanye West’s partnership with Balenciaga has been revoked, he still has a multi-billion-dollar deal with Adidas for over ten years and under the circumstances, his contract and collaboration with Adidas are also reported to be under review. 

Who Owns Balenciaga? Luxury Fashion Cut Ties With Kanye West

What Is Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house founded by the most utterly talented Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. The name of the company is the last name of the founder and Cedric Charbit is the Chief Executive Officer of this luxury storehouse.  Now as per reports, the storehouse of luxury Balenciaga is owned by French-based MNC Kering. This Multi-National Company acquired it from 2001 onwards. 

MNC Kering is also the owner of other numerous companies including Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. As of 2018, the company’s rapidly growing and flourishing brand was Balenciaga and within a brief period of time, a plethora of people across the world garnered its attention. 

When we dig a little deeper into the history, in 1937, Cristobel Balenciaga opened a new Paris couture house. At that time presses over the world called this a revolutionary step by Cristobel.

Who Owns Balenciaga? Luxury Fashion Cut Ties With Kanye West

Amidst the war-torn country, people used to travel to Europe to see the various clothing of the company. The war-stricken world had been suffering from several scarcities of raw materials, and Cristoibel by launching a new clothing brand took the advantage of that time it soon rose to prominence.

Within the snap of a finger, the company’s growth was tremendous and the chief fashion designers with their stringent hard work managed to open their successful couture houses in many of the regions in the country and also across the country including, Oscar de la Renta, Andre Courreges, Emanuel Ungaro, Hubert de Givenchy and more. 

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Balenciaga is well and popularly acknowledged for its mind-numbing avant-garde structural varieties which are straddling the edge of the fashion world and thereby creating an exquisite future of women’s ready-to-wear fashion.

The inexplicable garments and clothing used by several celebrities including. Sienna Miller, Lara Bingle, Caroline Trentini, Tatiana Sorokko, Jennifer Garner, Stephanie Seymour, and the beautiful actress Chloe Sevigny. 

The company cut ties with Alexander Wang soon after he joined as the creative director of the company and later Demma Gvasalia was appointed for the same role. During the Russia-Ukraine war that happened in March 2022, Balenciaga expressed its support and concern which was indeed overwhelming. 

Did The Crack Sprout Within A Week With Kanye West And Balenciaga?

As per sources, the discrepancies started to show up last week after the compelling luxury house revoked Kanye West’s runaway look from Balenciaga’s spring show which is yet to happen in 2023. They removed Kanye West’s runaway look from the official website of Paris Fashion Week and following this Vogue also removed the photos of the rapper from their coverage of this massive Balenciaga show. 

The fundamental reason for this sudden revoke is quite not in handy but when we dwell deeper, Kanye west recently appeared on a podcast named Drink Champs and he made a revelation that was quite surprising. Kanye West said that George Floyd got killed by a Fentanyl overdose. Within a blinking of the eyes, the clip went viral, even though, the authorities incessantly tried to remove the clips from every possible social media account. This revelation paved way for a massive backlash on social media.

Following this harsh revelation, George Floyd’s family came into action and Kanye West is relentlessly sued by the family for harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress and making his family vulnerable in front of the world.  

So things have taken a weird scenario and the lawsuit will be filed on behalf of George Floyd’s daughter by Roxie Washington, the mother. Kanye West with this revelation had tried to disparage Floyd’s family and was completely offended by Kanye West said they had filed the lawsuit.

Who Is Kanye West?

Ye Kanye Omari West is one of the prolific American rappers, songwriters, and record producers. Moreover, Kanye west is also a fashion designer who is too fond of fashion.

Born on June 8, 1977, Kanye West is highly regarded as one of the most critically acclaimed artists and also one of the most compelling and influential hip-hop artists of all time.

Who Owns Balenciaga? Luxury Fashion Cut Ties With Kanye West

Kanya West has received several accolades including, Webby award for artist of the year, for being an astounding stylemaker an Accesories council Excellence Award, at GQ Awards for International Man of the year, a Clio Award following an honor by The Recording Academy. 

Moreover, Billboard Artist Achievement award, and Kayne West has been the recipient of Brit Award for Best International Male solo artist, and surprisingly Kayne west became the first ever artist to win the Best Male Hip-hop Artist three times at the BET awards.

Kayne West is highly commendable and one of the best-selling digital artists of all time. Kayne west and his most famous and highly acclaimed albums include, Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy and so on. 

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